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  2. There's a glitch where you don't see the chat unless you click on the tab of the chat to see the messages. Video link:
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  4. Hello everyone are you ready for a new roulette appointment? HOW TO PLAY: You can choose red or black and if you guess right in the roulette spin Along with the color you need to choose a number from 1-34 If you only guess the color you win 50 xats Jackpot: if you guess color and number you WIN 150 xats RULES: RESPECT RULES IN CHAT THE CONTEST WILL START THIS EVENING AT 11:30 PM (GMT + 2) IN xat.COM/GANAR @Demonattack
  5. When pasting a large amount of text into the chat (like... hundreds of thousands of characters), the chat will freeze until the text is fully rendered into the text box. Copy and paste this to reproduce (this is 172k characters): https://pastebin.com/UvbDNKTT
  6. hi thanks but the idea already suggested by me and others . it was refused for some reasons .pls read before you suggest in the futur by usind search and type name of suggestion .
  7. Good evening to everyone, have a nice evening


    1. Mao


      Good evening

  8. As bau mentioned this idea has been suggested before : Please next time use the SEARCH feature to see if the idea already exists ( suggested ). Thank you
  9. If it were a power: well, I think this problem could be solved by two options, one would be to see the modified text of each user and the second option to modify it as you want for everyone. This suggestion can be of two kinds: be it a power or just a change of look in the chat that is individual to see only the change made by you.
  10. This can only be added for your own user, not for others. Everyone can see what they are using, for the other users to be normal, not to show changes. There are a lot of ways that can be added, and I'm sure they will be added in the future. ________ More About______ - There may also be an option where mainOwner may or may not allow all users to use it in chat, it would be interesting to see this experience, because to be used only for yourself is not interesting and not very useful. - The colors and size of the text can be used for your own needs, if you do not see well or need mo
  11. hi my namegrad wont work anymore my name this day turned to orange without namegrad colors for no reason
  12. The famous thing in my home 🇵🇭 is sit and relax in the beach, and eat mango fruits☺️ and the famous thing in my country 🇯🇵 eat fresh fish “Sushi” or “Sashimi” while in onsen😜
  13. My dream is to heal our home land that all bad become good spirit.
  14. Hi Mino   (hug)



  15. is there was several suggestions similar to this. yes, it's a nice idea, but as page mentioned... some users will wants to use it to makes flood/spam. I could describe like pc or pm feature but there is no point. users also suggested it as a power which it should be "Textcolor" etc.
  16. Hi Bau Thank you for your this nice comment. Your dreams are beautiful. Everyone has interesting and different dreams. interesting and different dreams were shared here. everyone wants their dreams to come true. I hope everyone's dreams will come true in 2021. I wish you a beautiful year where everyone will have be their with together dreams in reel life and feel good and happy.
  17. Hey Duygu, Amazing post for people to describe their dreams. - To always be healthy, and so I will be happy. - To be able to tell everyone how much I love them. - To be able to always help everyone in need. - To be able to thank everyone for all the support offered. I hope you all feel good, a beautiful new year, Thanks.
  18. Do you have a nice idea but some users gonna abuse using big letters to do flood/spam
  19. Not bad u know me.. i like skull !!
  20. this day im happy special day , anyone need anything ask me  i do it  8-)

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      (toj)kkkkk are you bored

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      I hope you'll be always happy  (blowkiss)(blowkiss)(blowkiss) 

  21. ravelling the world everyday
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