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  2. Felicidades mi feo <3 espero que cumplas muchos muchos más y que tus deseos se hagan realidad. 💕💕❤️

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  4. Hello everyone, are you an f4 master and do you want to prove it by playing and maybe winning as well? maybe this is for you We have decided to carry out a championship, such as football, and only the best will win to make the idea even more fun we decided to make special prizes available will be played from Tuesday to Sunday, in the challenges there will be round trip HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Join the Contest indicating Regname and ID in a comment here and on the club, indicating "I participate in the 4 in a row Championship!" Participate as much as possible in the Concourses chat Chat and have fun without brakes! RULES: The Four in a row championship has a maximum of 20 participants, of which: 20 members of the club The championship will have a maximum duration of 1-2 months Every participant in a good race must post the screenshot on the club Respect for others is the fundamental rule, who will not be expelled from the championship False screenshots are not allowed penalty: disqualification The main project of this game is to have FUN If someone cannot play on that day he can move the game, but the player and the staff of the chat concourses must be notified the challenge of f4 develops like this: 3 points for victory 1 point for the draw 0 points for defeat START AT 10 PM FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP TO OPEN :(GMT+2) TUESDAY 14/07/2020 We look forward to seeing you at xat.com/concourses PRIZES: CLASSIFIED 20K + SPECIAL POWER CLASSIFIED 12500 XATS CLASSIFIED 5000 XATS CLASSIFICATO 2500 XATS THANK YOU ALL THE CONCOURSES STAFF: @Lemona @Luana @Abada @Alexius_ @Demonattack @Sara
  5. Actually, there's already an option in google chrome that I just remembered. Right click the message box and go to " Write Direction ", select Right to Left (It will work immediately) but when you send it... it sends to the chat as the default LTR
  6. I will show you an example on how it should look, and how it looks currently. The correct text when I write it using the right to left format in Microsoft Word: The arrow indicates how we read the text in Arabic. What shows in xat due to the automatic Left to Right format: (I wrote the number 2 first and then began typing Arabic) To make it more familiar in English this is an example: 2 People went to the park (Which is correct!) What we see in Arabic when we write the same thing but we begin with a number: People went to the park 2. (Which is confusing due to the automatic Left-To-Right in xat messages) Arabic text(Just add a number before you paste the text & you will reproduce the aforementioned): ذهبوا الى الحديقة http://textsnip.com/vfsc28 You can use these tools to switch between RTL & LTR in Microsoft Word:
  7. We will fix this with upcoming html5/web update. Thanks for point this issue out.
  8. Stif


    Thank you. You will be notified here once the nameless category issue is fixed.
  9. Jasmine


    After I reset my browser & re-logging in it worked fine! Regarding the empty/nameless category it still persists. Thank you.
  10. Happy Birthday Abraaahan

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  11. happy birthday.. (hug)

    Happy Birthday Cat GIF

  12. Junior

    Arabic Numbers

    Can you post a text snip with the paragraphs you posted in your examples for us to test? (with the arabic numbers, so we can reproduce what you guys experience)
  13. Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy. Happy birthday! ♥♥

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  14. Happy birthdayyy Abra :-*

  15. happy birthdayyyyyyy abraaaaaa

  16. Tommy

    Bug HTML5

    Thanks for the reply, in case there are other bugs I will be posting to help the team
  17. Stif

    Bug HTML5

    Thank you for reporting. An update will be posted here once it's fixed.
  18. Tommy

    Bug HTML5

    When hovering the mouse over the account option, to be able to log out, if it is one using a gif and not a photo in jpg or png, it does not give us the option to log out only shows us the user name and id and the gif that we are using, without showing the option to log out, friend and users reported this problem to me, and I thought it was better to post to be more aware of this little problem, it does not interfere with anything, some users wanted this normal
  19. Hello everyone, Sorry for delay. ARCbots Random »The winner« @Solange Thank everyone.
  20. Happy Birthday Noob :$ ♥  

    1. Abrahan


      Muchas gracias supernoob(scn):$

  21. Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, first to wish you :$:P

    1. Abrahan


      You beat my mom, anyway thanks you! :$

  22. I can see that the Arabic text that has "xat?" in it is RTL in the current version which is the most important part, but for example, the (Promoted chats) is not RTL. Follow xat: [social media links]: is not RTL. It would be nice to see such things fixed but its not as important as the chat itself due to the huge confusion we usually go through if we include an English text in the message or start the message with a number.
  23. Nice suggestion, I agree with everything. And I guess this issue isn't related to fonts (not sure!!), but as I seen right now, xat isn't setting language & direction properly on pages (and embed.html - html5 chats) How it would be: Actually it's:
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