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  2. more power can be added yes all power about working can be included , thx for your comment
  3. This seems a good idea, but i think those brackets clarify the vision during translation, they show the translated part. I think that if they were not there might be a confusion between the main language and the translation language, by the way, since the topic is related to translation, I want to say sometimes when some users use the translator ( for exp from portugaise to english ), the translation looks incompleted, I think it should be Some adjustments regarding this matter.
  4. Good evening to everyone!




    1. iDan


      Good evening, Duygu!

  5. I hope i'll see a new FX power later, maybe for the new year 2021, then SUPERFX too.

  6. Today
  7. New Background's Chat Free Full PSD ....................................................... DOWNLOAD
  8. New Background's Chat Free Full PSD ....................................................... DOWNLOAD
  9. Todos os caminhos que eu sigo me levam a você.



  10. This sounds like a great idea! I also think it'd be very good if xat releases a collection in honor of the Labor Day that is celebrated on May 1. It's celebrated internationally on May 1, so it'd be perfect to release it around that time. As for the list of powers it should include, I personally think it should be as follows: 218 Stylist 179 Nursing 164 Spy 125 Work 73 Military I believe the powers I've listed above are specifically dedicated to different types of workers. Now I'll list other powers that can potentially be inc
  11. you right now

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  12. H e l l o X A T G u y s As you know, a big trouble like corona virus has emerged in the world. and people started getting or going to work or doing their job at home we understood more how important and valuable the time our workers or our jobs spend in our work The duties of healthcare workers, more precisely their workers, were enormous and they still continue their duties with great care. I thought of a worker collecting power for them and all workers, it could be further improved, I think 7 powers might be the power to commemorate xat
  13. Everything you’ll do, do it with love

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  14. Where i can met you @TheYaguito ?!?! you have one chat?! I'm on trade chat, tell me if you can come otherwise we search you
  15. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.


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  16. Beatiful contest. Congratulations to all winners.
  17. “If you want to shine like the sun, first burn like the sun.”

    1. Sevda


      Ok. 🌤

  18. DUYGU

    Santa Hat

    With the approaching Christmas, maybe new hat styles are created, Christmas events are organized and it would be nice to enter the new year with new hat models to commemorate that special day. the expected new Christmas powers may be the new santa hat. Since I am a girl, I would like to use the pink santa line. Let's wait and see what's new in xat.
  19. Yes, possible maybe a power or option to hide from the user. But to hide it from everyone I think it would be more fun .. And that would bring more communication in the chats of other languages that many even want to join to communicate, more friendship, communication and users to help in official chats like, ajuda, help, ayuda.. between chats, and the user would even be happy to use this translator option without brackets.
  20. This is great idea! If it's possible it looks really good. I liked this idea. Perhaps a work can be done to hide the translated part when translated, or perhaps a power can be created that conceals the visible part when a sentence is translated.
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