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  3. Hi all A little late but sure, my computer does not want to turn on .. but I had to do them from the cell phone. we already have a winner Winner γ€Š @Ayberk You have 48 hours to contact me. Thank you all for participating.
  4. xLaming


    Seems that when you use temp powers in someone with sinbin it stills there, I'm not sure if this would happen, since it's a "rank" well? It's not correct I think based on the wiki it was supposed to only happen to Moderators, not Owners: "Sinbin will allow an owner or main owner to strip moderator abilities from permanent moderators, from 36 seconds to 24 hours. This power will not work on temporary moderators." - xatwiki FLASH - HTML5 (Server sided)
  5. Thanks so much and all through a happy Christmas.
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    ninth doctor hello GIF by Doctor WhoHi how are you ? (hi)Β 

  8. As far as I know, the ticket system is the only place where you can get this situation investigated and possibly a return of what was stolen. I advise you to do the security quiz (which you can find in the login page after successfully logged in) in the near future and avoid allowing access from third parties through TeamViewer or any other program of this kind to your computer. If you need help with anything related to xat, go to the chat Help or if it's not related to xat, search on Google.
  9. I understood stif I have no evidence that he entered my computer in case I can do something else? I understood stif I have no evidence that he entered my computer in case I can do something else? I have no proof of place
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    Feliz CumpleaΓ±os Asha! Pasalo Genial :)birthday card GIF

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      Gracias Magic :3

  11. Well, opening a ticket is the unique possible way to recover your xats. This does not mean that a return of your xats is guaranteed. You must open a ticket under "Report Scam" with all the proofs you have of the occurrence in order to get this situation investigated. After successfully logged in, do the steps below: Open a new ticket here; Type your username and password; Type the e-mail associated with the account involved in the situation; Select the help topic "Report Scam"; Type the subject, remember it has to be at least 5 words; Type the message describing everything that happened; And click on open ticket. You can check the response times of the departments here. Good luck!
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    Power TYPING

    It will be fixed in a future update of the HTML5 chat.
  13. hello come only with a question someone came to me in the computer I allowed to enter with the team viewer application after which he saw my password on my Yahoo mail account and then he logged in and took me all powersi / and xats and days after which I recovered the password and account and only had nothing on it can be solved this problem can I do ticket? and how many days I have at my disposal to make a ticket has passed 2 days and I have not made any request in this case I want to know if I make a ticket can solve something yes or no
  14. Hellooo!!! The contest time is over! I would like to thank all the contestants for choosing a time of their life to make the backgrounds, all the backgrounds are fantastic! We will announce the winners as soon as possible! The most important thing inside every present you unwrap is the love and affection of that special person who gives it to you, We wish you a Merry Christmas!
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