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  2. Hello There My Queen! :$ ♥ 

  3. AnasWin (122163304) Bot again, bad vibes.
  4. Today
  5. Hello Ajutor familiy, I will always be with you Raven, Aura.Aero, Mihai,Danny,Mafia1 and other members of the Ajutor family, especially Bau. I will continue to support the Ajutor family. I am happy to be with Ajutor family. I love you All. The Ajutor family was a beautiful whole with all its members. Volunters became a part of this beautiful whole
  6. DUYGU

    My Works

    Good desing
  7. Hey nosense, these are awesome drawings and so cute
  8. Congratulations for you all for have reopened Ajutor chat!
  9. DUYGU

    579 PUZZLE

    Hello Mihay and the creators of all powers, thanks for creating these beautiful powers. I like new powers
  10. Mihay

    579 PUZZLE

    Thank you all !! Hope more nicely powers for you all, soon !
  11. All congratulations to the winners.
  12. DUYGU

    New design

    Hi Oka bro your new work very nice
  13. Good morning and Happy Sunday to everyone


  14. Vituu

    Win 1500 XATS

    Vitaaooooo (583431435)
  15. Afidia

    Win 1500 XATS

    pierogirogi (394120957)
  16. Zhattana

    Win 1500 XATS

    Zhattana (369111103)
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