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  2. DUYGU

    Maxfairy powers!

    I continue efforts to change and develop fairy powers and continue to give new ideas. I have included new emoticons and emojis in this proposal to bring new emojis and new emoticons to the Fairy powers. I included queen fairies and mermaids in my proposal for these innovations. I tried to show the most beautiful positions of queen fairy and mermaids with interesting and attractive emoji drawings and pictures. You know, mermaids are fairies that do not exist in real life but that we believe exist in fairy tales and legends. It would be nice to see new fairy powers with together cute mermaid emojis on xat.
  3. Today
  4. we already have some of them
  5. Happy birthday, more years to come, you deserve it.


    La multi ani!

    1. Drika


      Happy Birthday Exin!! 🎈(hug)

  6. Good morning to everyone, have a nice day!


  7. Since yesterday I am a little sick, I hope to be with you all tomorrow.

  8. Happy b Day @Exin

  9. elya

    happy birthday..🎉


    Valentines Day Love GIF by BREAD TREE

  10. You must sign out and sign in for that bug to disappear.
  11. DUYGU

    Happy birthday Exin  (hug)



    1. Exin


      thank you very much

  12. iframes with parameters: Link: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name%3Dstah%26bg1%3D000000%26bg2%3D020060%26c1%3D000%26c2%3D020060%26c3%3D020060 Preview: https://xat.com/stah?new Link: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name%3Dstah2%26bg1%3D006a4e%26bg2%3D2E856E%26c1%3D8abaae%26c2%3D5ca08e%26c3%3D5ca08e Preview: https://xat.com/stah2?new Link: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name%3Dstah3%26bg1%3DEb5a46%26bg2%3Dec9488%26c1%3D933b27%26c2%3DCf513d%26c3%3DCf513d Preview: https://xat.com/stah3?new Try it yourself: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name=stah&bg1=000000&bg2=020060&c1=000000&c2=020060&c3=020060 (& and = must be encoded before putting on chat due to chars being stripped) Limitation: with maxlength removed seems to be 119 chars. (Hopefully @SLOom doesn't mind I pinched his Rubyyyyy example with a few modifications for proof of concept)
  13. I've been trying this more the 3 times and still the bug is there. so you first go to the chat HTML5, once you get there enter to the pool or group called "funky community" then go back to the html5 group or pool and you will see the users that were offline as online.
  14. Ghost Hug GIF

    Helloo!!!  (hug) I hope you are okay and safe... 

    1. DUYGU


      Hello DjFunny I'm okay thanks bro  (hug) 

    2. DJFUNNY


      excited jon stewart GIF


      Awesome!!!! so be well then and be careful out there...  (hug) 

    3. DUYGU
  15. prize received https://prnt.sc/sp38qj thanks @Ayberk
  16. Release date friday #Emmanuel #AnuelAA


     billboards karol GIF by Telemundo


  17. Am I late to the game? Yes. However, welcome @xLamingand @Manu c:
  18. iMano

    Happy birthday Exin! enjoy your day. (victory)

    1. GEMY


      Happy birthday Exin! (hug)


    2. Exin


      thank you very much bro @iMano @GEMY

  19. Yesterday
  20. This idea reminds me a lot of xat5 so it is possible to keep users active and pending all activity in the chat, good initiative!
  21. Ahh, right now I was testing them, but I think the $sanimate=off, $animate=off, $avatars=off aren't added yet! What I mean is, they can be added in the settings, but when I do f5 they don't work!
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