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  2. The following users, please contact me ASAP to receive your prize.


    @SethTI @Guidof @Fannyx @Ariannne @Dani-De-Virreyes @Christina 


    Thank you!

  3. Today
  4. Alee

    Toxic Graphics

    Amazing Pcbacks!!
  5. One of Them Days.. How is everyone doing?

    1. Geordie


      doing good bro you 

    2. Moist


      Better days in the future but overall I guess not "too" bad. Thanks

  6. Jagen

    Custom background for chat

    Hi everyone work for christmas
  7. Toxic

    xat.com/CHAT Christmas Background

    Hey man it's great that you're showcasing your work. I look forward to seeing more from you, and if you ever need help with anything feel free to ask. Also, don't forget to check out all the freebies on the Graphics portion of the forum, as well as some more useful things in this topic: https://www.mundoxat.com/foro/showthread.php?8958-Todo-lo-que-necesitas-para-hacer-un-buen-fondo It's spanish, but your computer should translate it for you. Many good resources on this forum. Best of luck with your designing!
  8. oj

    Toxic Graphics

    😍 Looks amazing thanks again!
  9. IrcGangster


    Inner Outer Button color: #FFD700 By IrcGangster (1520490918)
  10. Leandro

    Toxic Graphics

    Thank you man! It looks really sick.
  11. Toxic

    Toxic Graphics

    5 FREE PCBACKS: @Valdoni Did not want his posted to the forum, but is viewable in my newest album and is personally my favorite from the 5. @Booh @Leandro @Blacky @oj Thank you guys for helping me get a little more adjusted to using C4D, and I hope you enjoy your PCBacks!
  12. Yesterday
  13. Happy Birthday Cupim

  14. oj

    Toxic Graphics

    Theme: Goblin Slayer Text/Subtext: Austin (638877683) Colors: Black/Red/Blue Extra Details: NA
  15. @Cupim Parabéns cupim, tudo de bom na vida ae, que seu bigode não molhe na sopa, tamolhejunto que Deus ilumine seus caminhos e sucessos. (hippo)

  16. Parabéns @Cupim, que você seja abençoado pela graça da nossa deusa Saorikidokiller. Tudo de bom aí mano 🎈🎂🎈 

  17. BerTi-Purple


    Prize received . Thanks @Anas
  18. iGuinho


    prize received thanks
  19. i1Category


    Prize received. thanks @Anas
  20. iDani


    prize received thanks @Anas
  21. FREO

    John and Christina's Holiday giveaway

    georgeorwell (1478591315)
  22. Blacky

    Toxic Graphics

    Theme: Emergencies Text/Subtext: Blacky (691320709) Color: You choose Extra Details: Star of Life, Thanks
  23. i1Category

    John and Christina's Holiday giveaway

    i1Category (152555933)
  24. Leandro

    Toxic Graphics

    Theme: Neo Yokio Text/Subtext: leandro/Neo Yokio's second most eligible bachelor Colors: PINK Character: Kaz Kaan (preferably pink Christmas)
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