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  2. xat5 and Trade
  3. I'm here to participate in the road to 100 posts.
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  5. Maybe if the power only allows one word per paragraph at most to be highlighted.
  6. Not with that attitude.
  7. this didn't even get 100 replies...
  8. I don't like this power tbh, and Joseph the power mountain refers to an icy mountain, so lava isn't on that theme.
  9. Thanks for the information! Nice power!
  10. hola. como estas?
  11. does lightning mcqueen get life insurance or car insurance

    1. Nick


      lol sick status guppy

    2. Crow


      Life insurance probably pays out more. 

  12. Classic haters @Steven XD
  13. Very cool, good luck to everyone!
  14. This controversy is unnecessary, I think that any contribution is good for a growth as a whole.
  15. Are you people serious? Can I go on Twitter and thank Obama for being a good president? Yep. Will George Washington be offended in heaven that I didn't thank him too? Nope. Of course you're allowed to thank someone and show appreciation for their work without mentioning everyone else.
  16. Why?
  17. smh the graphics community was never about arguments so pls stop ty, next time just thank every designer for devoting their time to make resources otherwise, nice background.
  18. I will speak Spanish for a day now.
  19. Yesterday
  20. interesting power it just needs more smilies like volcanoes, hotmountain, lava, runlava, desertmountain, mountain hot tub, forest mountain, mountain hike, mountain cycling, mountain air balloon, mountain sunset , mountain lovers 2 yellow smilies hugging on top of a mountain, mountain bridge, mountain cable car, mountain zip lining...
  21. Alright I get your points that you have made several times. I apologize for making an appreciation topic. You're right I should've gone to them directly instead of publicly. We all make mistakes at the end of the day. I hope you remember that.
  22. Pow2 says limited. Mountain
  23. That logic could apply literally on any thread you make, regardless of what the content is; even if that content is considered disrespectful or even rulebreaking (an example. not this case in particular, obviously). Like I said in my first post, if you want to show appreciation, you should do it directly and not do it publicly, if you made edits to your original post, I don't see why you feel the need to quote my first reply, which was directed at the original, unedited post you made. No point derailing this thread any further, but my personal opinion of making threads similar to this should be a no-no (where the appreciation is for a single person and disregards others who contributed etc.) Gonna make a quick edit here to address those who replied at a later stage (to avoid further drama), the 'argument' has ended if you bothered to read the reply made by Macho below, not sure why people decided to continue it (to bandwagon perhaps, idk), especially since it holds no relevance to the topic anymore. It also isn't comparable to tweeting famous people online, the analogy makes no sense in context, imagine making a "x volunteer appreciation thread, thanks for doing my ticket, you're the best" sort-of thing instead.
  24. New power is Mountain: Smilies: (mountain) (avalanche) (cablecar) (icycascade) (icysun) (mbear2) (mpenguin) (mski) Hats: (hat#hb) (hat#hm) Status: Limited (I'm not sure if it's LIMITED or UNLIMITED)
  25. I did not force anybody to look at this thread, now did I? I made this thread to simply give my thanks to a designer who provided a lot for the graphics community. I edited my topic by the way.
  26. Good contest! Good luck to all!
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