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All animal lovers are welcome here. I have pet cat, what's yours?

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  2. This is a picture from 2014 but she still looks the same! Her name is Didi. (or Deedee because of Dexter's laboratory) She is 7 years old and its gonna be 8 this month!
  3. Hartza died a few months ago. Today, I present to you the new family member. Taysa, 1 month and 2 days. Dog breed: Great Dane.
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    Happy birthday to our member here @Paws!
  5. It's okay we still have pets left that we care for and love much. So not much people around your place have cats?
  6. oh sad to hear that. ,Bella Actually I like cat also but no pets shop around here.I live countryside. I still have no chance to go to bangkok to find cat yet.
  7. Aw sorry to hear that @Jine, they are a good breed and grow large. A few months ago one of our dog died. He was 7 years old and is half- St. Bernard and a half-German sheperd, the vet told us that he has a cancer and that it is no longer curable anymore, so my family decided to let of him go rather than he endure so much pain. It was a very tough and a sad decision, in his last days I wasn't able to spend much time with him due to I've been busy in school and I'm regreting it. Now we only have a year old husky and a 2 year old St. Bernard pets + 2 pet cats. Don't want to have pets again?
  8. I used to have two dogs. Breed Rottweiler. Male one and female another one. Male named Marky. Female named Dollar. Now they died coz Life Expectancy. I miss them so much. They are tame but when stranger approche , they will bark. <3 Marky & Dollar
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    All pets are cute and adorable and some are funny that will make you LOL.
  10. Sorry to hear that, zed
  11. she have 3 but they all died
  12. She's too cute and fluffy! Does she have kittens?
  13. i would like to post some pictures of my cat aka sasa she is 2 and half years old she is fat and silly and very cute lol
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    Random Topics

    Colonel Monochrome - a panda like cat
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    Random Topics

    Anything random topics here...
  16. Yes, of course! They need walk a lot
  17. What a unique names they have! Do you take them out for a walk daily? @Blacky
  18. Hello! I have 3 dogs Their names are: Urtzi, Kaira and Hartza. Urtzi, 13 years old. Dog breed: Basque Shepherd Dog. Kaira, 1 years old. Dog breed: Great Dane. Hartza, 7 years old. Dog breed: Great Dane.
  19. This is mimi and he's almost 3 years old now. He's an outdoor cat now, the first time he got out at home he went missing for almost a month and I thought he will never come back again but I'm glad he remembered our house to come back. xD
  20. She's being sweet. My cat mimi is outdoor and i don't get to spend time petting him. He only comes to eat and sleep. lol He fall asleep playing games on ps4.
  21. She is 7 years old, indoor cat, i guess i'm afraid for her cause she is so tiny, and she doesnt play that much, she spend most of her time sleeping with me, kissing me on the cheek ( totally have a pic of that ) following me around in the bathroom whenever i go shower.. so yeah annoying cat
  22. Here is a picture off my camera roll of my ferocious ~18 lb. puppy sleeping:
  23. Sweet! Hello to Chanel! How old is Chanel? Is she an indoor cat? Does she like to play a lot?
  24. We are in this club for a reason, we love animals, right? Why dont u share ur animals that u have? Here is mine, her name is Chanel :3

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