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  2. When you love him so bad and also wanna kill him.

    That's love. xD 

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    2. LeelaWeird


      Look at him 😍  i can kill you and live with a dead body. :$ 

      My twin 1 💜

    3. BenabdaLLah


      My twin 0 :$

      I was lost without you :(

      Te amo mucho .

    4. LeelaWeird


      Next time, i will tie a rope on your neck so if you go too far you know what's gonna happen.... Maybe die but not lost :$ 

      Te amo mas mi hermoso

  3. ARCBots Background Contest

    No, there is no limit. However, please consolidate all entries into one post, instead of making multiple replies. Note: If one of your backgrounds win, we reserve the right to use other entries as well so long as the backgrounds were created by one of the three winners of this contest, and all of which received their prize.
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  5. login

    ¡Hola! Por ahora los tickets sin estar registrados en xat no están disponibles, por lo que tendrás que hablar directamente por un mensaje privado con un voluntario dando clic aquí. Recuerda escribir en el mensaje privado la razón porque quieres que te abran un ticket, poniendo tu nombre de usuario y numero de identificación (ID). Pide que te abran un ticket en el departamento de ''Lost Auth''. Recuerda que todo va en inglés.
  6. login

    hola alguien me puede ayudar con mi register q me pide login pero no puedo dar x q no tengo el codigo de de auntificasion me podrian ayudar y cuando mando ticket me pide login quisiera q alguien me ayude x fabor
  7. Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎊🎈🎁 

    Liar love xD! 

  8. Helfen and Noticias bg's

    Very good job, I like the color game and how you used it!
  9. Me registre en xat y No puedo Logear

    Hola, cuando usted termina de rellenar los datos para registrarse en xat, ellos le enviaran a su correo un mail de confirmacion donde usted debe entrar al correo que coloco en los datos y buscar ese mail, una vez echo esto debe ingresar al link que ellos le proporcionan, iniciar sesion y ya estara logeado sin ningun problema. Recuerda incluir este paso, es obligatorio:
  10. This bau wow. Need new volunteers!
  11. Me registre en xat y No puedo Logear

    Hola, Recuerda, cuando estes en la pagina para hacer login, darle clic al pequeño botón de play que aparece en el mini xat.
  12. Ya me registre en xat y lo que hace es mandar un poco de mensajes al correo y aun yo no puedo ingresar la primer vez que pasa alguna explicacion
  13. Hello guys! Selling (10101610) Reglink available in 7 days Send me your offer in a private message or add me on xat; 66292047 on: xat.com/Chat
  14. Happy birthday @IlustreConvidado @Lunala
  15. Yesterday
  16. When I wake up I will reply to the messages, thank you, good night xaters. (hug) xD 

    1. BenabdaLLah


      OK, sleep well and sweet dreams (hug) :p

    2. Bau
  17. Cami, Mike, Marek, Christina, addict, stiff, solange, Page, Paul, JEdi, Harpezinho, Booh, NAthan, Ashley, Annaconda, Sleem ops sloom, . . . others - And me of corse . . . Edit: Brandon does not like the idea that we all can be volunteers, it's confusing OMG
  18. A motivation for xat

    Very easy, There are users who can complain, there is a ticket where you can open for complaints. If you are afraid of evil that will not happen then you are expecting something bad to happen without doing anything. More freedom for the users is better. How bad can it exist? (Who does bad things, we all who love xat, we will advertise in the ticket, and xat will be (blocked, banned user forever of xat, stuck. I think that idea is brilliant, excuse.
  19. xat.com is losing volunteer, will be?

    add new volunteers....who could be??
  20. Radio Station

    Hello, Can you please explain me what is happening? I have checked and it is working fine.
  21. Helfen and Noticias bg's

    Hi everyone! Today I'm going to show you last work I've done recently for xat HELFEN and xat NOTICIAS [ @LaFleur @Samuel ] NOTE: INNER AND OUTER BG'S ARE ON AN IMAGE, THEY LOOK ON THE xat ROOMS LIKE IT IS SHOWN ON THE FOLLOWING IMAGES: | ORIGINAL | | ORIGINAL | DOWNLOAD FREE xat RESOURCES FOR YOUR DESIGNS/PROJECTS: xat planet logo BALL OF TRADE LOGO xat rocket xat group icon
  22. Temporary Volunteer System

    Call it a probation period instead. For such an important role (that involves handling the personal data of tens of thousands of users), the word temporary doesn't fill me with confidence.
  23. Epic powers going down

    This suggestion is tailored to you, not to xat.com and the corporation as a whole. That is not how it works, if you try the WRONG "thing" that could cause the economy to collapse. Economical factors are not easy to predict thus you must always take safe routes, the CLEAREST routes. You do not just jump into different things and see if they work or not, because it may cause a collapse. And lastly, it is NOT up to the users on xat to decode issues on the economy, I doubt there are any users that are professionals in this field to be able to assist the economy. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING would be speculations by a user based on his OWN experience, not on the status of the economy as a whole.... Only admins can see that. With that being said, as @Jedi stated , It is up to Admins to evaluate economical issues and appropriate the proper procedures to fix them.
  24. Temporary Volunteer System

    Can you name a volunteer that has resigned the position in a month or two? I can't recall any (maybe I missed them due to how quickly they resigned). I think the issue with this paragraph would be this clause: xat does not have the 'time' to do something as simple as answer users questions. I doubt they will have the time to sit there and study user performance and behavior on official chats. Hence why the current system is in place. It is pretty much left for other vols to decide who is fit to endure the position. Based on past experience, I think users picking other users would turn into a popularity contest. (EG. "hey timmy, please go vote for me to become a temp vol") Most of the delays are pretty much in areas that require user knowledge and experience of the system. (the higher tiers). these are trusted users that handle sensitive account information, so I do not think temporary volunteers would be a step forward in allowing tickets to get done quicker, UNTIL xat decides to promote some of the current volunteers to the higher tiers. I think your idea is not a bad idea... I just feel like it may need more thought and time and some factors may need to be modified. Keep up the good suggestions!
  25. Temporary Volunteer System

    xat does need more dedicated volunteers to actually do their duty on xat. A poll for considerable users to be temporary volunteer sounds good, but how will xat staff know who to add? I think the user should have a good background and history on xat for at least 6 months to a year too before being considered for tempvol. I also find it a smart decision for normal users to vote for considerable volunteers, but I wonder how xat would plan to block malicious users from voting. Yes, the most considerable volunteers I see are users who have a good background/history with xat and behave well in officials as well as being professional and assisting/engaging with users to the best of their knowledge and ability. And let's not forget about the forum. In addition to those requirements, the considerable user should have a fair amount of meaningful posts and reputation.
  26. Radio Station

  27. "RESPONSIBILITY" Take it or just Leave it .

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