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All animal lovers are welcome here. I have pet cat, what's yours?
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  2. Hello!! Today my owner bought us a very delicious bone, because these days Kaira and me behaved very well. Look how I enjoyed it!
  3. Heyo. Unfortunately any pets I've owned previously have all moved on, however here's a picture of my gorgeous gal Mama. She was a lil' plump https://prnt.sc/s60do0
  4. Although we all are in quarantine, Taysa and Kaira are so happy! I'm sure they feel that something weird is happening in the world. How are your pets?
  5. Urtzi looks lovely and I'm sorry to hear that, Blacky. May Urtzi rest in peace. (pray)
  6. Urtzi died today. We take her to the vet for euthanasia. Urtzi was suffering. It's been an incredible 19 years by your side. Rest in peace, Urtzi. Love you!
  7. This is a picture from 2014 but she still looks the same! Her name is Didi. (or Deedee because of Dexter's laboratory) She is 7 years old and its gonna be 8 this month!
  8. Hartza died a few months ago. Today, I present to you the new family member. Taysa, 1 month and 2 days. Dog breed: Great Dane.
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    Random Topics

    Happy birthday to our member here @Paws!
  10. It's okay we still have pets left that we care for and love much. So not much people around your place have cats?
  11. oh sad to hear that. ,Bella Actually I like cat also but no pets shop around here.I live countryside. I still have no chance to go to bangkok to find cat yet.
  12. Aw sorry to hear that @Jine, they are a good breed and grow large. A few months ago one of our dog died. He was 7 years old and is half- St. Bernard and a half-German sheperd, the vet told us that he has a cancer and that it is no longer curable anymore, so my family decided to let of him go rather than he endure so much pain. It was a very tough and a sad decision, in his last days I wasn't able to spend much time with him due to I've been busy in school and I'm regreting it. Now we only have a year old husky and a 2 year old St. Bernard pets + 2 pet cats. Don't want to have pets
  13. I used to have two dogs. Breed Rottweiler. Male one and female another one. Male named Marky. Female named Dollar. Now they died coz Life Expectancy. I miss them so much. They are tame but when stranger approche , they will bark. <3 Marky & Dollar
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    All pets are cute and adorable and some are funny that will make you LOL.
  15. Sorry to hear that, zed
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    Hello Peeps, presentation

    she have 3 but they all died
  17. She's too cute and fluffy! Does she have kittens?
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    Hello Peeps, presentation

    i would like to post some pictures of my cat aka sasa she is 2 and half years old she is fat and silly and very cute lol
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    Random Topics

    Colonel Monochrome - a panda like cat
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    Random Topics

    Anything random topics here...
  21. Yes, of course! They need walk a lot
  22. What a unique names they have! Do you take them out for a walk daily? @Blacky
  23. Hello! I have 3 dogs Their names are: Urtzi, Kaira and Hartza. Urtzi, 13 years old. Dog breed: Basque Shepherd Dog. Kaira, 1 years old. Dog breed: Great Dane. Hartza, 7 years old. Dog breed: Great Dane.
  24. This is mimi and he's almost 3 years old now. He's an outdoor cat now, the first time he got out at home he went missing for almost a month and I thought he will never come back again but I'm glad he remembered our house to come back. xD
  25. She's being sweet. My cat mimi is outdoor and i don't get to spend time petting him. He only comes to eat and sleep. lol He fall asleep playing games on ps4.

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