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  2. LaFleur

    Deleted xatroom

    Since you already have another topic regarding this matter, this topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  3. Arthur

    Sala de xat eliminadas.

    Para desatribuir um power de grupo, vá ao chat em que ele está atribuído e digite o smilie do power no chat, clique no smilie e clique em "Unassign". Se você esqueceu o chat em que o power está atribuído, faça login e então role para baixo da página de login. Lá você verá o nome do power de grupo seguido por "Group1" o qual é o chat que o power está atribuído. Clicando sobre "Group1" você será redirecionado ao chat para desatribuí-lo. Clique no botão direito do mouse sobre o chat que está atribuído e selecione "Copiar endereço do link". Desatribuindo um power de grupo de um chat deletado ou redirecionado Se você tem um power de grupo atribuído a um chat que está deletado ou redirecionado, siga os passos abaixo para desatribuir esse power. Tente usar o comando /go. Vá a qualquer chat e digite /go NOMEDOCHAT e veja se você consegue conectar-se ao chat deletado, caso não dê certo, vá ao próximo passo. Copie o seguinte link "http://www.xatech.com/web_gear/chat/chat.swf?id=IDHERE" e substitua IDHERE com a ID do chat deletado. Para conseguir a ID do chat deletado, faça login e role para baixo para ver suas atribuições de powers de grupo. Clique com o botão direito do mouse sobre o chat a que está atribuído e selecione "Copiar Endereço do link". Cole o link na sua barra de navegação e copie apenas os números e coloque-os no link acima. Por exemplo, se o link do seu chat é http://xat.com/xat12345678, então a ID dele é 12345678.
  4. Pistao

    Sala de xat eliminadas.

    Arthur mas a sala onde estão assinados foi "delatada" e nao existe, ... link no assinados. Obrigada
  5. Today
  6. Pistao

    Deleted xatroom

    Thanks Arthur. a xatRoom delated its setemaresradio nos radiosetemares. very thanks Arthur
  7. Arthur

    Deleted xatroom

    Contests and Events is not the appropriate for this topic, it should have been created under General Support instead. Furthermore, please do not create duplicated topics on the same question. I have replied to your original question below:
  8. Pistao

    Deleted xatroom

    Hi, there is an issue that very much begins to bother, the elimination of xat rooms. Yesterday 21 of Mio around 20 hours of Portugal, I was in the xat ajuda and I found that a user came "complaining" about the lack of access to "his" xat room, I say its because it was created by the user and in his -mail that no one would normally have access to, when the room was disassembled or was deleted/reported. The question is, ... is this possible? Even for denunciations or for occurrences, there will be an obligation on the part of the person who denounced it to inform the reasons. Knowing that obviously it would not be a volunteer that did it, I just wanted to know the procedures to follow not to recover the room of xat but the powers that are signed. The specific case is SeteMaresRadio, which has group powers signed and as the room has a captcha error or error system 1 or sustem problem 1, how will the user go to detune the group powers. Note that in the intervention that I recommended to "buy" to the xat of a room that is at the moment RadioSeteMares. The question is ... how to tune/unAssingn the powers! It does not even matter to the user who was brutally "exonerated" from his room and that it was violently withdrawn without explanation, but rather how to "UnAssingn" what has it. Thanks
  9. Arthur

    Sala de xat eliminadas.

    Bom dia, O usuário deverá ir a qualquer chat e usar o comando /go RadioSeteMares para acessar a sala de chat. Uma vez feito isso, basta digitar o nome do power entre parenteses, ex: (bot), clicar no smiley do power e clicar no botão Unassign.
  10. Pistao

    Sala de xat eliminadas.

    Ola, ha uma questão que muito começa a incomodar, o eliminar de salas de xat. Ontem 21 de Mio por volta das 20 horas de Portugal, estava eu no xat ajuda e deparei que um usuário se veio “queixar” da falta de acesso a “sua” sala de xat, digo sua porque foi criada pelo usuário e no seu e-mail que ninguém por norma teria acesso, quando a sala foi desalistada ou seja foi eliminada/delatada. A pergunta é, ... sera possível isso acontecer? Mesmo por denuncias ou por ocorrências haverá a obrigação por parte de quem a delatou de informar os motivos. Sabendo eu que obvio nao seria um voluntário que o fez, so pretendia saber quais os tramites a seguir nao para recuperar a sala de xat mas sim os poderes (powers) que la estão assinados. O caso concreto é a SeteMaresRadio, que tem poderes de grupo assinados e como a sala tem erro de captcha ou error system 1 ou sustem problem 1, como é que o usuário ira la desafinar os poderes de grupo. Notar que na intervenção que “tive” recomendei a “comprar” ao xat de uma sala que é neste momento a RadioSeteMares. A pergunta é, ... como fazer para desafinar os powers! Ja nem interessa ao usuário que foi brutalmente “exonerado” de sua sala e que a mesma foi de forma violenta lhe retirada sem explicação, mas sim como ir “desafinar” o que la tem. Obrigada
  11. GetStrip5.php?c=S_straw_50_50_c.pngGetStrip5.php?c=S_straw_50_50_c.pngGetStrip5.php?c=S_straw_50_50_c.png VOTE STRAW HAT 2018 GetStrip5.php?c=S_straw_50_50_c.pngGetStrip5.php?c=S_straw_50_50_c.pngGetStrip5.php?c=S_straw_50_50_c.png

  12. Angelo

    Online on forum by mobile/computer indication

    Is this what you mean?: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8945-mix-advanced-online-indicator/ If so, it may be possible! (Although I'm not entirely sure how trusted the plugin developer for that is, it still may be worth checking out.)
  13. uᴉʍ ɹǝʌǝu llᴉʍ ǝʇɐɥ💧

  14. Currently on the flash version of xat chats, there is a way to tell if someone is using the flash version of xat when online, and a way to tell when they are on the chat by a different form of connection (such as mobile and HTML5). So I was thinking of making a suggestion to allow an indication of whether or not a user on the forum is online based on the first screenshot. If they are on a mobile device, when users on a computer hover over the green dot on someone's profile, it can say something like "HelperNate is online on mobile now" or "HelperNate is on mobile now." Or if they are online on a computer, the statement can remain neutral as "HelperNate is online now" or can say something like "HelperNate is on PC now" or "HelperNate is online on PC now." (PC can also be known as computer)
  15. HelperNate

    Have you ever met anyone on xat IRL?

    Nope. Never have, never will.
  16. Cupim


    In my opinion, both elements can coexist in the same power. Well detailed ice creams with cute (kaoani) faces, plus a series of fun smilies enjoying their ice creams. From @LaFleur's ideas and other posts from here, it's possible to imagine how (icecream) power would look like. And I like it. By the way... I enjoy ice creams in any season of the year. Winter or summer, flakes ice cream it is!
  17. iMano

    Whoever posts last wins!

    might be ^ Oops. I think this topic should have been closed xD
  18. CarlosDesigns


    Let's make it smileys eating ice cream! Would be better than seeing another kawaii power.
  19. Samuel

    Free xatspace 3D perspective code

    Preview This has been a great job. Always you surprising me with your professionals xatspaces. It is impressive to see what a man's hands can create. Congratulations! @JasonOficial
  20. oj


    i request an icecream smilie that you change the colors of the spiral. (iccone#r#g#b) and stuff like THIS WOULD THAT NOT BE THE COOLEST
  21. DjCrazy


    is very cute and nice , mein love smilies is is very cool
  22. miaa


    I love ice cream this is cute
  23. Get ready everybody, KPOP is about to take over the USA and the rest of the world. The screams heard around the world will be deafening. Music is universal and love is universal! 


    - @tyrabanks on Twitter

    1. oj
    2. LaFleur


      Never heard of that 8-)

  24. LaFleur


    Icecreams for the forthcoming hot summer days! Icecreams (Icecream's main smiley) Icyum (Smiley eating icecream of cup, very happy face) Icsprinkles (Icecream with rainbow sprinkles) Iccute (A cute icecream) Icew (Smiley licking icecream, icecream licking back) Icsoft (A soft icecream) Iclove (Icecream with animated hearts) Icemaker (Icecream being created, just like in the gif) Iccup (A cup with icecream, berries and a sugar heart) Icedown (This would be a yellow smiley, icecream falling off cone) Feel free to share your opinion, ideas about this. 🍦
  25. Yesterday
  26. Good luck for you

  27. Guppy

    "Thanks" reaction

    I think the star would also be good to replace "Good luck!" replies for contests, as well.
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