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  2. Happy Birthday Lemona (hug)

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  4. Happy  Birthday @Meesh(hug)

  5. i like your idea bro on military smiley one salute it cute need update this smiley im Suggestions your idea grats nice drwing
  6. Really great smiles, good job bro. The one with grenade looks more better than i was imagining, so cool!
  7. Happy  Birthday @lemona(blowkiss)(hug)

    maxresdefault (2).jpg

  8. SLOom

    GControl issues

    Hello, Thank you for reporting. Did the user refreshed after updating gcontrol ? Btw, Is there are any more issues about gcontrol? Thanks

  10. Hi Guys since I found military a little old, I decided to suggest a new military I added some nice smilies, I don't know how normal they can be and I don't know if the power suggested by me is complete!! anyway... some smilies are muscular with a hat, others represent some military states, the walky toki the bomb smilies who is off and angry because she doesn't explode, snowy because I found it nice to increase this power, they are in style SINS...i hope you like it!! I also wanted to add the military boot I'll leave it to the smiley makers!! i also added this, but I don't know how real it can be these are some examples created by me:
  11. hello @Samuel happy birthday bro.  (hi)

  12. hello, happy birthday.  (hi)

  13. Stif

    Toxic Graphics

    Definitely an awesome job, really liked it, well done!
  14. Happy birthday

  15. Happy birthday 

  16. happy birthday @lemona it's your day to drink and to coin what you have on the table to know that we love youomg GIF

  17. Happy birthday Lem! :$ <3

  18. Vritme

    Toxic Graphics

    omg u so best bro @Toxic i like what you do thank you are with xat com and doing beautiful things
  19. Happy Birthday Lemona♥ Wish you a great day ♥/♥


    PD: Ariana sucks :$

  20. http://prntscr.com/ndhybs http://prntscr.com/ndhyeh @Pudinzinho69 has claimed their prize MIME! (14/14 winners)
  21. Toxic

    Toxic Graphics

    It's getting around that time to make a new album for the backgrounds I make. So after this point, if you purchase graphics from me, they will most likely be in the top album labeled "Newest". If not, private message me on here or xat and I will fetch it for you. None of these items are ever deleted. Also, I've had multiple users ask about xatspaces. I own my xatspace code so I'm only able to edit mine, but I can make it. It's only 500 xats, being that it's not significant, & I hope at some point to have different templates available for this. Anyway, here are some of my favorites from the album I've filled:
  22. happy birthday

  23. happy birthday

  24. My dear Lemona, happy birthday! 🎂🎉


    I hope you are going to have a great day, full of love and good vibes! I think you already know how much I appreciate you. We started talking not so long ago, however it's been nice knowing more about you and also knowing that we have a lot of things in common, specially when we talk about xat and our thoughts about it haha :$.



    1. lemona


      Omg Solange!!! You're so cute!! :$ Thank you so much, I appreciate you too! (hug) <3 

  25. Happy birthday Lem!

    1. lemona


      ThX ToXic!

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