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  3. Thank you all for attending! We had a spooktacular time! Here are the questions and answers in case you missed any: Questions: Answers: Have a great Halloween!!
  4. The trivia contest will be starting in just a few minutes! We hope to see you there!
  5. You are what you are: understand yourself before you react.
  6. A new voyage will fill your life with untold memories.
  7. Life always gets harder near the summit.
  8. Hi all guys today we will play the lotter HOW TO PLAY: You simply have to choose 2 numbers which then must be opposite 90-9 12-21 After that the game host extracts the number and will post the photo in public chat RULES: RESPECT RULES IN CHAT The contest will start this evening at 11:30 pm (GMT + 2) IN https://xat.com/ganar @Demonattack
  9. you know i know 8-) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    nhl swimming GIF by SB Nation

  10. FB_IMG_16039698864751884.thumb.jpg.773a1a8a94999b06d93035184015a4ed.jpghappy birthday for our prophet mohamed. happy day for muslims. enjoy it 

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    2. theFlower
    3. Anamaster


      Wish you and your family a Happy and Blessed Mawlid Nabawi Flower

    4. Maxo


      eid mubarak honey (blowkiss) 

  11. SATAY :@

    1. Thunderrrrr


      this shit is whack af! be jelly boi 8-)

      travel indonesia GIF

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  13. Remember to not share your personal informations with anybody. 

  14. -10 min starttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
  15. Today we will present a new game called the dice of luck HOW TO PLAY: There will be only one die so numbers 1-6 The staff will communicate the winning number that you have to win The winning number will be different for each participant If you guess the winning number called by the staff you have won RULES: RESPECT RULES IN CHAT The contest will start this evening at 11:30 pm (GMT + 2) IN https://xat.com/ganar
  16. Bug confirmed, thank you for reporting. An update will be posted here once it's fixed.
  17. A new friend helps you break out of an old routine.
  18. Debes pedir a un voluntario que abra el ticket por usted. Para hacer esto, simplemente busque por un nombre y haga clic en "message" en esa lista: https://forum.xat.com/staff/ Recuerde realizar este pedido en inglés y proporcionar los siguientes detalles: Nombre de usuario y ID; Motivo para necesitar un ticket; (En este caso, "Account Block E28") E-mail asociado con la cuenta que tiene el problema; También mencione si usted todavía tiene acceso a ese e-mail.
  19. You will overcome difficult times. (but how)?
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