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  2. Happy birthday, Champ!

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  5. Toxic (126984499) Thank you for bringing up this point, it's important to remember that we only have one planet, and it's important to take care of it in any way we can. Even picking up trash you see laying around helps our earth. So much appreciation for you appreciating our earth.
  6. This is really well done, i'd love to see this. It reminds me of the current one piece story arc. Maybe the power could be called GEISHA or it could be one of the smilies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geisha
  7. Hello, I am currently selling the digits ID 5500000 24m 173m 332m 649m 88888 8888880 6666666 1111111111 20000002 171000171 44448888 10000888 If you are interested in buying private message me on here, or you can PC me on xat by adding my ID /f6600000 or /f8888 xat//Loja
  8. Sell 2 ids rare: (111000111) - 35k (44445555) - 32k find me : /f1529294029 or xat.com/loja
  9. good witch fall GIF by Hallmark Channel   Hello !!! I hope you have a  good and  lovely day! 

    1. Maxo


      ty sweety, have a nice day too

    2. Bau
  10. SREric

    Power Japonecita

    Great suggestion, hope you have progress that the administrators accept will be very good acceptance by xat users, Congratulations on your Great work
  11. whats this crappy poop horse color jeez

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    2. oj


      yea whts up iwth that

    3. Blossoms


      shut up oj i just dropped my water on keyboard

    4. oj
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