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  2. Deje de usar mi cuenta por muchos anos. Mi e mail lo he conservado siempre. Me mude de pais y quisiera recuperar mi cuenta. Actualice mi password pero no puedo dar login porque me dice que esta cuenta esta bloqueada y que solo puedo iniciar sesion desde casa, pero esta es otra lap y vivo en otro pais. Hay posibilidad de recuperar mi cuenta y mis powers?
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  4. E se você não existisse, eu inventaria você💞




  5. Thank you very much, prize received. And congratulations to the winners! Great work everyone!
  6. Meu Crush 🤦😍🎶

    eu troco uma estrela por um beijo seu

    eu troco Aquela Lua pelo seu olhar

    eu deixo de viver no Paraíso

    minha verdade é você Meu Lar 💕😍🎶



  7. dj hearts GIF by Tiësto


    Dj Funny Breaking the Silence!!!


    Dj Funny Rompiendo el Silencio!!!



    Good night Everybody  ;)



    Recuerda que si buscas ayuda, puedes encontrarme en xat.com/ayuda estare encantado de ayudarte.

  8. Hello @Abrahan The users that wants to know where they assigned their group powers, can go to login www.xat.com/login?new after logged in, if they have group powers assigned to a chat they will see a tab option called groups, they can clic in that tab and see the powers they have assigned and where it was assigned to. The tab Group can be next to "change password" or "delete", also an user can see that option in the bottom of the page as well (version flash of xat)
  9. Several users have visited the xat Ayuda wondering where they can now see their assigned group powers in case they forgot. Previously we should only go to login, enter our access data and click on login. Users report that now in the new HTML5 version it does not work. Could someone report if it is a bug, if it is working on it or if there is a new way to see it.
  10. good music taste (ok)

    1. elya


      thank you, always.. (applause)

  11. my old regname was xMysterious, my ex told me to choose between to names Akihiko Atsuo or Mysterious, so my regname was xMysterious or xMyst for a really long time till i changed to Shizuo :P
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  13. Award redeemed! Thank you and congratulations to all participants, nice work.
  14. Dmytro

    New HTML5 Trade app

    No, it hasn't been adapted for mobile yet. As much as we know, it's on the way but without date of release for the moment.
  15. Abrahan

    New HTML5 Trade app

    Is this application also working for the mobile application of xat? If not, it would be great if this were done.
  16. Having several hair powers does not mean that we cannot have another one, we have a lot of Christmas / Halloween / Valentine. It has added a unique touch that is different from the others, they are cute hairstyles. Good work drawing I hope to see it one day come true.
  17. Do you have a reason for living?

    1. Thuk


      Yes, Supernatural.

    2. Deff


      I am looking for reason(still) 

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