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The OFFICIAL xatRadio.com club. Everything you need to hear from us and the perfect place for us to read from you. Made by xat users, for xat users. "Forever free".
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  2. Hello, HTML players will now have extra protection to reduce the number of unauthorized copies. If someone is copying your players, you can PM us reporting them. ( @Cupim @xLaming @Leandro )
  3. Hello, xatRadio is no longer accepting SWF players. Ler em português Leer en español
  4. ENGLISH: As of now, the password recovery option is working once again! https://xatradio.com/recovery ESPAÑOL DE LATINOAMÉRICA: Desde ahora, la opción para poder recuperar contraseñas ya está funcionando! https://xatradio.com/recovery ESPAÑOL DE ESPAÑA: Hey que pasa chavales, desde ahora ya tenéis funcionando la opción por si habéis perdido vuestra contraseña! https://xatradio.com/recovery

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