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  2. Happy Quarantine Thanksgiving!

  3. Good evening everyone tonight we will play a STONE SCISSOR PAPER HOW TO PLAY Simply choose between rock paper scissors The bot extracts the winning result Everyone will be called and everyone can participate RULES: RESPECT RULES IN CHAT The contest will start tonight at 11:30 pm (GMT + 2) IN xat.COM/GANAR
  4. Today
  5. Hello xatFamily Today we have a new LIMIT 10000 DAYS xat.com. Thanks to @mihai123gaby and others for selling me days. Thanks Admin for raising the day limit from 9001 to 10,000, but I still think we need more, at least 20k Enjoy xat.com
  6. Much Appreciated!!! This Black Friday event has been the best... Looking forward for more surprises... Thank you Admin,
  7. I bought the player from Brutus. This is not the right of any person to say that we copy or anything like that. I do not accept it. Then if it's Jason. He sold the player mod file to Brutus. If he has no right to have his name on the code. He has no ownership rights. I always do this with selling custom design files. Then Brutus sold this model to a lot of people. Nothing was rejected. When I bought it from him, all of this happens? The question was supposed about before closing the topic. You were supposed to ask about (my ownership) the code before closing the top
  8. Hello, This section (Reports) of the club was created to be able to send reports about players, only you and the xatRadio staff can see the reports, other members will not be able to see your posts. Below are some reasons that can be used: Inappropriate images Inappropriate links Copyright report When reporting by copyright, please include the original Player URL (ID) and the copy. Ler em português: Lee en español: Leggi in italiano:
  9. Hey, Please read this previous post:
  10. Due to a report, this player will not be accepted, as well as the previous one. We recently had a lot of reports from the real owners. And also from people who are removing credits and/or copying players. [...]
  11. I found out before I entered the forum, thank you
  12. ID : 02b7533eb i'm uploaded again.. I Waiting..
  13. On HTML5 too But you need to click on your name -> Powers -> sort:91 <- in the search tab.
  14. I try make Something different..!
  15. this is a really happy thanksgiving

    Season 5 Thanksgiving GIF by Friends

  16. Finally, after the wait the 2020 BLACKFRIDAY SURPRISE has been revealed: Today, xat has added test powers to random selected subscribers. The 613 test power was given out FOR FREE and added automatically on the users' accounts. Are there more surprises? LET'S WAIT AND SEE. Stay tuned on xat's Twitter: xat.com/twitter You can also enjoy Trade xat Blackfriday contest tomorrow, the party is near: http://xat.com/Trade HOW DO I GET ONE FOR FREE? Users have been selected randomly today. I hope you were one! WHAT'S A xa
  17. The chat is currently saying I have allpowers[2] when I only have 19 powers. Full power list:
  18. who will win the winner of 5000 xats?!?! PRIZES COMPLETE!!
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