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  2. Congrats Stif.
  3. @Brandon - Yes, I know, thank you I'm waiting for changes. xD @SlOom - Yes, you can make any smile to replace, add a lot 1 or two or ten or more. You can add a picture or gif, you can add names and voting rooms. Edit: Here you can add / Delete / changed
  4. Sounds good if we can use xat smileys for Bau's idea...
  5. Today
  6. Hi @Bau, That forum version is going to be one of IPS's biggest updates. For that reason, it's only available for beta testing at the moment while they fix any last issues. We will wait until a public release before our forum is updated. There are definitely some exciting features coming!
  7. I fully go with this suggestion and support it. I often in the past regretted that I forgot to take a screenshot of certain private conversations on xat. This would really be a cool feature or power to have.
  8. Slooth lol And what is that
  9. Creepy and cute! I like it!
  10. indeed slooth
  11. @Lunala Hope it never happens and stay at 22%. @Phin
  12. If there was no classic power, you wouldn't at all be able to be using these old free smileys at all anymore now. It was me that was one of the users who talkted to the admins back then that he'd wish the old smileys back and is willing to be paying alot for a power that allows us to do so. Just wanted to mention that since I see you quite often complaining about that there. Another good suggestion would be if you could turn the blinking effect off and make it just stay at the "neon lit" state (neon lights on).
  13. Because I had to finish my stuff for exams. Jealousy in the air and btw never ew
  14. when it will be more than 22%
  15. When's the wedding? Kidding
  16. woah. why ur up at 7am?
  17. User has a ticket open now. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to open a new topic.
  18. I've sent you a private message; I'd be happy to help you out.
  19. i've literally asked this multiple times and no one has answered me my account is locked. it won't let me open a ticket, doesn't matter what i do. i want my account back.
  20. Hello Name Button: Fallowers Power not here or yes, but it can be a free option, and you can give it, or you can fallow a users. There is an extra option where it shows when one of your followers changes a status, or adds a new friend, or is an admin or owner or moderator or member on a new xat, or any information that can allow people who are following him To know about him. You can activate, how can you deactivate. Once you turn on it is automatic all updating, if you hurt anyone who is following you will not know what you are doing. There may be these options. - Change status - when you changed the status of the month, day, time Fonduri (304771992) - Has changed their status 23 minutes ago - You received a member - where you received a member Fonduri (304771992) - This user is now a member in xat Help - You got a moderator - where you got a moderator Fonduri (304771992) - This user is now a moderator in xat Help - You got the owner - where you got the owner Fonduri (304771992) - This user is now a owner in xat Help - You got the main owner - where you got the main owner Fonduri (304771992) - This user is now a main owner in xat Help - You created a new xat - And what did it look like? What xat! Fonduri (304771992) - This user has created a new xat by name Fonduri - You got banned - where you got the banned, time and reason Fonduri (304771992) - This user received banned an hour on xat help, reason: innap talk And many other options that may exist will be used for, and may become more popular, so all followers will know more about you! I'm sure that volunteers, or all official Xat staff will have many followers. - Option2 - This idea may be power, but the group, every follower will know anything about you. Yes/NO OR Allow/does not allow. Guest/Members In everything happens, who received guest - member - mod - owner. Banned and others In events you can see these things, but you do not receive notifications. This power will allow you to receive notifications of anything happening to the xat or user you are following. Can be more interesting, if this option will be, I will use it. Because I like to know my friends, when they have something new. If he removes you from friends you are not receiving any notifications from him, you can get notifications from him if he puts it for the guest - it's for everyone Or friends - only his friends can receive notifications from him. Guest - For everyone allow. Member or Friends - Just your friend list allow. NAme: Fallowers Price: No - If it's a free option xD ------ Yes - If it is a power. Group: Yes/No Remains to be decided, I do not know. smilies: No - If it's a free option ----- Yes - If it is a power I like my idea, I hope you like it too. I inspired myself from this suggestion that all ignored. xD
  21. ty mom
  22. Looks simple but really nice. Glad to see my boi improving. Grats, son.
  23. That's a solution yes, but users may need a specific page for a specific reason. Due to the fact of being xat wiki, all the pages should be allowed to use in BBcode without asking permission. (i already know your thinking )
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