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  3. Leandro

    Wtf ban reason

    Please don't swear in the forums. This is not the right place to report unfair banning. Please talk to the main owner of the chat where it happened using the Message feature: https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/ownerfeedback.php?GroupName=Sohbet
  4. Fazil

    Wtf ban reason

    https://prnt.sc/nee87x he is mod in sohbet and he act like king and he banned me cuz i send hippo lol please someone look this sohbet its like [censored]
  5. don't stop me - cuz i'm having a good tiME, HAVIN'G A GOOD TIME
  6. Today
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  8. and floating around in ecst... so D o n ' t stop me now...
  9. I feel aliveeeee and the worlddddddddd I'll turn it inside out, yeah
  10. tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time
  11. I have some contests planned for Easter Sunday for Game chat! Date Time Game Host Prize April 21 Approx. 5:30 PM GMT / 1:30 PM EDT Gamebot* Staff 1000 xats April 21 6PM GMT / 2PM EDT Hide and Seek* Nathan 100 xats/q, total: 1000 xats Events marked with a * are WIN 1 SKIP 1! Happy Easter from Game chat! Hope to see you there! If you have any questions and/or possibly want to host an Easter contest of your own @ Game chat, you can message me here on the forum @HelperNate or find me on xat @ HelperNate (21299)! Have a nice Easter weekend!
  12. A king ... can not be a king without the power of his queen. When a queen found her king standing beside her,
    he fights for him and never lets him go through anything of his own.
    when a king found his queen, it was ... All

    I want you to have me your king,
    My heart belongs to me,

    I want you  to be my queen ,

    and in your mind the palace to be just me!!!


    1. Christina


      Wish that I could triple love this babe. (blowkiss) You truly are my king. (blowkiss)

    2. Anas


      Ένα τόσο γλυκό ζευγάρι, θεός να σε ευλογεί! (hug) 

    3. J0hn


      ty u bro!! I wish the best for u and angeline 

  13. Such a great power, so colorful. I like it! And as mentioned above, the pawn (hat#he) only have grey color and not 4 colors as shown on this animation. I thought at first is only cuz i have sanimate=off that's why i see one color, but i have actived the chat animation and i'm sure only grey color that move on the users pawn. A bug? Hope will be fixed asap! But still cool power, well done!
  14. this is good, a nice power with a nice pawn, but please add some other smilies to the power
  15. Very nice, I really liked the pawn and smiles, Just need to get the FX collection.
  16. When you can't think of an idea for an easter power so you just go for FX... I like the power, though, and it's better than getting nothing, thanks xat! I don't like how the hat gives a gray color, though.
  17. Happy Easter weekend everyone!

    Hope everybody enjoys the holiday with their family and for those traveling to visit others, have safe travels! 

    1. Booh


      same too you bro

  18. there are too many egg power why not make updates to this power than to be more power > eggie ebunny easterland easterland easteregg easter eggs + new 8 powers ..
  19. Bau

    About Tickle xat

    Hello LaFleur It's good to hear that. The idea was not to create rules for who does not agree with the idea, but for those who write wicked words about this idea. It was misunderstood my rules for this topic!
  20. LaFleur

    About Tickle xat

    Hello Bau. Although your suggestion is appreciated, you cannot just create your own rules, neither can you ask for posts to be deleted or for warnings point to be applied if people disagree with a suggestion. Regarding your suggestion, it will be obtainable very soon by another method. There will be an official announcement about this. Stay tuned!
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