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  2. 1. xat_test was never intended to be in the spotlight like the other official chat groups. It started out as an empty chat where admins and smiley makers could test smilies for upcoming powers. From 2010 forward, it became an organized chat with rules, staff and such. The intended purpose of the chat still remains; a testing chat and nothing more. 2. You don't have to worry about this. Volunteers are usually aware of these situations; necessary adjustments are made if they see fit.
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  4. If i get reborn, i want to become a clam.

  5. It's better remove these chats. We know that managers will not be changed.
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  7. Time wasted.
  8. Orange.
  9. hello unity(hug)

  10. if someone can build trust and do a good job. If anyone is always chatting, then I see no problem to be inactive ´´idle´´ chat. on the contrary will always be active. Today someone enters the chat, and every day someone else enters the chat. You must have more opportunity, and confidence. but nowadays it's hard to find something. As would be trust and friendship. I do not know, I just gave an idea and I think it may be useful to chat It's not easy to take care of a chat. but it's not good to be left inactive chat. «» Idle «»
  11. I wanted the xat to make powers symbols of football team like the flags

    1. Zaki


      I need the symbol of my team.

  12. What is the point of going through all this trouble if the chat doesn't have a solid user base that it is targeting?
  13. I understand and I do not think this is a solution for this problem to overcome chat. yes , is not simple. but if the chat is inactive why anu(y) chance to have someone else do better. I think this is possible. You're right, but if a manager does his job of Directors, will never be active chat. must be main owner that makes a team ´´staff´´ and takes care of chat if not so, never will be an active chat.
  14. Simply appointing a new main owner in inactive official chats will not make them active again in most cases. A lot of the official chats that are currently inactive were once very active, and their user base has dwindled leaving them inactive. This isn't a problem that can be fixed by new ownership. Unless there is a renewed interest in those inactive chats, they are usually just left dormant.
  15. Also, 'fixing' and inactive chat is not as simple as getting a new Main Owner.
  16. 1. The answer is simple: xat_test is not an official chat group. 2. Contributors proposed a solution for that, and have been ignored so far.
  17. Hello Everyone. The subject to be open to chat problems or questions Just a Official it is something new included or excluded us to know. 1. At first, I have a question why test chat is not added in the list of official chats.???!! This page can always be edited or added something new to be updated with any new information-published. Created By Bau 2. And why not place new main owner in the official chat are inactive? @Admin
  18. Ore no itami waa omae ijou da!

  19. hhahahahahahhhahahahahha





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    2. Ethan


      Eren dies

    3. Meow




      every1 but no MIKASA!!


      Kill armin

    4. Chelly


      spoilers mikasa dies


      armin lives


  20. This is very humorous, I definitely wouldn't have stayed on xat if I had done that. Hope you enjoy your return to xat!
  21. Watermelon definitely
  22. Peaches, golden kiwis, watermelon
  23. Those are some seriously impressive ranks. Make sure you keep hold of them! I hope you're enjoying the forums too. Please send me a message if you need anything!
  24. Watermelon is my favourite, sadly I eat it just summer. I guess apples for all seasons. Winter - Orange Spring - Cherry Summer - Watermelon/Peach Autumn - Grapes
  25. Eggplants!!! (it's a fruit, not a vegetable).
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