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  2. no1 is mine friend understand?

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    heppy birthday

  5. Born

    happy birthday 




  7. I don't care if rich Australian are losing their houses I care about the fact that KOALAS are losing their home. BBC News

  8. ¡Happy Birthday!

  9. ¡Happy Birthday!

  10. This would be a good idea, to change the symbols a bit for everyone, taking into account colors and figures ... to get out of it a little, which would be from the heart and the cross, or lastly they can create power which has shapes and so the user who acquires it and has that power to occupy the married or bff to place color and symbol at will, such as the hat, has several and can be coupar at the whim of each user
  11. I like the idea, it would be very well seen by all users, I imagine names with different colors and billboards which would call the attention of the users and we would leave the original pattern of simple colors and without movements which the users are already taking up for not resembling others. I liked your idea, hopefully it will be taken into account and leave.
  12. A kind of adjustment to respect has already been made, but looking at things well this would be a good idea, the powers that have amounts greater than 20 or 30, as long as at the time of trading them have a security to avoid robberies and scams.
  13. @Stif Estoy totalmente de acuerdo @Stif
  14. Hello, good designs, the competition is strong, you will soon be able to identify my entry and good luck to all.
  15. Happy Birthday!

  16. Happy  Birthday!

  17. Happy Birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday!

  19. Hi, I don't know what to say. So, this is my entrance.. Hope you enjoy it! Good luck everyone :P Thanksuwu Inner: Outer: Color Button: #1e6545 ( I could be including more designs )
  20. Exin

    Happy Birthday

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