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  2. maxo

    APPBOT power intro

    game makers are people who works hard they does a good job thank you @zzMark and @maverick i think we will have a good games
  3. happy birthday @Jedi

  4. maxo

    Banner Contest for Game

    very nice @Tigi good luck all
  5. Today
  6. Joyeux Anniv @Jedi :D 

  7. @Jedi Happy Birthday! 

  8. Happy Birthday! 

    1. DjCrazy


      Happy Birthday!

  9. Tigi

    Banner Contest for Game

    I am not a graphic designer, but this is my proposal for a banner
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Thanks to a HUGE generous donation, the overall budget for my contest prizes for my Christmas contest weekend events have EXPONENTIALLY INCREASED!

  12. HelperNate

    Banner Contest for Game

    The entry cutoff is in 3 days. Last minute tip: The size for banners in accordance to the xat guidelines are: 728x90
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  15. each one thinks about what one creates and what one imagines or does not say anything offensive
  16. Happt birthday @Hallie
  17. happy birthday and welcome to the forum (victory)

  18. Angelo

    Wiki superhalloween

    Changed Status to Fixed Changed Priority to Priority: Trivial
  19. Yesterday
  20. Used for xat - (balloon) + the code old smilies simple. Pawn - Ruby Game power - matchrace + Darts All I like, but these are some of my favorites.
  21. SLOom

    Wiki superhalloween

    If this can be fixed ASAP, it would be cool so I can move this thread. Thank you.
  22. maxo

    User app and game suggestions

    Crosswords puzzle if it's possible
  23. He like all this smiles and we should respect that! I also like (awe#hehe) and Firefx.
  24. @Booh you made a powers super market here
  25. Beer2 Luck CD2 broadcaster beat valentine ilu valentine hug2 valentine grin anime maniac anime awe anime envy sins gum candy rose valentine toad toad toad toteethy noway single asif single read nerd photo party guitar music dance8 dance rage anime gizzy anime fan anime comeon anime mist horror salute military spam feast goal worldcup dino stoneage nykiss newyear all smile manga quiver anime for now they are only these the future I will give more suggestions are many powers I just remembered the basics
  26. Learning how to control a drone, its a great hobby, you spend your time and don't see the time passing flying too fast, I found it and liked a lott :$ 

  27. Nice fond ugo super !(ok)

    1. Shizuo


      Merci Choupi <3 :3 


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