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  2. This is a good idea! I really dig the hairdo ideas Maybe they can be all multicolored and if you add multiple color codes to the end of it you can customize them all.
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  4. Visita un xat con un bot tanto ArcBot, FexBot u Ocean y coloca ''!id y el registro de dicha persona'' y se te dará el ID de tu amigo, después coloca '/f y el id de la persona', todo junto y podrás agregar a tu amigo. Espero haberte sido de ayuda. Un saludo.
  5. He borrado por error a un amigo de mi lista, tengo su registro de usuario, pero no su ID, ¿hay alguna forma de conocer su ID con su registro o de añadirlo con este?
  6. I really like the idea (Long live Metal, Rock and Punk).
  7. Bau

    Power: Rockstar!

    Hi SethTI I don't know if this idea is good, but I like it.

    Ta vendo aí mô ❤🙈Bom dia(blowkiss)



  9. Ravey

    Power: Rockstar!

    Such a good idea, i do believe xat needs more music/rock music related powers.
  10. What's up, dudes? Ever just wanna ROCK OUT? But, disappointed that xat has no ROCKING smilies other than (guitar)? Fear no more! With this new power I am suggesting (that i hope they add), you will be able to ROCK ON more than ever! This radical power will cost you 250 xats, and will ROCK! Rockin' Smilies: -Rockstar: A smilie with a rockin' hairdo! (Similar to gothic, but a male's hairstyle) -Headbang: A smilie headbanging (I'm surprised there isn't one... It'd be a perfect dance for whenever a radio plays metal or a rock song!) -Guitarsmash: A smilie smashin' it's GUITAR! WOOOOO!!!!! -rsrockon: I know a "rock on" smilie gesture already exists, but this one will display the text "Rock on!" above a modern smilie doing the gesture! -micscream: A smilie yelling into it's mic with it's eyes closed. -headbangguitar: A smilie headbang whilst playing guitar! ROCK ON!!! -rsdrums: A smilie playin' a sick drumset! -rsh1: Another rockstar like hairdo (Be creative with these, xat team!). -rsh2: Yet another rockstar like hairdo. -rsh3: And, yet another rockstar like hairdo. What do you think of this idea? I think it'd be a great and simple idea for xat to have, and is something I'm surprised xat hasn't done sooner! Rock on, folks!
  11. Good Morning Happy Saturday everyone!

    And waiting for the new power(hi)

    The million dollar question:

    ¿Will there be new power today(what)


    excited party GIF

  12. you're right! i just tried now, i saw that before but i forgot once i started using random lol even if you write (smile# ) with the space. . http://prntscr.com/owswr0 very interesting http://prntscr.com/owsx52 I think you must have the random power for it to work.
  13. @DJFUNNY Look at my pictures, it is only by name and I use smile https://prnt.sc/owsv80 Look https://prnt.sc/owswia https://prnt.sc/owswrf
  14. @Mihai it looks much better http://prntscr.com/owsrty , I've been using this for a little while already xD
  15. iVlad

    Ads provide

    @Maverick, I agree with you. https://postimages.org Sounds like a better option for banners/avatars uploads. Let's see what the Admins think.
  16. it is a good power, you can do that with the power (random). I use it on my nick too. http://prntscr.com/owsmfs http://prntscr.com/owsmq5 http://prntscr.com/owsmuv lol
  17. I said especially foreigners because that should be the main target, considering the english side of xat is dwindling, foreigners are the main group that is keeping xat alive. Take a look at english promoted chatrooms vs Spanish promoted chatrooms.
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