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  2. win 100 xats Everyday

    I've received the prize.
  3. Some of my designs

    Liked a lot the one for Tikitaa, specially the cat with the different eye colors, it looks smooth af. keep up the good work dud!
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  5. status available now.

  6. win 100 xats Everyday

    prize received! Thanks Bau
  7. Some of my designs

    Hello! I made a 2 new backgrounds (gift) to: @Tikitaa and @Ediz &
  8. New power (Catastrophe)

    include some natural phenomena - OK solar eclipse, lunar eclipse - Yes/No earthquake, - Yes/No tsunami - Yes/No hurricane - Yes/No - I think this exist! xD to be these smilies, transformed into something funny not to look real, but to be something smiley, but may have different names. Here you have an answer.
  9. Happy birthday! (hug) 

  10. Happy Birthday! (hug) 

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  12. win 100 xats Everyday

    I've received my prize, thanks bau
  13. New power (Catastrophe)

    Wtf? Why would xat makes a power based in things like that? This is not funny, or a thing that should be used to sell(powers). I disagree.
  14. win 100 xats Everyday

    Hello winners! The remaining time to collect your prize. - http://bit.ly/2eMkvOA - tomorrow is the last day I'm active, because I have to go, please contact me and collect your prize. In some parts of the world already send this message today, the day - 21/09/2017 Please colect your prize! Note: always when someone receives the prize, this message will be edited, and delete all those who received the prize. @Matti - @Danny2024 - @DjCrazy - @Felipe_ - @MisteR - @Elsi - @Elea - @Calvin - @Guppy - @yerimar - @i1Category - @Ronal - Today winners! 20/09/2017 - @Angelo - @L3OZ1N - @yerimar - @Elea - @Elsi @Danny2024 - @Fiona - @i1Category - @Guppy - @Ronal Thanks to all the participants and the winners: http://bit.ly/2eMkvOA Good night!
  15. New power (Catastrophe)

    The same is happning here in Dominican Republic, and is not celebration is commemorating it Could be it was a possible name when i was thinking about.
  16. New power (Catastrophe)

    Hey guys, In this case I agree with shake. It is a shame what is happening in USA, Mexico, and Romania This would be a good idea for a future, but not for now. Anyway, thanks for sharing it.
  17. New power (Catastrophe)

    (phenomena) maybe?
  18. win 100 xats Everyday

    prize received @Bau
  19. México ! Much Love ...

  20. New power (Catastrophe)

    It's called common sense, agreed.
  21. 💛💙💜💚❤💝💟

    1. TrueRedDevil



  22. New power (Catastrophe)

    Disaster. Like the suggestion itself.
  23. New power (Catastrophe)

    Maybe a different name?
  24. @BRABO Happy birthday, I wish you all the best, Congratulations, my friend. 




    1. BRABO


      @Arih Thanks for the affection, I loved this personalized mug. Thanks for the gift! ♥ (hug)

  25. New power (Catastrophe)

    I don't think this is appropriate due to what happened...
  26. A bit of my work

    Thank you very much, yes I intend to continue doing, I love what I do ♥♥♥
  27. what's your favourite youtube channel?

    i used to love casey too! but now i tink he's gone a little bit boring i think (? he still makes good stuff tho.
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