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  3. Hello, just one question for .png gif with transparent background.. Why .png background is black ? Sometimes is normal but with zoom is black backround can someone tell me this is xat.com or imgur.com problem, can we fix this? Thanks DonQuijote
  4. Você consegue fazer login na sua conta? E é lá que você recebe o erro E29?
  5. Euu feliz cumpleaños pasala genial!! Espero que convides el pastel jajaja

  6. DjPio

    xat bug

    well i am on an chat and open private maessage,i do not ever press nothing or to go main chat,i only type in pv chat.i do not do other actions but thus happens because i type a lot messages
  7. Boa noite, deixei de usar a minha conta por bastante tempo agora retornei e estou com held acho que (E29) o que posso fazer para desbloquear ? Queria comprar days e nao me permite
  8. Happy birthday, Cherry! 
    Happy Birthday GIF by DOMCAKE

  9. Unfortunately, nobody posted the winning number, 73, before the deadline. The first user that posted the closest number was @LOLO-VENEZUELA with the number 72. Congratulations! Round 3 for 10,000 xats begins NOW until Wednesday, August 11th @ xat.com/La_Stanza! Ensure your screenshots are coming from that chat. Good luck everyone!
  10. Happy birthday @Cherry, best wishes (hug)  

  11. Feliz cumpleaños  loca (blowkiss)

    Happy Spanish GIF by Shalita Grant


  12. Feliz Cumpleaños @Cherry !!!!!!! 

    Happy Birthday Reaction GIF by Justin

  13. Yesterday
  14. special thanks to @Lemona for choosing ganar as a second stop <3
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