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  2. remember you remember me i remember everything we used to be :(



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  4. Hello Everyone !! i would like to Announce that 7reqa Group Chat will celebrate Ramadan 2019 For all Arabic Poeple (but all poeple can come to Win specially on sunday) . This giveaway will include Xats And Days . Everyone will have a chance to win. Prize : 30k and 500 Days i will be the prize Holder all winners will be posted here on the forum! Good luck everyone and God Bless! Time : 23:00 Egypt Time / 22:00 Morocco Time / 00:00 Saudi Arabia / 16:00 Am USA Time Note : the Event will be on : xat.com/7reqa Date : every Thursday , Friday , saturday and sunday from 25/04/2019 untill 15/06/2019 حبينا نتشارك كلنا العرب باختلاف جنسياتنا وباختلاف الاديان مسابقة لكل الاصدقاء متل ما عودكم شات حريقه دائما وابدا الصداقة و المسابقات .. موعدنا كل يوم من تاريخ 25/04/2019 ساعة 11 بتوقيت مصر / 10 بتوقيت المغرب / 12 بتوقيت مكة المكرمة المسابقة بشات حريقة والجوائز بقيمة 30 الف اكسات و 500 يوم.. ملاحظة : اي شخص يقدر يشارك بالمسابقة التاريخ : من 25/04/2019 الى 15/06/2019 اي استفسار ادارة شات حريقة جاهزة تجاوب على كل الاسئلة في أمان الله ! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. oj

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    The main usage for this (as you've said) is for using botstat (as an api) without having to use cilent bots or bot providers as a medium. As you know, it would allow for various desktop applications to be created to push live (hopefully) updates to the chat. I'm not really sure what else (besides this) which could be changed about botstat. Right now, I was and am more concerned about usability of the already defined features, which seemed to do what we would typically expect. After that, I hope people will have suggestions on various features to add/change for it. Maybe things like: Enabling/disabling powers (not super useful, but in specific scenarios, maybe) Sending messages (sounds kinda yikes) idk? There really isn't more to do with it than name/status/avatar/home changes as of now that seems super useful to me.
  6. Hi Guys, it's meee!! the big and unique ALEX!!

    1. Anas


      Hi bro! (hug) 

  7. Junior

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    Yes, I have. I mean, apart from making it useable without dealing with client bots or bot providers.
  8. oj

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    have you read what the thread is about?
  9. I confirm, this doesnt happen not even in xat forum. I like the idea, but adding stuff like that isnt same than other social networkings make their way already? If it is related to updates and stuff like, why not embedding Facebook or Twitter? Better and easier.
  10. because only I am penalized people come into my private and speak bad things to me there I speak in the main they ban me!!!!!! because because 

    1. Ruzo
    2. NoSense


      do not listen to them (hug) Zaki chan!!

    3. Ruzo



  11. maybe a process similar to moderator report when someone reports unfair ban?
  12. From a moderator perspective, we may need an efficient way to contact users when we're removing their content, otherwise they might start posting "Who removed my message?", "Why was my message removed?" On the forums, we can usually send the user a private message and it'll appear on their screen straight away. But I don't believe there's a simple equivalent on the chats other than PCing them - the record/thread of which disappears as soon as you refresh the chat and then you forget what happened. We may need a new set of rules creating for this, which may need translating into several different languages. Also, it could get messy if there's nobody immediately available to answer the reports, because it would reflect badly on the website as a whole. But I suppose it's up to admins to cover that.
  13. Just dropping this by here. @Admin User complaints won't stop about this
  14. I totally agree with you, the limit feature can be very annoying and definitely needs to be removed or modified. The best solution for this would be to create a Gcontrol option which would allow main owners to decide which ranks would be affected by this limit(Cupim's suggestion). There could be another option to decide whether if subscriber users or registered users would be affected by this limit.
  15. or even limit amount of registered accounts on any given IP address. imo, nobody needs more than 3 accounts. If your entire household is on xat, then that's a special situation someone can contact xat about, no? Spam limit causes more headaches for users than it does benefit in preventing bot raids. We have bots that activate protect now, a tool we did not have at the creation of the limit. Spam limit is more an annoyance than it is a preventative measure at making spam. Who makes a raid bot with one account? nobody, Raids typically = multiple accounts / toons and multiple messages, not multiple messages with one account / id.
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