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  2. Bau

    pride pawn

    [1] We all know that xat´s is known more for the wonderful powers that are and continue to be brought to xat.com. I do not agree or disagree [all I want is to be something free, not to force people to buy something that would make them feel ashamed] - I'm not talking about me or you, I'm talking about those who are ashamed to accept the desire of others. Who has everypower knows what I'm talking about, we 80% of the powers we do not use, and to appear another 1% of the powers we do not use to be 81% unused powers is not a big deal, but it matters what powers it will be. I just gave my opinion as everyone else, hopes you don't misunderstand, and if problems arise in the future to remember what I said, every decision must be thought before it is made. Because I haven't seen this in the xat.com for a while.
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  4. Stop-Motion Love GIF by Mochimochiland

    1. Camii


      i love amigurumi! 

  5. https://prnt.sc/squ0f8 iiielya (1100101081)
  6. Hello everyone. After playing for a few hours, I finally finished the game. iiiiiiGame (1508888308) http://prnt.sc/sqteo2 http://prnt.sc/sqtf6k http://prnt.sc/sqtfjl http://prnt.sc/squ7vw http://prnt.sc/sqtfwb http://prnt.sc/sqtga4 http://prnt.sc/sqtgl8 http://prnt.sc/sqth1i http://prnt.sc/sqthfd http://prnt.sc/sqthqt http://prnt.sc/sqti33 http://prnt.sc/sqtih4 http://prnt.sc/sqtj1u http://prnt.sc/sqtjey http://prnt.sc/sqtkf8 http://prnt.sc/sqtkti http://prnt.sc/sqtl8b http://prnt.sc/sqtlul http://prnt.sc/sqtmcg http://prnt.sc/sqtmvn http://prnt.sc/sqtnbr http://prnt.sc/sqtnpd http://prnt.sc/sqto5d http://prnt.sc/sqtomf http://prnt.sc/sqtp43 http://prnt.sc/sqtplt http://prnt.sc/sqtpy3 http://prnt.sc/sqtq9f http://prnt.sc/sqtqm2 http://prnt.sc/sqtqxq http://prnt.sc/sqtr94 http://prnt.sc/sqtrmx http://prnt.sc/sqts9p http://prnt.sc/sqtsof http://prnt.sc/sqtt33 http://prnt.sc/sqtte7 http://prnt.sc/sqttpa http://prnt.sc/sqttzz http://prnt.sc/sqtubh http://prnt.sc/sqtun4 http://prnt.sc/sqtv46 http://prnt.sc/sqtvfr http://prnt.sc/sqtvqt http://prnt.sc/sqtw2t http://prnt.sc/sqtwch http://prnt.sc/sqtwo3 My score: http://prnt.sc/sqtjpn http://prnt.sc/sqtk0g Ps: This game was not easy at all. Good luck everyone!

    Cómo decir que me parte en mil
    las esquinitas de mis huesos,
    que han caído los esquemas de mi vida...

  8. Hoy la noche es tuya y mía
    La luz está apagá', pero tú está' prendía'
    La nota me dice que siga
    Te vo'a dar hasta que Dio' diga


  9. Thanks a lot Emyah 🌼
  10. Sydno

    pride pawn

    I am sorry if I didn't word my thought properly, I was evidently talking from a business perspective. I wish we were in a world where my comment would not exist because this would not be criminalised anywhere. I am just suggesting that what seems totally obvious for most of us, is definitely not for other people and that xat cannot ignore that; and that these users cannot simply be called out as stupid because they don't have the choice of thinking different in their country. When I am saying xat cannot ignore that, I am implying that xat would take an official position by making a pride power and that they need to be aware of it. I am not, and I will never be saying that this is a bad thing for xat to take that position.
  11. http://prntscr.com/soib6u Magic (10000020)
  12. Cupim

    pride pawn

    I like to call this idea as the pride project, under the idea that you must have the right to express your love for the person you rightfully love. In this project, we may have the "LGBT flag" which is a rainbow colored flag, rainbow colored pawns, and so on. This project would be totally about love, passion. Pride should be about love. On xat we have too many different realities and to me it doesn't limit us, designers, but it gives us an entirely new perspective; do we must use the political term behind the subject which is the "LGBT" acronym? No. Can we find a workaround in an attempt to please users from all over the globe, regardless of their political agenda, or what their news TV program says, or who they last voted for, and etc? Can we instead simply deliver to xat users the idea of "what it means to be free to love who you truly want"? That's the real pride - it is not about gender; it's about the individual's rights, their right to be free, to have a real sense of liberty as every human being should. If you disagree and you'd like to "voice the LGBT political agenda" on xat, I assume you can do so for free by making your own room to discuss this subject and its related matters. But to me, it's like if Sydno told me "hey cupim, can we have a Yellowvests power!? I'm truly mad at the situation in Paris". That's a political matter. I wouldn't risk to work in this considering its possible collateral damage. Imagine how many xat users disagree to Sydno and believe that whatever their government is doing is fine ... I also had users telling me to make a smiley hitting a pan (this happened when Brazilian ex-President Dilma was impeached). I was happy that Dilma got impeached (she bought a $120 million USD oil base in the US and sold it for $40 million months later), but as a designer I chose not to make the smiley. Too political and bad timing. If it depended on my personal thoughts, I'd have done an entirely power about Dilma. (Impeachment) power. And I'm certain that most of you here, would love to make (LGBT)... But I bet that if we make (pride), the entire planet will be able to use it, and to symbolize the same thing that LGBT stands for (I just hope censorship agents don't read this if we ever make pride power) PRIDE power. Proud to love on xat.
  13. Norman

    pride pawn

    I did not mean to make accusations, but the justification of ''it is a business thing'' just isn't it. xat should pay more attention to the users (which number is on a clear decline) than business. Not releasing a power about LGBT rights because a part of the community is conservative whilst many others have been asking for it during years shows that they are just ignoring the issue. There are lots of LGBT people using xat. This is THE statement. It's 2020.
  14. Solange

    pride pawn

    I also understand Sydno's point of view. We all know there are a lot of close-minded people in the world and probably on xat, and they would probably be really angry if they see xat releases a power like this. This may affect xat in some way(for example if some users stop using xat because of this, which would be really stupid but well... we know how those people think), but I doubt it'd be a big impact for xat anyway. And yes, we're living in 2020 and releasing a power that supports the LGBT community wouldn't be that weird. I still think xat should make this power as a way to show they're open to get any type of user on their website. And of course, this would be a great thing for the LGBT community on xat because being honest, we all know there are a lot of people who are part of this community on xat.
  15. A pergunta ou as perguntas neste tópico foram respondidas e uma resposta foi marcada. Este tópico está encerrado. Se você tiver quaisquer outras perguntas, por favor, abra um novo tópico.
  16. Steven

    pride pawn

    There's no need to make accusations. Sydno is talking from a business perspective, not a personal perspective. That's pretty clear from his post. From a business perspective, it makes sense to consider the potential financial implications. However, I still believe it would be worth making it a power, and think that anyone bothered by it should just recognize and understand that LGBT people exist and making a power for them is just a nice thing to do, as they have made powers for many groups of people in the past.
  17. Amazing nice interview, @Sevda
  18. Huuh, yes it's been about 1 year As most of you know a lot has changed in the meantime, except my thoughts about xat (especially about Sohbet&Yardim). Thanks a lot for your kind words Lem, I'm glad to hear that
  19. Norman

    pride pawn

    Excuse me? Are you joking? You certainly know that some users would disapprove a pride power since they are not supportive towards the LGBT community, but justifying homophobia by saying that being homosexual, bisexual, trans... is illegal in some countries? If I were from a country where it is not allowed to be LGBT I would be very proud to see that at least a website I frequently spend my time with friends supports me and encourages me to be who I really am and love whoever I want to. Next time just say that you don't want it to be implemented instead of giving a mediocre justification.
  20. Stif

    pride pawn

    xat is not supposed to take position or "sides", but by avoiding this, they are. xat is supposed to be open to everyone and support everyone, regardless of color or gender. We're in 2020 and they're already more than late for that. Like Junior said, people are free to do whatever they want, including not buying it.
  21. Daniel

    pride pawn

    It's 2020 and xat does need to take a position. Either xat support its LGBT users or are they complicit in putting us to death.
  22. Sydno

    pride pawn

    Sadly, I do not think it is that easy. In some countries, LGBTQ is still criminalised and far from being accepted by everyone, and quite many xat users live in these countries. It's probably not xat concerns, because of course you may say just don't buy or don't use it. But for some EP users, you are forcing them to buy a power that promotes something that is considered illegal in their country. And that is, I guess, the main difference with christmas/emo powers. I doubt this would lead these countries to block xat on their soil, I am just saying that unless xat has a clear, deliberate, assumed position on the matter, there is a risk of releasing this type of power. xat may as well just offer pawns that allow individuals to promote their pride. If users were hosting special events for the pride month, I would totally support it, but I don't think xat has to take position, unless they clearly want to do so and are careless of what these countries may think of it.
  23. Nice interview, @Sevda!! It's honestly too bad it wasn't published sooner but that's okay. It's nice to hear from someone who has contributed and played a very key role for many years in the Turkish community. It is evident that you've impacted their community in many great ways and I'm glad we are finally able to know more about you!
  24. Junior

    Macros on HTML??

    For now, Gback and Sanimate. Gback is in Powers settings tab and SAnimate (Animate) in General settings tab
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