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  • Contests and Events Section Guidelines

    1. Do not submit any fraudulent entries to contests. This includes, but is not limited to, the following items: submitting content you did not create, submitting content where you did not give appropriate credit to works used in your submission(s), submitting fake doodle backgrounds or gameban screenshots, and submitting doodle content created using applications or services not provided by xat.
    2. Contests must be open to submissions for at least seven days.
    3. A verified prize holder is required to hold your contest prize as long as the contest requires a substantial amount of work for entry. You must arrange prize holding before you start your contest, and within one day of the contest start time, the prize holder must reply to the topic to confirm they have the prize. For more information on verified prize holders, please see the Contests and Events forum.
    4. If a contest is cancelled after 24 hours, the contest creator must forfeit the prize and choose a winner.
    5. Contests must be related to xat. Contests which offer cash prizes or off-site-currency are not permitted. Prizes can only consist of xats, subscription days, powers, or premium bot time. Anything else requires approval from a volunteer or forum moderator.
    6. Writing a simple "good luck" or "best wishes to everyone entering" is not sufficient for a reply. The community has deemed such replies to be not constructive, so they are not allowed.
    7. Once winners have been declared, they need to be given at least 48 hours to claim their prize.

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