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The International xat Chat Club!

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  2. I hope another one soon. Thank you, Shizou.
  3. Thanks to all the persons that have participated in this event, hopefully we can make another one soon, see ya guys !
  4. Good Luck Everyone!
  5. I wanna thank the persons that have donated for the event, cya guys on Saturday at 10 pm CEST.
  6. Interesting, i will try be there. Thanks @Shizuo !
  7. Hello all, I'm organizing an EVENT on chat , doodlerace. The purpose of this EVENT is to have fun but also to win xats, here are some of the details for the event: - Amount of xats that will be used for the event: 3000 xats (Shizuo), 1000 xats (Masha), 2000 xats (Amyy), 1000 xats (HelperNate), 3000 xats (Unknown User, literally...), 2000 xats (HyperHouse) = 12 000 xats total. - The event will start around 10 pm CEST the 18th of May. - Live music by DjHyperHouse. If anyone wants to donate for this event feel free to contact me over on chat, with the amount of xats
  8. Coffee is better for the buzz.
  9. @Phin yeah that's gonna be part of my dinner.
  10. Well we finally made it, any plans for tonight? Again i would like to thank everyone, from the bottom of my heart much love to the staff we have <3 Tonight gonna go out with a few friends and get drunk, that's the only plan :D
  11. It's too early for sure @Sydno but i still wanted to thank all staff for this year, i enjoyed it.
  12. we got amazing staff on chat happy holidays to all
  13. Heyaaa, looking forward for the Chat xmas party uwu and happy holidays to everyone too! Thanks for the hard work this year we had a great on Chat
  14. It's a bit soon for the end of the year celebrations but I hope you are having a good Avent (or simply a good December month)! Thanks everyone for being active and loyal, I love working with you!
  15. Ugoleinnn ♡ happy holidays to you too, and thanks a lot for being such a good friend and wonderful person
  16. Sweet of you! Holidays are approaching. Looking forward to upcoming changes and improvements and hope to be involved as much as I can. Much love for our team
  17. You are a fantastic person, thank you very much for this message!
  18. Hey staff members, i wanted to say just a big thanks to all, you guys made it this far @Sydno our favorite vol and main owner, @6 , @Masha , @Sevda our owners for helping us to make chat a better place for all of us and @Blacky , @HelperNate and all the others staff that i couldn't tag here for still being here with us, hopefully next year we will have some new activities to entertain all the other members and guests. Happy Holidays to all!
  19. We should do more interviews and articles in the blog. We can speak about it...
  20. 2am to 7am is night time and there usually is Masha and Nathan. Although we may miss staff on some timezones. Adding new members to the discussion list.
  21. Adding new members, reinforcing staff around 2am CEST till 7am CEST.. ^^
  22. I plan to make a staff meeting next week, perhaps on April, 6th at 8pm CEST (France time). Feel free to suggest anything you want to be discussed.

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