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  2. Some of my designs.

    I like the first one, the template is a bit old, but, good design. Good designs!
  3. Some of my designs.

    @ANGY nice bg im like
  4. First topic, Hello!

    Hey all, Thanks @Bau for the opportunity to join!
  5. Today
  6. Some of my designs.

    Here I am publishing some of my designs eventually, I hope everyone likes it.
  7. KimDragon

    I only mean to improve your suggestion. I can't really fault the content itself (other than making the descriptions clearer and more presentable) because you've provided lots of ideas, and the smiley makers can adapt / add to them as they please. If you like the name TroyDragon or KimDragon, go for it! =) I suppose it's a similar name style to Ribunny (Rida bunny) and Ceebear (Carly bear) - named after people.
  8. First topic, Hello!

    Hi all ! And Thank you for letting me in xat Family
  9. ARCBots Background Contest

    INNER: OUTER: Button Color: #4F4F4F Good luck to everyone!!
  10.  I f   l o v e   i s    a s    c o l o r f u l   a s    a    d a i s y ,    i t   i s   a s    p a i n f u l  a s  a  r o s e


     ( Aşk bir papatya  gibi rengarenk  ise bir o kadar da  güllerin  dikeni kadar  acı  verici )



                          stay with me forever pls ,  I really love you  ,  I can't forget you .. : (    







  11. The sale of the ID: (5550555) is available for whoever wants to buy it, if you are interested you can send me a private message in forum or chat. Simone (1520456891) /f1520456891 Simone
  12. KimDragon

    Don't say so or i prefer Angelo, yea i miss your suggestion they better of post from Lunala
  13. Bzz bizz bzzzz6860.gif

  14. KimDragon

    Call it Gemini power then. That sounds much more appealing to buy.
  15. First topic, Hello!

    Hey chu chu thanks thanks thanks 😋😄
  16. Thank you all, with pleasure.
  17. KimDragon

    better Kim they are two special beings, Geminis separated from birth, they live the two different cities, Rose and Dark they have magical powers and possess their protective animal in this case The Dragon it's another kind of God @Crow ...u like?!
  18. KimDragon

    The name (TroyDragon) sounds a little silly, IMO. Who is Troy? A character from a franchise? If so, there's that issue of copyright again.
  19. First topic, Hello!

    Hello , Bau ty <3
  20. First topic, Hello!

    Incredible xat family club! Ty @Bau!
  21. Ty Bau!! I just arrived do not you think?
  22. Down here in Texas, if we get 3 inches of snow, all school is canceled! Take that, North! 

    1. Phin


      Or any ice for that matter. :$

  23. Volunteer position is NOT a position you can apply for on xat. The organization (xat.com) is responsible for keeping volunteers doing their duty properly, if something fails on one aspect of volunteering, admins should be the one to correct and fix the slack. As you said... these users are not paid, and thus for they would not even think outside the box, they are just volunteering their time. xat.com should evaluate what users are fit to be volunteers, and who can endure the responsibilities of maintaining xat's support running properly. THIS is how they initially chose the volunteering team, and seems to be what has worked best to date. MY overall opinion is that xat losing volunteers is a direct product of xat losing confidence and trust in users. Growth on xat will remain stagnant as long as xat does not venture out of their comfort zone. that's my two cents @Admin
  24. First topic, Hello!

    Ty ty my little brother!
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