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    The idea is pretty good, it only needs some changes so that could be used to prevent scams since the Volunteers and official xats staff would be easily recognised.
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  4. Being that Nate runs the Game chat, which is known to host contests for games, and other various things, this is helpful. No matter if it was needed or not needed, Nate was just trying to make a helpful guide for users who may need it, and as Kopas mentioned, it may not be useful for you, but it can definitely be useful for other people, especially foreigners who use xat. Learn to appreciate helpful people and their kind gestures, instead of putting them down or shaming them for only trying to give people a general idea of how to conduct something.
  5. Vevrok

    name smile power

    Well, how solange has told... we already can add simbols or smilies next ours name. inst needed a power. but if you are suggesting a better idea, try explain it better.
  6. Vevrok


    Very nice !!! Good luck! But I think that could be better "how long you've been on xat, activty on forum etc"
  7. Solange

    name smile power

    This power would be used to add symbols next to our names or wherever we want to add a symbol, right? Isn't this something we can already do without the need of having a power for it?
  8. i suggest new power : with this power can add smile to your name symol or anything u want add (under name up or down or on the left or right) all the side of the name . and can allow to add symbol in any side of the name we want we can call this power name smile or name disgner or name creater
  9. Hola @DSF, Como bien dijo Vevrok, si tienes conocimiento de tu actual email, puedes recuperarlo incluso cambiando la contrase├▒a aqui: Recuperar contrase├▒a. En caso contrario, debes crear un ticket aqu├ş: Sistema de Tickets, en el cual debes facilitar toda la informaci├│n posible, si no recuerdas el email actual, intenta de acordarte cual fue tu ultima compra de xats, days, powers, tus ultimas transferencias, tu ultimo proovedor de internet (localizacion y compa├▒ia), entre otros datos que puedan ayudar al equipo de Volunteers para facilitar que usted es el propietario de la cuenta. Si no recuerda su email eso puede retrasar un poco el procedimiento de verificaci├│n, pero todo es por la seguridad suya y del equipo de volunteers que deben verificar que usted sea el propietario actual de la cuenta, por lo cual tenga paciencia a la hora de crear un ticket y no espere una respuesta inmediata o una soluci├│n inmediata a su problema, llevalo con tranquilidad. Espero que pronto pueda solucionar su problema y pueda disfrutar de nuevo del servicio de xat. Saludos! Att: Lorena* P.D: Por favor, no facilite ning├║n dato como contrase├▒a, email o cuando compro xats & days & powers entre otros datos personales dentro de este foro, todo eso debe ser declarado en el sistema de tickets, el equipo de volunteers nunca le pedir├í que facilite su contrase├▒a.
  10. No, they donÔÇÖt. Nobody has time for that nonsense. They do, however, stay mindful of habitual offenders whoÔÇÖs only intentions when visiting official chats are to commit bannable offenses. ThereÔÇÖs no list that people look at with peoples names on it stating they are to be automatically banned. However when somebody repeatedly demonstrates the same behavior, itÔÇÖs hard to go un noticed and easy to earn forever bans.
  11. Our next interviewee is @Gokuh ! Disclaimer: His answers were written in poor English, but I could understand what he means. I will re-word his answers to better English in this post. Hi Goku! Thank you for your superb help around the chat! We appreciate your efforts, and are glad to have you aboard the team! I am going to ask you some questions regarding your experience at Game chat. Please answer as honestly as possible. 1. Tell us a little about yourself. What is your real name, where are you from, how old are you, and what are you studying? My name is Youssef, and I am 24 years old. I plan to work in the civic service in September. 2. When and how did you discover xat Game chat? I´╗┐ have known about Game since 2013 when I was a Moderator at Aide, the French help chat, and an Owner at Commerce, the French trading chat. 3. What about Game chat stands out to you? Game is interesting to me because we can play a lot of games, and I have plenty of friends, and my wife is there. Not only that, but Game also hosts contests very fairly and makes good prizes. 4. What is your favorite/funniest memory shared in Game chat if you have one? ´╗┐´╗┐M´╗┐y ´╗┐´╗┐funniest memory was this screenshot: ´╗┐ ´╗┐I remember this memory after I have shared a lot of funny memories with others people such as Enge and HelperNate. 5. What do you think of the contests hosted here? Do you have any suggestions on how they can be improved? I think the contests are very good for making users happy, and to let users get free prizes when they win a game round. 6. Do you have any new contest ideas for xat that you would like to share to the public as of now? Well, I have an idea to´╗┐ host contests for Uno, or for the Pokebot as a to´╗┐urnament. ´╗┐´╗┐7. What is your overall impression of Game chat? I think Game is a good chat, but there are some users that I will not mention the names of that may try to cheat during some of the contests. 8. Overall, how well are you treated as both a staff member, and a regular user at Game chat? I am treated well by other staff members, and they appreciate me, and I appreciate them. 9. How long do you think you will stay active around Game chat? I will stay on Game chat until I get married IRL with my wife Enge. 10. Where do you see the future of Game chat? I see a promising future for Game chat, because the chat has worked well since Nate gained Main Owner on the chat, and he has done his job well. 11. We have come to the end of this interview. Do you have any special message to end this interview? *question left unanswered*
  12. Last week
  13. Thank you and everyone else for your time. However, it's not 'fictional' whatsoever. There's a blacklist on at least two official chats that I know of. The purpose of this post was to ensure this system is not being abused, and highlighting ways it can and may very well be abused. Normal users like myself don't even know there was a blacklist so it was very surprising when I found out by talking to a few higher ranked members on a couple of these chats. I understand the purpose of this list a little better now, but I still believe it may be abused by people with their own personal bias. Even the chat I've earned tempmod at has a blacklist, granted I cannot view it nor do I have any interest in viewing. Trolls and inappropriate users will always be a problem, I myself tend not to be one of them but I still think blacklisting is terrible. xat itself does not maintain a blacklist, however the users xat appoints to run these chats sometimes do and we all should be mindful of this.
  14. As a volunteer, therefore being involved with every single official chat users and staffers, I can confirm that xat does not maintain a blacklist of "unwanted" users. It's obvious that the main owners and moderators maintain a collaboration "scheme" between themselves to prevent scammers and malicious users from ban evading and, let's name it "persistent trolling" But this isn't a form of abuse, and if it is xat will review it and take the necessary actions to ensure that its users are being respected and that the terms are being properly followed. Free speech is the pillar of our chat social network. Our xat community depends on it. It needs freedom. We'll do whatever is possible to protect that freedom. It's really frustrating to deal with situations like this because most of the times, even "IF" the staff is acting wrong, the banned user is also provoking and trying to make drama ... So to make a parody of "win-win", that's a "lose-lose". Hopefully this thread serves a purpose of making users understand that xat wants transparency, freedom and mutual respect. And instructs users who feel they are on this "illusional blacklist" to change their behavior. Xoxo.
  15. well, in my opinion some use it in favor of "power", but most of the cases depend on the lines of conduct impowered by the main owner of the chat, so always the staff complies with all rules, including staff rules, or enter or exit.
  16. Anyway, if any official chat added the list there is because its needed. Proofs, id, usernames etc. And lets remember that, main owners need to take control of their chats, isn't important if being official or not. Blacklists helps to prevent trashy ppl who bothers 24/7.
  17. Android version 1.17.4 July 14 2019 is now out of beta and available for everyone on Play Store. Please update as soon as possible.
  18. Almost every official chat has staff information below the rules listed for the chat and there's one line that should be read carefully: Besides what Solange said (having people with bad behaviour or unprofessional conducts can create negative perception of the chat), when you become staff you agree that you will follow the guidelines stated for the chat (staff guidelines included) so if the main owner considers that a person can't be part of the staff team because of the behaviour mentioned before (unprofessional conduct outside the official chat), then there's a justified reason for him/her not to be promoted. It's not about creating a "blacklist", it's all about following the guidelines that the main owner states and agree with the guidelines that you will need to follow when you become part of the team.
  19. well... in my opinion I would like to have others providers of emails, but xat accepts gmail only which's most known and safe. i like it, also it already was suggested several times. who knows a future next hehe
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