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Win RUBY! Make an animated xat smilie GIF

Hello everyone!

Before anything else i would like to introduce myself. I’m Dimple same username in xat chat. I love xat since 2006 i started and i love doing combination xat’s smilie too. Well, this is not new to me, way back in 2016 me and my friends we did contest related of xat smilie too in contest and events section and we have so much fun that time. Anyway  when it comes in GIF i really have no idea, but i cannot imagine that i did :$. Why not try to create your’s? 


Prizes: First place (RUBY), 2nd place (2000 xat), 3rd place (1000 xat)

Prize holder: @LaFleur

Judges: @Lemona, (muffin) @zw, @miaa @Camii and me.

Final date  submited: June 20, 2020 Time: (11:59 PM)

(After the date that i mention wait the results of the winner’s) will be posted here.



  1. The Main important: Related xat’s Power/Smilie Only!
  2. About posting: You can use GIF code link, youtube code link, or any GIF uploader link. Be sure the animated gif code are working before posting, see the example below. Not just a link that can be open to another browser.
  3. Participant’s can submit 1 to 2 post with or without background (2nd post, make sure if you put a background same the xat smilie animated gif you made, see like the example below #3,#4.
  4. No copying xat smilie animated gif to the other contestant’s.
  5. Do not use the smilie that i already use my example below.
  6. Participants should be wright your xat ID/Username when you posting your work.

  7. For the viewer’s, DO NOT  quotes or comments for all contestants, only you can react by using the clicking the “Award” botton smilie.

  8. For any question just send me a “Message”.

  • Experiment creating your own unique smilies with xat's power? Have an idea for animated xat’s smilie GIF? Should there be more options? Possible!


  • There are thousands of xat’s smilie power’s who made by our amazing xat creator’s and also you can make a different combinations.


See all power information here:


Example Type:  (Note this type of example 

#1 "FACE" power/smilie GIF (Made by @Lemona)





#2   "idea"  powers/smilie GIF with background

(Note: Use PC or any laptop so you can see the appearance of this link, because you cannot saw it by using phone or mobile browser.  This type of example is originally main idea from xat ltd. official facebook account)

#3 Combination xat powers/smilie GIF (My owned made)



#4 xat combination smilie GIF with background (My owned made)


#5 xat Kmoon powers/smilie GIF. You can create animated gif also like this KMOON in one power with 12 different smilies.





Goodluck and Have Fun!!!




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