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  3. Good suggestion. Considering the powers that xat has released, this certainty maybe be a power in the future Note: already suggested in past
  4. I like this suggestion and taking into account some powers xat has released, this can potentially become a power in the future. Good suggestion!
  5. good night today I come to suggest an idea of flamingo power, I think powerwill severe very well in the name of users. 1.(flaqueen) 2.(flahi) 3.(fladrink) 4.(flams) 5.(flamrs) 6.(flacold) 7.(fladream) 8.(flacool) 9.(flalove) 10.(flabday) 11.(flabkiss) 12.(flabicy) 13.(flaskete) 14.(flahug) 15.(flacd) 16.(flafloat) 17.(flahat) I clarify that I did not see anything in the search engine of the forumthat I got some suggestion of flamingo, I also clarify that the imageswere not created by me each image bring watermark to realizewhere the images came from I just leave these sample images tohave an idea of what I think. Thank you for your attention.
  6. I completely agree with you, especially in winter and summer or fall seasons would be a good idea as pawn and make them avaliable as HATS POWER.
  7. Hello everyone, Today, I have come to propose a power or feature that will add different effects to a user's icon depending on the season they choose. In my time on xat, I have only seen only seen a handful of powers bring different weather and seasonal effects for smilies. Powers like Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Snowy give users the option to add that seasonal effects to their names, smilies, and even pawns for a short amount of time. But unfortunately, Snowy is the only power that gives the user an added snowfall effect they can use with their icon if they are therefore a subscriber. There's no rain falling, petals floating, or even leaves caught in a breeze for users to use for their standstill icons. This is why I am proposing that we add more effects like these for users to use so users can have more variety in using whatever seasonal effect they want in their icons rather just snowy alone. I think it would be a really nice addition if users have availability to use this power or feature whenever they want to and not just for the one season alone. Down below are some examples of what I think these effects would look like if they were implemented: Of course with all suggestions, I would like to hear some feedback with what you all think about my idea of adding more effects related to the season or weather for users to use for their icons and maybe even their smilies. I'm looking forward to what you all have to say and I thank you for your time in listening to what I hope to propose in features for xat. Cheers. Spring's effect: Summer's Effect: Fall's Effect:
    1. xLaming


      Fully wrong, u need cry to other biased friends in order to get anything

    2. Thuk


      wtf am i reading

    3. Vevrok


      that's just a fun, bie

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  9. Good job , bro you're making a great job
  10. Not everytime vols are online. 0 (zero) moderators won't fix spammers.

  11. I was notified that it wasn't working correctly, well... A new version has been releated, actually it's 1.2 with: Fixes New error label added Identation using spaces New compiler (less size) 32 bits compatibility fixed Please report here or PM any bug on it, feel free to make commands and share for us
  12. Hey @xfshc Se você não sabe seu ID e nome de usuário, vá na pagina de login, clique em Senha/nome de usuário perdido, informe seu e-mail. Se houver um registro no email, um link será enviado automaticamente para seu e-mail. E lá você verá seu ID e seu NOME DE USUARIO. Este é o primeiro passo para recuperar sua conta! Se não houver conta registrada no seu e-mail, vai aparecer o erro E17. Isso significa que não tem conta registrada no seu email ou foi excluida! Boa sorte!!!
  13. Se você não sabe o nome de usuário, nem a ID, você pode criar um ticket no departamento "Lost Access" nessa sua conta alternativa. No entanto, a recuperação não é garantida.
  14. Hola @amoreslove, El error E55 o el error E28, significa que la cuenta ha sido eliminada temporalmente o completamente, por no respetar los términos de servicio de xat.com o cualquier otra regla de xat.com, la única solución es la que has realizado de crear un ticket. No esperes una respuesta inmediata, debes ser paciente y facilitar todo tipo de información que te soliciten el departamento de tickets (volunteers de xat.com), en caso de que ellos te digan que no es posible solucionar ese problema, debes crear una cuenta nueva aceptando los términos de xat.com en todo momento, por lo cual te invito a que los leas aquí: https://xat.com/terms.html. También asegúrate de no registrar una cuenta con un nombre ofensivo, o vulgar para otros usuarios, dado que eso también puede ser motivo de una suspensión de tu cuenta sin previo aviso, Espero que pronto pueda volver a conseguir su cuenta nuevamente. Saludos! Att: Lorenita*
  15. Olá @xfshc, Como ajuda adicional aqui você pode encontrar os tipos mais comuns de erros do xat.com: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Errors/pt-br Espero que em breve você resolva o seu problema. Saudações.
  16. Se faz muito tempo, e você não sabe nenhuma das informações, então só faça outra. O e-mail não pode ser o mesmo, precisará criar outro email, após isto vá até o xat.com/register Porém, você pode pesquisar por PIN info@xat.com ou info@xat.com no seu e-mail e procura por alguma informação que esteja seu usuário, após isto acesse um chat de bot e pesquise por sua ID.
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