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  2. Simply, volunteers not helping as well may be removed as any official chat rank, contributor, wiki translator or whatever. Just because has an special page with his name doesnt mean that hes perm or whatever. Maybe adding a new rule? e.g. "inactive for xx time with xx tickets will be removed" easy to fix that.
  3. Change pawn from main owner

    I like your idea hopefully implement it soon in xat, but this could also be for the owner and could be another peon for the mod greetings and luck with your idea
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  5. I support your idea, because I believe that every inactive volunteer, people fail to receive the necessary help with loss of accounts and other problems, which even end up stopping accessing the xat, this is one of the "problems" that have to be solved.
  6. Here is my thought, Inactive volunteers are a direct product of admins' lack of analysis of xat as a whole. It's rather clear; there are problems, WHY are they not being fixed? One response I've heard is: "Admins are too busy on more 'important' things, than fixing the OS ticket system." (ps. fixing the system also entails who does what and how much is being done within the system) Okay yes... they are working on HTML5.. I get it... we need improvement. And I totally agree that this will benefit xat, but this is the BIGGER PICTURE. It would be wonderful to have HTML5 but I have some questions, what is HTML5 without user support?(the delayed times are atrocious and just as bad as no support) what is HTML5 without the capability to regain access to your account unless you wait 3-4 MONTHS! Do you really believe users will wait on YOU 4 months to just be able to use YOUR service? I'll put it this way... You can decorate/paint a trash can to look beautiful and even add some Christmas lights around it as decor... But at the end of the day it is still a trashcan. Same goes for xat, if you don't fix the core (user service) before updating the chat; it will be extremely difficult to prosper as a business. In case some of you missed it... the core of xat is the users and the service the user gets for what he is PAYING for.Ultimately it comes down to: Poor service; poor business. Inactive volunteers need to be replaced, EVERYONE AND ANYONE is replaceable, it is just a matter of taking the time to train the next person. There should be a minimum quota each volunteer must reach of answered tickets (or contributions) on a monthly basis, if this is not reached then xat should replace them. Volunteers are volunteering their time... and IF there is something impeding them from doing so on a scale where xat is being held back from allowing users to get support, THEN THEY MUST BE REPLACED FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS THE TIME TO DO SO. Admins ask us to have faith.... BUT how can we have faith when xat does NOT see what is RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM? Yea... this may be in form of a little rant, but I hope the core message got accross. TLDR; ( I DO NOT BLAME VOLUNTEERS FOR BEING INACTIVE, I BLAME THE ADMINS FOR NOT KEEPING UP WITH THE SITES SUPPORT AND ALLOWING IT TO GET OUT OF HAND)
  7. Assistance Background Contest

    Good Desings!
  8. 555

    Amigo, a aba de suporte do fórum serve para você fazer perguntas ou esclarecer dúvidas sobre algum problema que você possa ter... Caso o seu problema seja o System problem 55, você deve contatar um voluntário no fórum para que crie um ticket pra você. Na mensagem privada deve conter: -Nome de usuário e ID -Razão de necessitar um ticket (Nesse caso, um ticket no departamento Account Block) Ou você pode contatá-los diretamente no chat, eles normalmente podem ser encontrados no Help ou no xat_test. Lembre-se que tanto a mensagem privada quanto conversar com os voluntários deve ser em inglês. Você pode checar se o departamento está com atrasos aqui.
  9. 555

    Limpe os cookies do seu navegador e abra um ticket, Selecione o departamento Locked out. O campo subject (assunto) deve conter pelo menos cinco palavras. Você deverá receber uma resposta...
  10. PcBack Random PCBR 468

    The idea of the new power is well elaborated, having control over who can visualize the background image (pcback) itself is legal.
  11. selling id 692017

    hello im selling id 692017 if you want to buy contact me: /f102983974
  12. Well, we all know the issue, apparently how to solve it, but what we can't forgot it's what it shows on the volunteer's page: (which is up to an admin to decide). It's basically "everything is up to an admin to decide", if they decide to don't change this situation, it won't change. They need to feel this need and as far as we know, nothing was done to accomplish this objective. (Or maybe they are planning something like that and i'm wrong, but i'm covering both possibilities) It has to be done as Mike said above and ASAP, we all know that this is a old problem but if admins don't feel the need to fix it, nothing will happen. I suppose the ticket system has logs about what each volunteer does so, won't be too hard to see who is inactive or not. Considering the amount of time related as busy with personal things or complete inactivity.
  13. A-Z of powers

  14. Contest 20/11/2017

    SethRollinsWWE (1492476316)
  15. Contest 20/11/2017

    BTCAveStomiL (1452359762)
  16. A-Z of powers

  17. Assistance Background Contest

    The prize received https://prnt.sc/hcx7yi thanks to all @Arthur
  18. Contest 20/11/2017

    GuessWhosBack123 (1527961062)
  19. Turtle

    It's a good idea, even the design is great, only improve to not have work with copyright .. Thank you for sharing your idea with us, good luck!
  20. Blackfriday week is started ..

    1. BenabdaLLah


      waiting for a auction (xp) 

    2. Crow


      Black Friday "week"? (toj)

  21. Turtle

    .... daddy Can't you use the power (costumes) or (outfit) ? Like:
  22. Turtle

    A tortoise power would not be a bad idea, but in the case of the drawings above I believe it would enter into the copyright issue, if it is the image of the ninja tortoises. But something very good can be developed from your suggestion, hugs.
  23. xat.chat Blog

  24. Turtle

    Ok guys lemme explain how i want set this power: like toad but dressed and ninja look only a face this is a cool, maybe without smilelook lollipop Dsmirk babyturtle
  25. xat.chat Blog

    Where is my interview?
  26. TSR Background Contest!

    INNER OUTTER Button Color: #0d5c8a
  27. After the previous discussion, and considering the logical arguments, there are sides that can not be fully clarified, which has been forgotten likely people who don't see or imagine seeing. Inevitably, subjects that bring about volunteer inactive matter can take proportions that flee from acceptable control on the forums, and then it could become just another hidden topic. I don't see other reasons here that surround matters than the delayed reply or the long wait between ticket departments, as most people just need a volunteer who performs answer question or help with other problems due to tickets ASAP. As we have already pointed out many times, there are causes that are accepted and those that are considerably plausible for such a delays: personal life, and doesn't seem to satisfy users. Perhaps 'neglect' is the word that users really want to hear, I don't think there's any blame between parties because users who have reached the 'volunteer' title have their merits previously for work and were recommended as said the title on its own. However, if the useful thing becomes null or negative, it must be removed so that other proposals can be read about to neutralize this 'problem' which doesn't really exist.
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