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  2. Why not a sub-forum for this category? "Chat / Xatspace CSS" "xat.me / chats CSS" separated, maybe? This may bring up the attention of new CSS makers. I say for myself, I don't post, because there is no specific area for this.
  3. The first release... CSS: background-color:#777;background:url(https://i.postimg.cc/ZRwMyfZH/wallpaper.jpg) no-repeat; background-size: cover}*{color:#fff;text-shadow:1px 1px 1px #000}h3{font-size:11px;font-family:Georgia;text-decoration:underline}#xatstyabout0,#xatstyinfo,br,hr,table:not([cellpadding='0']){display:none}#xatstyheader{height:40px;background:rgba(0,0,0,.3);box-shadow:1px 0 5px #000}#xatstymedia{background:0 0;background-color:none}[bgcolor='#dedede']{width:100%;height:35px;position:fixed;bottom:0;color:#fff;background:rgba(0,0,0,.4)}#rotate{margin-top:5%;animation:spin 10s linear infinite}@keyframes spin{0%{transform:rotate(0)}25%{transform:rotate(20deg)}50%{transform:rotate(0)}75%{transform:rotate(-20deg)}100%{transform:rotate(0)}} HTML: (2nd box on edit) <div align="center"> <img id="rotate" src="https://i.postimg.cc/G3sFD7cp/image.png" /> <h2>PAULO (162497)</h2> <h3>This is the way your life goes on...</h3> </div> Power ME? => Nope. It is not needed. Preview: Demo: => https://xat.me/PAULO
  4. I bought some nice bookends on Amazon that she wanted. They were quite expensive too - £27.95 for the bears and £33.95 for the owls!
  5. Keep myself busy to take my mind off things. Or binge watch random videos on YouTube..
  6. What do you like about X and Y? Did you have both versions? Mine is probably Pokemon Silver because I have the best memories of playing it at my grandparents' house back in 2002. Two regions to visit as well!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Solange

    Alien xavis

    This is a nice idea, something different that would be really cool. I'd like to see an umbrella being added to xavi, I'd appreciate it a lot!
  9. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  10. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  11. Anyone here have a Favorite Pokémon game? Mine is X and Y.
  12. How deep is your love? |-)

    1. Maxo


      page (hug)  (blowkiss) 

  13. Amunt Valencia 1-2(goo)

  14. Crow

    Alien xavis

    THE IDEA There have been suggestions in the past to add more xavi items and features: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]. What I haven't seen suggested is to add a new base species of xavis - i.e. not humans but alien xavis. This power could be (xavi2). Please let me know what you think! An assortment of alien heads. Not just the stereotypical grey alien shape, but aliens with horns, spikes, long ears (jar jar binks), long head (xenomorph), chestnut-shaped head (frieza), multiple heads, slimy, antenna, feelers, snouts, whiskers. There are lots of alien races in Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who, which may give you an idea about how varied alien lifeforms can be. See this image for example (credit to Mel Miniatures). Alien skin tones could be grey, purple, green, blue and red. An assortment of hair and colors. Alien hair could be as crazy and extreme as you like, e.g. Padmé's hair from Star Wars. Whilst the human xavis have the standard blonde, brown, ginger, dark hair colors, aliens could have purple, green, blue and red hair colors. There would be an option to remove hair altogether too. An assortment of alien eyes. These can range from giant black bug eyes to having four or six eyes to being a cyclops. An assortment of eye brows. These would convey a variety of expressions - angry, happy, normal, surprised, etc. Like hair, there would be an option to remove these altogether. An assortment of mouths. Not just a single line, but open mouths, jaw dropped. smiling, fierce teeth, scream mouth, etc. These can be base mouths - not triggered by smilies you type in the chat - just to make the aliens more interesting. An assortment of accessories. These can range from headdresses to spacesuits to cloaks to creepy alien crowns. All the usual xavi customisation options would be there - the ability to move things higher, lower, expand, shrink, rotate, etc. QUESTIONS Q. Why aliens? A. The xat logo is a planet, the facebook header image is outer space, and there is a xatworld theme across the website. These alien characters would fit into the general theme of the website (we're all aliens, and the chats are planets!) However, there could be a future expansion for robots, unicorns, anubis, minotaurs, etc. The list can be endless if the character is interesting enough. Q. What about accessories/hair I've already bought for my human xavi? A. You could still use your old accessories and hair. https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/Getxavis.php could work for (xavi) and (xavi2). The new alien accessories/hair would work for human xavis too. Q. Where would I design my alien xavi? A. A new app could be created next to the xavi icon. The icon for xavi2 (and the default xavi2) would be a typical grey alien.
  15. Crow


    The cork texture is unique (as in your third image). It could be added as a new smiley back for Gback. I used to have a cork notice board in my bedroom, and this could be used for a hug/kiss animation. I.e. the message would be written on a note pinned to the board. A Sticky smiley could also make a cameo, along with other xat images and easter eggs on there. Maybe this is too ambitious. Image source
  16. And today's Saturday! Don't miss our weekly event later today @ Casino!
  17. Hello Hordezla First of all I want to say, protection for xat is one for which there is no obligation. It is ON / Off option I am in agreement with you, I have suggested this in the past. All about security at xat. I'm still traveling a lot with my work, and only when I get home I can use everypower my registry. That's why I came up with an idea, a pack of everypower, a day, a week a month, a year, and you pay an amount of xats. (Idea was unsuccessful) You said you did not care to be stolen, (here I do not agree) Not all people have the money to buy, many have won gifts, and have no way to buy again. We are all with different goals, fun, friendship, help or even as many others of the business. There is nobody agreeing to enter the account and find nothing, so xats will be seen as a place without security. Better to open a ticket to recover everything so you do not lose everything in seconds.ecover everything so you do not lose everything in seconds. People who do not buy anything from xat.com with money have less chance of recovering their account. Here I do not agree, Reasons for recovery are very bad, who gave this idea is blindfolded. Why does not make secure, such as secondary email? Security at xat.com I see it in a few simple steps. What good friends do you have on xat.com What email do you use or what secondary email you have added. You bought from: xat.com/buy - Xats or not ?! Have you ever had another open ticket in the past? Do you have any other accounts? What is your rank in official xat.com? Do you have a phone number added ?! Which number ? Do you have a forum.xat.com account? Which is the name? Do you have members of your family on xat or forum? What website do you have? What YouTube channel do you have? What is your Facebook? All these questions / answers will be secured, only available in the ticket, by Admin and volunteers. This is my opinion, but I respect your opinion. Regards Bau
  18. Hello. Protection is welcome, because is for protection your account.
  19. break up with your girlfriend, im bored

    1. Lemona


      @arianagrande break up with NASA, join xat 

    2. Blossoms


      i know it aint right but i dont care

    3. oj
  20. Thank you. xat does have a lot of unnecessary security settings that no one likes but have to get use to them.
  21. iCecy

    Holi manito! :$

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