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  2. Havanah ohhh nana 

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  4. Funny things are coming people!  🚀🚀(ok)  https://i.imgur.com/OXi6pNf.jpg New ideas, new entertainment with games!  🎮

  5. Thank you..@Bau https://prnt.sc/uk9gw5
  6. Price received, thank you @Bau
  7. Hello, Could this be opened as a bug in the Bug Tracker, if possible please (see link below): https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/mobile-applications/
  8. Jey

    Power Collectable

    Another idea may be that those who have everypower and a number of units of other powers such as between 10 and 50 units of power different from the one suggested can be chosen to have another type of reward for the pawn, and on the other hand of the user as you say and also if they have a quantity of a single power since there is also a car plate they can be assigned a plate that classifies them as a collector. and if you have an amount of each power an example more than 3 you can look for a reward for being a collector It can be as you say a unique pawn or a unique ha
  9. Prize received, thank you @Bau https://prntscr.com/uk6hq4
  10. Hello everyone today we are going to make a new game called guess the vip HOW TO PLAY: The staff will send 3 clues to guess the vip The first user who guesses the vip will have won If in case no user guesses through the 3 clues, the photo of the vip will be sent RULES Respect the chat rules For a good game you have to listen to the rules of the staff Trolls are not allowed it is forbidden to create confusion in the chat The contest will start this evening at 11:30 pm (GMT + 2) IN https://xat.com/ganar PRIZE
  11. Hi, As we can see, the old record was 420min 7h, Today we have a new record promotion xat xat.com/HTML5. To make this more interesting and to see who is more attentive to everything I post, I left above a secret code above in today's post, copy and post here in the comment who is the first to win 10 days.. Thanks.
  12. Jey

    Power Collectable

    I liked the idea of complementing the power and it is a great idea and as you say based on this idea you can look for more methods to find more ideas apart from the hat you say and I think that it is investigated with more caution and that more users give ideas. can achieve something unique and cool. Regarding trademarks, I know that you cannot use registered trademarks but you can create trademarks, for example, soft drink caps that bear official xat logos.
  13. depression uwu

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    2. Shake


      @ojhiii lol u single?

    3. oj


      @Shake hiiiii yes

    4. Shake


      @ojk dms? :-* @Davidu can join too babe polygamy is our thing now

  14. Hello xatFamily Sorry for delay,as you can see, we were late to choose a winner, that's why I want to say that 3 winners will be chosen [not only one]. Thank you for understanding. Winnes 1. @NoSense 2. @Magic 3. @elya Contact me to get your prize.
  15. Ella twerkea, pero al ritmo de mi UZI ♪ ♫

  16. great power beautiful smileys
  17. https://prnt.sc/ujxw5x basically same than GDPR but renamed xD

  18. Last week
  19. Crow

    Power Collectable

    You've provided lots of ideas for smilies, and I think this idea is quite creative. However, these smilies are not very usable in everyday conversation, and this may limit the popularity of the power. How often does the subject of bottlecaps, baseball cards and licence plates come up? How many xat users actually enjoy and collect these things? Not to mention, we can't include company logos and resemblances for copyright reasons, so a lot of these smilies would be rather plain and boring. Users with EveryPower would buy this power, but who else? Here's an addition I'm pr
  20. Hello everyone today game Gol HOW TO PLAY: It is played with the bot There will be numbers from 1-12 The goals will be the numbers 7 All other numbers will not be considered goals Each goal will be won 250 xats RULES: RESPECT RULES IN CHAT PRIZE HOLDER: @Abrahan The contest will start tonight in xat.com/ganar at 11:30 pm (GMT + 2) @Luana @Lemona @Demonattack
  21. You're welcome bro and thanks to you too ! @Abrahan
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