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  6. Update login page to HTML5

    When I go to login and click on more and change my username, it just makes me login again. I have no idea if it's an issue with xat, or my browser.

    Solange (223326780)
  8. You love somebody??

    If only I had the courage to tell my High School crush I like him.

    Yeah (10000090)
  10. yes i love you , and all the world should know that  :$ #Lily

    1. LeelaWeird


      Aw baby *.*

      I fucking love you so much 

      You're the best 

  11. Update login page to HTML5

    There are problems with changing usernames?
  12. You love somebody??

    I used to...
  13. You love somebody??

    I don't believe in love.
  14. WIN PCBR

    mapachito (168830371)
  15. game

    Follow the steps again from the beginning, and proceed carefully so as not to forget to perform any, and then do as this image shows:
  16. WIN PCBR

    SirCharlie (1523604434)
  17. WIN PCBR

    CarlosDesigns (1472576345)
  18. Poll On Why xat Is Getting Less Busy

    Practically all of the reasons is why xat seems so empty lately. As well as the majority of users tend to be rude one to another, and everyone wants to be seemed as a savage. No one wants to be themselves anymore on xat.
  19. Captcha on xat app

    Report this possible bug here --> https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/ The mobile app as far as I know has not been updated for a while via App/Play Store.
  20. WIN PCBR

    i1Category (152555933)
  21. Captcha on xat app

    Nah no I get captcha when opening the app and now I also get a captcha entering on a chat but there's no protect mode activated either.
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  23. Captcha on xat app

    Are you sure it isn't because protect is activated? I don't have this issue.
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    Poooooomph (1492858493)
  25. WIN PCBR

    Arihforever (811324585)
  26. WIN PCBR

    xloveyeeri (1524977301)
  27. Captcha on xat app

    Yes I think it appeared to me at least once, but I was having trouble when connecting
  28. WIN PCBR

    Odin (206159116)
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