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XAT BOTS / ARCbots: Advanced Really Cool bots; our bots won't let you down! Register for free with a 5 day trial. Chats that have never had an ARCbot before can register for their first 30 days free.
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  2. Since Black Friday has passed, this topic is closed and unpinned. I hope everyone enjoyed it and got some nice bots/radio discounts! Thank you!
  3. The best is the arcbots, no doubt. Proud to be part of this team
  4. Extension of this offer applied: Every day this week (Dec 20 - 27) a random member that has posted a message in our discord under the #chat channel will be selected for free bot time. Please have your discord private messages open to be notified you've been selected. Good luck!
  5. Radios have been added into 12 days of Christmas --- with an extension: All utune.in radios are FREE until January 5, 2021! Take advantage while ya can! Happy Holidays!
  6. This is gratifying and good news for all Arcbot users. Thanks Nathan. Have a good holiday too.
  7. Its ARCbot's 12 days of Christmas! Now until Dec. 26 all free server bots will run as premium bots for FREE! Have a safe and happy holidays!
  8. Just under 12 hours remaining! Have you joined our Discord? Take advantage of this offer HERE
  9. First of all, I see a very nice, very knowledgeable, very caring and very helpful team of staff there, my favorites are Arcstaffs, Aura, DjPio, Dan, Guuh and Nathan. I am happy to be there with them.
  10. like Aura and Pio and Comet that I can chat for a long time, this is an advantage for arcbot and the price bot is affordable and if someone joins the staff you can quickly become friends
  11. I have been in the ARCbots team for almost a year and I can say that I love everything here, from the relationship with our clients, it is a great satisfaction to see that everything is good, the clients are satisfied and we are the best. I like working with the team .Our team is from different countries and we support in different languages, we meet new people, we learn new things. There is a lot to say about ARCbots, but one thing is for sure ARCbots the best bots provider
  12. I'm happy to be on the team for a long time. Well, for me the arcbot has excellent support in xat and also in tickets, they are not nervous with anyone and do not fight with users or even with the team. Great simple and easy to use commands, it also helps a lot the customer not to break his head.
  13. I think the commands that are many make's arcbot #1 ,but also price is economic and chat support.
  14. Black Friday deals are on at ARCBots! 🔥
  15. To better serve you, we have recreated our community discord for those who have requested it. Join our new community discord by clicking here. You can use this discord server to connect with ARCBot staff 24/7.
  16. My favorite thing about ARCBots is the diversity of the staff. I’ve learned more about cultural diversity and differences around the world from helping to manage ARC than I could have anywhere else and It’s an honor and a great experience getting to know each and every one of them.
  17. I've been in the ARCbots team for almost two years and I'm happy to work with such a great team. We love to help everyone and show patience. That's why I love ARCbots the most, because of staff's patience with every customer. We're dedicated and assigned to what we do. Its some kind of job you are doing by pleasure, not obligation.
  18. The economic price and the professional help of the staffs. There should be an owner for every language, not neither two nor three. For everything else, as staff, I'm very happy with the companionship and the happiness that we have with ARCbot!
  19. What makes ARCBot your #1 choice for a bot provider on xat? What kind of things do you like the best about ARCbot, and what would you like us to improve on? Let us know! --- ¿Qué hace que ARCBot sea su opción número uno para un proveedor de bots en xat? ¿Qué tipo de cosas te gustan más de ARCbot y en qué te gustaría que mejoremos? ¡Haznos saber! --- O que torna o ARCBot sua escolha número um para um provedor de bot de bate-papo? De que tipo de coisas você mais gosta no ARCbot e o que gostaria que melhorássemos? --- Ce face
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