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  2. My recommendation is the iPhone because iPhone has a closed source and more secure. For understanding more about the difference between iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, you can check out this informative article.
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  4. Hello !! if i'm not wrong @Shake is talking about the creation of powers, they've to be in a high quality, you know we've to appreciate what smiley makers are doing just as you mentioned if they're doing an effort the result should be very good. and about time we've been seeing before a new power per week, now sometimes we're seeing it after 2 or 3 weeks, Anyway, we should appreciate their efforts and thank them, just please ( i asked for this before ) there are some DUPLICATED powers, a lot of smiliar powers that have the same name and the same nature ( smiley powers ) let's take the last new power as an exemple : we already have " WORM " power, now there is " WORMS " and both are a smiley powers, at least something different / special should be made, to say or conclude that the latter is different to the first one, i've another point if i or someone for exemple suggest a similar power to another that we already have a lot of users are going to say " No " " We already have this ... " ( this happened many times ) but smiley makers are making some similar powers so ... i don't know anyway this is up to them. Thanks
  5. @Abrahan have right not all smiley maker have same style! But was some powers with bad quality can be improve in the time .
  6. I think the original point is not how often they are released, nor is it the style of each one. It is an excellent suggestion, and to be more specific, regardless of the style or the time they are released, each power should be of quality, well done, painted, strokes, and of course, its animation, within all this the great role that creativity plays, not just to do it to have something to release. (All this in addition to what has already been said). Personally, I am too detailed, so I have already seen each power with good zoom, (more when I make combinations of smilies or gif) and many of these powers, have a very sloppy stroke, and unfinished parts to paint "holes". Only that in the chat, as they look "small" the defects are not noticeable, but when you see the original drawing/vector in good size, you realize how it is really done. Obviously I will not use specific powers as an example, everyone can review them, and realize for themselves what I mean.
  7. (999000999) Rare 9 digits ID for sale- Reglink available! Forum message me your offers or PC on xat.. ELDONABEEE (1519385625)
  8. feliz aniversario

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      Valeu mano


  9. Que tal! Recuerda que si presenta el error E64 de inicio de sesión debes confirmar que eres tu el dueño de la cuenta dirigiéndote al correo con el que registraste esa cuenta. En caso de que presentes otro error, deberás ser un poco mas especifico con el número de lo que te sale o el mensaje que te sale al intentar acceder a tu cuenta y/o hacer algún tipo de trade/transfer, por lo que si tienes una captura de pantalla del mensaje que te aparece al intentar logearte sería mas fácil saber como ayudarte.
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    Parabéns meu parceiro, muitas felicidades e muitos anos de vida. Que Deus te abençoe sempre, tmj!

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      Nem me fala. 2.4L consome energia demais.... 

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      Agora é aproveitar enquanto ainda está na flor da idade, depois é mais responsa e responsa

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      Triste, mas verdade. Vamos seguindo.

  12. Hello, I didn’t suggest powers to be released weekly or biweekly again! I basically said they should take their time I’m not picking at anyone’s style, it’s just that some powers look rushed and lack a fairly smooth animation despite of the preferred theme ^_^
  13. The problem is that each Smiley Maker has its own style, some use more vectors while others prefer to use brush/pencil tools, some are more detailed, some use the kawaii theme, etc. All should work with the same style and following the same guidelines for xat.
  14. Hello, I believe that all smiley makers do their powers with a lot of love and a lot of whimsy, I find your suggestion to return powers to be released weeks or fortnightly interesting. I'm sure the entire team does their best to bring the best content to users.
  15. Well I got the free time to type this down but basically I want to suggest xat to stop making meh-looking powers at the rush of releasing weekly/biweekly/whatever in the most respectful way possible. I’m not against making more powers, but at least the effort should be notorious rather than publishing low frame animations.
  16. Kale

    Quote #Messages

    This suggestion is very important, many times I can't use this option due to some kind of bug or even the sentence being short or something like that. Congratulations on the suggestion, I embrace this idea of yours.
  17. Hello I don't like and with that, I want to make a new suggestion. What do you say [Quote] appears at the end of the message, so as not to get involved in smiles and the message sent in the chat. Sometimes it is very difficult to add [Quote] messages when the message is short and smilies next to it, an example is in the video. VideoEg __________________________________________ I also want to remind you that with this idea that I have suggested in the past, it will be much easier to add messages [Quote] because the messages will stay where you want. If you don't know what suggestion I'm talking about, check here. [Messages will not disappear as an added example]. Please if you do not understand something to ask, I will answer everyone as soon as possible. Regards Bau
  18. Parabéns cunhado! 8-)

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      Obrigado cunhado (hug)

  19. Hola, ¿Qué error está experimentando su intento de inicio de sesión? Entonces podemos pasar a una ayuda más precisa.
  20. Hola, mi cuenta esta bloqueada o aparentemente no existe, necesito recuperarla por favor
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