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  2. @SLOomone question please! In 1.55 update or 1.56 will be fixed the name who send you messages if you are not in the same chat or who tickles you. Last time when I have tested is showing only I'd of users ! Thanks.
  3. I have seen lags is only when one or more users used more effects on same chat room then I see the lag. But if refresh is work instantly.
  4. La mulți ani multă sănătate, fericire și tot ce îți dorești să se împlinească. 💐🎂


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  5. One life! One reason to go forward!
  6. If you are in Sahara what you will do!?

  7. Today
  8. I would never consider myself former staff. Former volunteer..yes. Even when I wanted 143M it was not handed to me. It took Charlie and I selling our xat.me domain for me to get it. At the opportunities presented when I could have received it as reward, I chose the other person to receive instead of myself. I realize not everyone thinks the way I do nor should they have too. Wiki translators as well as contribs or any volunteer group not listed, should just have as much right to this pawn as the label volunteer. I have the upmost respect for Sydno and the current volunteers in all forms.
  9. Excited to see the new pawns ♟ is @Admin
  10. Happy birthday!

  11. Happy birthday. 

  12. Powder movie(1995), nice movie! Storyline: When sheriff Barnum investigates the death of an elderly rural resident, he discovers a teenage grandson living in the basement. Raised by his grandparents, he has experienced the world only through books, never leaving the family farm. He is sent to a state home for boys where he has trouble fitting in socially. His odd appearance and unusual abilities cause the small town residents to fear and ridicule him. However, not all are afraid. Some begin to view his potential and gifts with wonderment...
  13. In theory this is not a power, cannot be traded and does not have an ID number. Currently the Admin has allowed a lot of diversity of pawns to be available to users through the collections and during major holiday months (Christmas / Pride Month / Anniversary), so I don't think he is willing to release a new pawn in the store, not at this time.
  14. Sadly I can doodle rn.

  15. It's a nonsense argument to say that deficiencies in the workings of the site should be unanimously accepted just because people don't have to help; the workings of the site affects all users, not just the people who actively with the workings of the site Negative criticism isn't equivalent to blind negativity/hate; the former has substantiation, while the latter doesn't. Negative criticism is often a very necessary form of criticism, and really isn't the bad thing some people here are making it out to be Also, a good amount of the criticism here hasn't even been negative criticism; I'd say that most of it has been people offering alternatives to improve upon the ideas presented by the admins, which would fall into the category of positive criticism
  16. @xLamingI have not touched any scam button, I just answered bau on what I thought, honestly laming your point of view I did not understand it at all, what does the windows license matter have to do with it? what does it have to do with helping a person and asking for someone else's pc? here we talk about a powers, to express one's point of view but I have read absurd things like hatred towards volunteers, let's be serious we always talk about a power, let's remove this word hatred towards a person for a power.
  17. Happy Birthday!

  18. Happy birthday my lovely sis @Marya (blowkiss)


  19. Is that a joke? People who are buying xat products is because want extra features, yeah, their money is important to xat etc. But they are buying products, how this can fit "helping"? Can I buy Microsoft Windows license and ask to give me a PC because I helped them? You also touched on the scams part. Well, isn't easy as that, you were part of helping chats so you know the amount of daily scams being reported, not everyone know about these guides, people know about it when it's too late. As I said, it's per choice, you don't need to start helping if you don't want. Whoever disagree on how it work. Well, dont help maybe? I see this happening a lot, and seem to be fair. About criticism yeah, I agree on some parts, you're right, it moves the community, but I'm saying that it's negative, criticism can be tagged as both (positive or negative). Past comments started to tall about it, yet I mentioned before the real subject. Since the start this idea was purely focused on influencers, and some groups atleast for some time. You know better than others that some groups are working more than others, as former staff you would know it... I may mention wiki translators (as site translators - they were not even mentioned so far), volunteers for giving their time to reply tickets and do the right move, devs for keeping development of html5 chat/pages. The verification system would fit better, yeah, even for other ranks. Maybe in future updates we see it, admins are reading these opnions I'm sure. As I said, post title says "new pawn for influencers", not "new pawn for staff", so my conclusion is that it's a kind of temp reward.
  20. Everyone wants to come to New York. Honestly...for shopping perhaps, and the experience, but it is overrated. Noise, traffic, dirt, and expense... Just a few things that come to mind. If you do come though.....look me up as I am 1 state over. I love living in the East coast of America. Actually where I live reminds me of England alot, minus the roundabouts. From someone who is pretty "well-traveled", my next goals are probably Greece, for my daughters high school graduation, Italy, Bosnia, and those regions.
  21. yes but before that you gonna tour me around Disneyland in HK first
  22. " Envy is a declaration of inferiority. " Napoleon Bonaparte
  23. And then go foodie tour in Korea?
  24. Sometimes I think I should just stay out of this...because I said my peace. Recent comments are making this pawn about "unpaid staff" instead of influencers. First of all...if it is Admins intention to award "unpaid staff", that should just be said. They had a change of heart and decided to give a pawn to the groups of different volunteers. We could all then just move on. Talking of hate and what people deserve changes all of this and the original topic people were replying on. If admins wanted a pawn for the users and to be paid for, he would just release another pawn power. My comment about the users making this site what it is, was in regards to OUR opinions matter. Not in the shortness of powers, or not being given one. If you want this pawn, work for it. Become a volunteer, developer, or influencer. I just felt it not fair to award some groups of volunteers while not others. Contribs as example, are also unpaid volunteers. I also would prefer to see a push of an actual verification system and not some generic pawn. An actual verification system STILL GIVES the volunteers credit and rewards of being recognized as a volunteer. I think most feel this in some type of way and it has Nothing to do with hate.
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