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  2. Captain: Myself Devil fruit: None, because I want to swim. But I'd need a strong haki overall, including conquerors haki. Crew Members: Luffy Ace (navigator) Sabo Zoro Katakuri Reiju Pudding (cook) Boa Marco the Phoenix (doctor) Ivankov
  3. Hey, So, the topic pretty much speaks for itself. All you need to do is to pick your crew and choose who you would want to fight with you in order to find the One Piece. You can choose any character from the show (dead or alive) and have them serve under you as captain. You can have up to 10 total members to be part of your crew excluding yourself. As captain, you can choose whether you want a devil fruit and what ability it would be or to have no devil fruit. My Crew: Captain: Myself Devil fruit: Death Death Fruit (This will be the power to turn every
  4. I have nothing against your opinion like it's cool and all but I really would prefer for Luffy not to beat a yonko yet. If he does, he will be really overpowered which I don't want. I am not trying to sound sadistic but I really want Luffy to lose to Kaido or Big Mom and have like another timeskip where he trains under someone really strong and then fight a yonko. This would not only bring shock value but won't undervalue the yonko who were hyped up to be the strongest in the verse like imagine some 19 year old who had like only 2 yrs of training taking down a YONKO that would be so underwhelm
  5. Well I was actually hoping that Luffy would easily defeat Big Mom with their encounter at each other in the whole cake island, but I guess Luffy at the time is still weak to fight with Big Mom.
  6. Here are some of my favorite One Piece soundtracks: The The The Strongest Dokuro wa Shinnen no Shouchou Luffy's Fierce Attack Luffy vs Ratchet Round 1 The Marine Swordsman's Battle Cry Justice One Piece OST • NEW WORLD • Fighting in the Colosseum
  7. My favorite character got to be Donquixote Doflamingo. I was always conflicted whether to pick Law or Doffy but to be honest Doflamingo has an aura that always made me quite fascinated about him. Whenever he's on screen, I am always drawn in and everything that surrounds him is so intriguing that it really made me love this character. There are many reasons why this character is my favorite and always will be the my favorite character in One Piece. 1) How Oda used him: Doffy was introduced as one of the first Warlords we meet in the series. After the fall of Crocodile, the warlords
  8. One piece's Soundtracks are the best, To be honest.. Despite that i'm gonna share my favorites. There We go : When Things too much exciting When Things Get Hyped Up Let's Not forget that
  9. One piece has lots of great soundtracks, share some of your favorites! As for me, I'd go with: and more..
  10. Monkey D. Luffy For sure, He is always there for his friends.. trying to be strong to defend them as possible, he doesn't go silent when people mock his dreams, or anyone's dream. So on..
  11. well, yes, she's saying mil fleur, cien fleur, diez fleur, etc. all the time.
  12. Robin have the La Fleur thing hands formation i think when she's using her power xD
  13. Zoro is the coolest character for sure! I also love Robin She has a unique and moving story
  14. Roronoa Zoro is my favorite too, next is Trafalgar D. Water Law known as "Surgeon of Death" and of course Luffy, he is very funny, strong and really love & cares about his crew. I can't wait to see him show more powers of his Haki ability.
  15. Who is your favorite and why? Mine is Roronoa Zoro, because he is very strong and absolutely loyal to his captain. He will always have your back!

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