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  2. Powers should take longer than a week to make.

    I agree, I believe that extending production time would allow the powers to be well evaluated in their entirety before being released, and this would further enhance their quality. See Flgpwn for example, could have been developed to allow to wear hats simultaneously with the flag, who knows for lack of a greater time one did not think about it. In short, a subject to be rethought.
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  4. Win Yoga Power

    Today i will add all the winners. Thank´s!
  5. Win Yoga Power

    *COUGH* Results?
  6. Powers should take longer than a week to make.

    I think xat should allow us to spend xats on limited pawns that once existed. For example you could spent 1k-10k xats to use a limited pawn for a duration of weeks.
  7. Change pawn from main owner

    xat staff uses dark black color. It is no where close to it.
  8. xat Facebook Page

    www.facebook.com/xatchats is the ONLY xat official facebook page, as admin stated previously here
  9. Change pawn from main owner

    ''No pawn similar to xat STAFF should ever be added for another thing''
  10. Change pawn from main owner

    That's why I said that the pawn should use xat's blue and black gradient color. It'd be nicer, and less confusing.
  11. xat Facebook Page

    Hey! You have more official FACEBook xat? Official Facebook 1 - www.facebook.com/xatchats and this? ?????????????????????? 2 - www.facebook.com/SpellTicket/ 3 - www.facebook.com/Xatcom-319680873910 WTF
  12. Change pawn from main owner

    The suggestion is nice, but this is too similar to purple just like @Angelo said, but it wouldnt be a bad idea to probably make the pawn darker, lighter to show difference. It's just not fair for everyone who has bought purple, same goes to blueman, pink, gold, and ruby if the pawn you suggested were those colors. Maybe adding a mark or symbol would help let a user know a user the difference.
  13. Hidingpwn

    I'm tired of seeing new pawns. I want to see new features which xat should add and old features that xat still hasn't fixed which they should fix. We have enough pawns in my opinion.
  14. Change pawn from main owner

    Perhaps instead of purple and orange the pawn can be dark blue and black, similar to xat's gradient color on the homepage.
  15. Change pawn from main owner

    It´s not a new pawn, is the same pawn owner as a different color! Do not be the owner of the same color of the principal owner. ( understand?)
  16. Change pawn from main owner

    Na we already have too many expensive pawns that the majority of users can't even afford. Why do we need more pawns? Seems pointless to me.
  17. Change pawn from main owner

    Just improve it. The gradient colors on the example looks so nice. Maybe if it's possible to have a pawn having use a different gradient colors instead.
  18. Assistance Background Contest

    Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who took time and effort to join this contest. We have received so many beautiful entries and we have had a hard time judging. Our winners are as follows: First place winner: Second place winner: Third place winner: Fourth place winner: Winners, contact me to collect your prize.
  19. Selling 8 digit id rare.

  20. We will be better than this.

  21. WIN 300 XATS.

    chupak4br4 (1517769223)
  22. Old Status: I care more about you, I care less about xat.
    New Status: I care more about xat, I care less about you. ))

  23. Change pawn from main owner

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
  24. WIN 300 XATS.

    congratulations to the winner (even if he does not win)
  25. Change pawn from main owner

    from my point of view I say that the pawn that is normally used is better, I don't think that it needs another type of color
  26. Change pawn from main owner

    Are you rich? talk without knowing what. (( You Buy namewave for all, be a nice xat. (if you ignore beautiful and free ideas then let xat.com die). Free Is better, everyone who create new group xat to use this pawn! Not to buy or someone is more important than someone else, it's just an idea to be respected, and to admit it is a good idea!
  27. Change pawn from main owner

    Yes- NOW: because owner, and main owner, the same color. (I think it's brilliant to be different color) No- I do not care. (you care?) xD Maybe- Yes, i care. A brilliant idea, Nice.
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