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  2. Thank you very much prize received
  3. ela por cima fazendo vida loka pira (swt)

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  5. i love you GIF


  6. Prize received thanks @Masha
  7. mi sis:$ :3(blowkiss)

  8. Hi all, The winners for this one are: #1 @Borbo #2 @Aero #3 @Mino1 #4 @Enge #5 @India Happy again to see new winners! As always, thank you for the many entries & participating! The next giveaway will be posted after the prizes have been collected! (Next one will contain more winners & more prizes)! Contact me at xat.com/Chat for the prize within 48 hours Good luck on the next one!
  9. Junior

    xat Uno Game

    Pawns (xat's uno version) game will eventually be ported as a xat race game.
  10. AudioMixt123 (1357878662)
  11. Sergio

    My Backgrounds

    The key is not to give up, there's always something new to learn. Thank you for sharing your backgrounds with us! Keep up the good work.
  12. Enge

    My Backgrounds

    Nice Background great job
  13. Now more than ever, we appreciate that the little moments of everyday life are what really matter.

    Every gesture, big or small, makes every moment really matter.

    Because in the details we find special moments!

  14. AuraAle

    My Backgrounds

    Hi. I thought I would expose my background to me, although I am not an expert but just a beginner. But since no one is born learned, we move on
  15. XixP4R7HxiX (1480407219)
  16. The design for it is fine imo. I think the only changes it really needs is as Cupim said, make it smaller and as Danny said, move the link closer to the home icon.
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