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The OFFICIAL xatRadio.com club. Everything you need to hear from us and the perfect place for us to read from you. Made by xat users, for xat users. "Forever free".
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  2. Hello, I will be sharing some players so that you can take as a base. They are fully customizable and easy to edit you just need a text editing tool (e.g: Notepad++ or Sublime Text 3). Repository: https://github.com/xLaming/players (I can't share codes directly because of CloudFlare JS protection) Replaceable parts: You should look for these tags in the code and replace them with their values. {{BACKGROUND}} Your background URL, e.g: https://i.imgur.com/aaaa.png {{RADIONAME}} Your radio name, eg: Test
  3. Hello my dear friends. It's always an honor to address all of you, users of xatRadio. Here, I'd like to tell you that xatRadio.com has disabled all SWF files from its virtual world. Over the course of our existence, over 10GB of SWF files have been uploaded and used by hundreds of thousands of xat users. To ensure that our system stays clean, fast and reliable as it must be in order for our service to continue running smoothly and properly, we made the decision to say goodbye to all the SWF files. It's a new era. A new xat era. We are glad to be par
  4. Gui


    Este usuario ha sido baneado por utilizar enlaces inapropiados en sus reproductores.
  5. noia


    hola me gustaria saber porque ROMAIMSERE esta baneado en xatradio y no puede subir reproductores un cordial saludo
  6. Hello, This section (Reports) of the club was created to be able to send reports about players, only you and the xatRadio staff can see the reports, other members will not be able to see your posts. Below are some reasons that can be used: Inappropriate images Inappropriate links Copyright report When reporting by copyright, please include the original Player URL (ID) and the copy. Ler em português: Lee en español: Leggi in italiano:
  7. Excellent work as always. This is a very important point of support for those of us who carry graphic themes, it will be very useful for users to use this tool for their chats. We will be adding this generator in xatGraphics and I hope it will be implemented in other support chats as well.
  8. It's now available in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and English.
  9. wow... awesome paulo it will help alot of users that do not know how to create a player like this, it is simple, but with good appearance and functions!
  10. Hello, HTML players will now have extra protection to reduce the number of unauthorized copies. If someone is copying your players, you can PM us reporting them. ( @Cupim @xLaming @Leandro@Page )
  11. Hello, xatRadio is no longer accepting SWF players. Ler em português Leer en español

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