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  2. It'd be so stupid if you would need ep change the color of jewel..
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  4. No. Would you eat an entire family size pizza in one go?
  5. This should be a feature for everyone, not a power. Also I think its not something really worth of doing. Imagine this scenario: You're at Trade, lots of people, lots of nicknames with smilies and stuff, everything is laggy, you click someone and wait like 5 minutes so you can click the Powers tab, then it gets more lagged. This is nonsense.
  6. Personally, I believe that the powers checklist is too plain and simple just having still images. In general, it needs a completely whole new style because it's very outdated, but bringing back the power animations would be a good start. Obviously they were removed because users experienced lag, but I'm sure not everyone did, so why not give users the ability to manually enable or disable them? I think it would be more appealing to the eye. Option 1 - Power Name: anison (short for animations on) - Price: 150 xats - Availability: Unlimited Option 2 - A check button that allows users to enable or disable the animations whether or not they're experiencing lag. - By default, it would be disabled as it can cause lag to some users. Side note (doesn't have to be implemented) - Only those with the power can see the animations. For example, if I have the power enabled, I can see the animations on my checklist and on other users unless they don't also have it enabled or just don't have the power at all, and vice versa, if a user doesn't have it or is disabled, they can't see the animations if enabled on another user. I don't know if this makes sense, but it can prevent unnecessary lag for users.
  7. Besides to what have been clearly explained above. Side notes: When answering the security question you may find some questions that seem to be hard to answer as for that, no need to be so accurate when giving information just do your best; some questions like "When was the last time you have logged in?" or "Have you sent any gifts in the last three months (if any) and to whom" as well as Trades/transfers along with stating names of users you have traded with are sometimes difficult to answer. HENCE; answer and concentrate on the basic questions the ones that ask you to state some of your emails that you have used on the site or/and your IP when it's very necessary https://whatismyipaddress.com/ this site can also include your internet service provider you can also give them additional information which will prove your ownership further without them asking you about more of information. After having the account unlocked; you will be held for security purposes most likely seven days not for quite some time, this only blocks outgoing transfers and outgoing/in-going trades. Best regards.
  8. Josie thanks ^-^

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  10. I blew my ass out today at the skatepark!:(

  11. The RUBY power is meant to allow you to use a Jewel effect in your name as long as you have NG, NC and Colour powers. I am given the default red jewel effect by default but when trying to use different colors it doesn't work unless you have EVERYPOWER activated. I've tried the following colour codes: (Used with the following code: (glow#0#jewel#COLOURCODEHERE) FFFF00 - meant to be yellow = gives default effect 00FFFF - meant to be cyan = gives dark blue We have had people with EVERYPOWER use these codes without issue but they have EVERYPOWER but once they remove EVERYPOWER it doesn't work correctly. Tested with: @Lemona // @Fiona // @Paul // @Techy Can you please look into this @Admin
  12. When you can't think of anything good because everything around you is negativity . :(

    1. ANGY


      I'm here for you <3

  13. Lately they have shared ideas of powers that serve as tools for xat or to agree a power, this time I want to share a new idea that I had, unfortunately I could not create the emotions myself because I do not have the program on my computer. The idea is simple, a Hawaiian power CONTENT SMILIES 1- Tiki (TIKI) 2- Guitar with music and one flower (HAGUITAR) 3- Hawaiian Flower (KOKUFLOWER) Derived from the name of the kokutan flower 4- Hawaiian shirt with flowers (SHIRTFLOWER) 5- Two palm trees, with a sun behind on the beach (HAPALM) 6- Volcano throwing smoke (HAVOLCANO) 7- Drink in a coconut, with an umbrella and a flower (COCODRINK) 8- Drums (HADRUMS) CONTENT HATS 1- Wreath hawaii flowers: (HAT#HF) 2- Tiki pawn: (HAT#HT) CONTENT HUGS It could be a scene on the beach where a volcano explodes and the message REFERENCE INFORMATION: These are sample images for smilie creators to have an idea when it comes to doing it. Many thanks to the people that allows me to debate about this and to contribute ideas, if you have any suggestions should publish it
  14. Thanks
  15. gave credit to @SJBB for the idea due to him posting a idea very simliar to mine without me even knowing
  16. Ideas for something beach ?

  17. You can follow these steps to open a ticket to get this problem resolved (you do not have to be a paid user for this department): 1. Clear your browser's cache, or use Incognito mode (private browsing) 2. Enter http://xat.com/ticket in your URL bar and select "Open New Ticket" 3. You will see a screen similar to this (fill it out accordingly): 4. Select "Open Ticket". Now the ticket is open! (If you have any issues opening the ticket, send me a private message or reply back on this thread) When you receive a response from us, you will be e-mailed a copy of what we said (likely security questions) as well as a link that you can click to access and reply back to the ticket. (Do not reply by e-mail)
  18. Thank you all! Do you mean where to paste the CSS? if so, you need to activate the "Advanced mode" and paste the css in the first field. Check this screenshot: http://prntscr.com/fbb3kf/direct Next time try searching it online, or ask on the Help xat. wow, Danneh praised me, I can happily die now
  19. I recently moved and just got back on xat. It says that my account is locked now. How do I get back in? Thanks.
  20. Huawei p10 vs Iphone 7 plus...

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      Huawei sux lol

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      :( whyyyyyyy xD

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      Well, depends on what you need.

  21. Honestly, I wish I had even half the coding skill you had. And I wish I wasn't so hell bent on always using my own stuff so I could use these ;_;
  22. No problem, for that we are here. Any questions you have you can comment.
  23. traded power (fairy) to Blacky http://prntscr.com/fb8gn9 https://prnt.sc/fb8gbe
  24. i add everything that comes to my mind or that anyone suggests
  25. ok thank u so much sonic i really appreciate ur help
  26. Hi again. It is not necessary to be a payment user to open the ticket You just need to be logged in, and do what I told you. If you have problems to open the ticket you can communicate here, just follow the steps that you indicate.
  27. thanks sonic we try that but he need to be pay or something like that .i know u can send a ticket as an icognito if u don't pay but i forgot how to do it. e
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