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  2. A pergunta ou as perguntas neste tópico foram respondidas e uma resposta foi marcada. Este tópico está encerrado. Se você tiver quaisquer outras perguntas, por favor, abra um novo tópico.
  3. xat can choose the willing person for this job among the contributors , by a vote , you can think of it like xat referendum , for the first time , an administrator selected by xat users can be chosen for assistance this is just a suggestion : )))
  4. Today
  5. Pronto venho só informar que o problema ja se encontra resolvido obrigados a todos. Nao sei qual era o problema mas a xat.com deu com o bicho e arrumou com o problema um abraço a todos.
  6. Good evening everyone tonight we will play a new game where they WILL WIN HOLDED Simply choose between rock paper scissors The bot extracts the winning result Everyone will be called and everyone can participate RULES: RESPECT RULES IN CHAT The contest will start tonight at 11:30 pm (GMT + 2) IN xat.COM/GANAR @Luana @Demonattack
  7. She was married to OpenBOT account, she did divorce and it wasn't showing the heart on the past versions, On this new release it's showing again (yet she isn't married anymore).
  8. If you speak honestly, everyone will listen.

    1. Tuba


      you say it just like that baby (blowkiss)



        Schitts Creek Comedy GIF by CBC

  9. Hello everyone, As you may have seen, Help manager has now changed. I will temporarily be managing it. This may last a few weeks, a few months or even longer, depending on whether a permanent manager is found. The chat was not hard-reset because stability is extremely important. However, you may consider this as a new era for Help. Owners positions were reset for now and everyone will be given a chance. The point is that, if you have spare time and are willing to help other users, you are welcome. If you want to spend time on Help and learn about xat and its
  10. @Valstein, do the steps @Vevrok described and let us know if it fixed your issue please.
  11. Are you using xat in a browser in the incognito mode? Can you explain better what happens when you attempt to enter in a chat group? Screenshots would be welcome.
  12. Halloween Aww GIF


            Well, hello all! 🤍

  13. nice power. in which collection will you be part in the future?
  14. Finally, I'm back.

    1. Anas


      You're 10 years late. 

  15. i have to improved with Angel theme! i need also change book and get one without this small square...anyway maybe it can be included in the power like, it's not up to me! U CAN SUGGEST or if u like i can do BETTER! this angel is very NOSENSE power, i hope so about smiley makers, i'm tired of usual power! and i'm ALREADY A SMILEY MAKERS in my way and in my SENSE....................................................................................................................thanks anyway!
  16. Thank you so much! Thanks alot Maxo !!
  17. The deadline for this contest ends in 1 week! If requested I can add another week or two.
  18. Hello guysss, from Alex!! I edited some smileys and made it as cool as possible, I don't know how real they can be, because of the eyes and some things like haloes for this site, but I enjoyed it! this is the power that I would like to suggest, and that I designed for xat com...Haloes I saw that some liked the first smiley, the angelic one, I'm glad...thanks!! however we come to us, the smileys are drawn and not animated but you can see the still image... HaloBreak and HaloCloud:
  19. You can help people million of times but when it comes to you who need the help the most... it seems like you  either don't exist or they won't have time for you . 

  20. Every day we become better people, if you do not see or do not become better, something inside you needs to be changed, look inside yourself, go seek in your soul, find your essence!

    Youtube Reaction GIF by Hyper RPG

  21. Nice power @Mihay good luck and continue
  22. Yesterday
  23. ¡Hola, TuLobo! Si te refieres a que tienes powers asignados en esas salas, no es necesario que tengas rango: solamente manda el smiley del power en la sala y haz clic en él. Luego selecciona «Unassign» y ya habrás desasignado el power. Respecto a las contraseñas, debes recordar el correo asociado al chat. Me temo que no existe un departamento para cambios de correo de grupos de chat. Si lo que quieres es cambiar la contraseña de una de tus cuentas, ve a xat.com/lostpass o abre un ticket si lo que quieres es cambiar el correo asociado a tu cuenta. El departamento
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