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  1. Today
  2. Buon compleanno, grazie per tanto supporto e per una bellissima amicizia! 🧡

  3. Happy Birthday @Luana(blowkiss)

  4. Hemos vuelto de nuevo y ya a la venta streaming de radio y reproductores html5 contact /f1541219992

  5. Yesterday
  6. Tiin


    1. Kaay


      Eww tu! (victory)

      Mal amiko abandonador.

  7. Spero tu abbia passato un bel compleanno ti voglio bene (blowkiss)

  8. Luana!!!


    Happy happy birthday!! Enjoy your day as you know!!




    1. Luana


      Thanks you Blacky 💟💟!! (hug)

  9. The new version V4.3 of the Aiuto blog is available! Try it now https://xat-aiuto.com/ :o 


    • New flat design.
    • Color adjustment.
    • More ordered menu.
    • New resources (all xat logos are available).
    • The English, Romanian and Spanish language is now available.


    If you find any error or bug contact me, enjoy!



    1. Vevrok


      A W E S O M E BLOG

  10. ~We have a contest today, stay tuned. (goo):o More than 10 000 xats. (hippo)


    This contest will be posted soon in Club xatFamily.

    1. Bau
    2. Bau


      1h 25min anothe contest (pty)

  11. elya

    happy birthday Lulu (hug) ♥️ Cat Emoji GIF by Fuzzballs

    1. Luana


      💟💟(hug)(hug) Thanks you Elya!!

  12. happy bday my love <3



    1. Luana


      Thank you very much honey! 💗

  13. Happy Birthday Luana! I hope you have a great day today! (hug) T2VVHAU.png


    Ti voglio bene! :$ XO

    1. Luana


      Thank you very much for the thought! I love you 💗

  14. Last week
  15. Tryna talk to a wall
    But you could never tear it down for me, yeah.. (a)

  16. que linda, essa moça é linda

  17. Desde el primer día nos comimo’ 
    Recuerdo lo que hacía’ en la oscuridad, ah-ah
    Mis enemigo’ siempre andaban mordí’o 
    Porque ella quería conmigo nada má’, ah-ah 

    Gritaba “ah-ah”
    Mientra’ le dab*
    Ah-ah, eh, ah-ah

  18. Valentines Day Love GIF


  19. Wake me up before I change again, remind me the story that I won't get insane. Tell me why it's always the same, explain me the reason why I'm so much in pain  🎶

  20. The new web design for xat-aiuto.com is coming soon! 8-)

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