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Welcome to MundoSmilies. We are smilies lovers! If you need help with smilies combination, we can help you.

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  2. After some time, we got new updates! Server updates Remake user dashboard Added top posters in 7 days Added top posters in 15 days Small corrections (speed boost) Sitemap is now working (SEO stuff)
  3. New background is up, Thanks @Toxic nice job!
  4. Post updated after years.
  5. Okay, new changes! Manual language selector fixed on user dashboard Sticker generator added, https://mundosmilies.com/generators/sticker That's all, I wish you all enjoy all those updates. For now the website is fully stable!
  6. New updates are up! Turkish translation finished; You can now use HTML/CSS tag on your profile, e.g: https://mundosmilies.com/user/xLaming/ Note: You cannot use any domain on images, it's unblocked only the providers listed on https://xat.wiki/Images
  7. Hello, more updates are up! * Added rank images * Portuguese translation improvements * It's now showing smilies based on the date it was uploaded (DESC) * Added new panel homepage, showing latest smilies and top posters * Added random smilies, e.g https://mundosmilies.com/smilies/random/ * Added xat ID to profiles, e.g https://mundosmilies.com/user/xLaming * Fixed ranks for users, you will be given automatically the rank based on how much smilies you've posted 0 - 49 smilies -- NEWBIE 50 - 149 smilies -- MEMBER 150 - 299 smilies - ACTIVE MEMBER 300 or more smilies -- PRO USER
  8. Hello, we have finally added a lot of stuff to provide a better interaction between users: https://dash.mundosmilies.com You can now share your smilies to everyone! User dashboard: Home: You can log in or register Smilies (WHEN LOGGED IN): Will shown dropdown, which you can share smilies and see your smilies Accounts (WHEN LOGGED IN): You can change your account settings, logout or see your profile on Mundosmilies Other changes: Small fixes New smiley viewer page Smilies pagination fixed Whatis (different than others) added Detection of powers needed for a smiley combination improved Speed boost, some changes in our servers, updates, maintenance etc... Titles added based on total of smilies posted by the user: 0: Newbie, 50: Member, 150: Active User, 300: Pro User Note: missing translations in French and Turkish, should be uploaded new hours... I also didn't finish yet the homepage, I will make something clean and beautiful!
  9. Hello, I've changed the background, thanks @yumi for the inner/outer! Also sent a !mail to all staff, please look it.
  10. Note: If you have any report, concern about the chat (Mundosmilies) you can use https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/ownerfeedback.php?GroupName=Mundosmilies or https://mundosmilies.com/contact/ I will review everything as well, I have removed chat css since it caused lag on Linux (at least for me), it's now just the outer same color than inner, Notes: Remember, the chat is international, any language is allowed. I want to be transparent, any chat change will be described here, we will be 100% clear about everything. Exception of demotes, and some reasons that cannot be public. Translators are being accepted anytime, you can just contact me if want to translate anything, if everything is fine on your translation you be given the rank of translator. Moderator rank can be given according to the activity on the chat, this is based in how the user is acting, helping, etc. Owner is a rank which won't be given to any people, but trusted people only, I mean, owner will be not given to any people just because is friend of someone. Any rank may be earned according to the time. A lot of contests will happen in the future, to be honest in some days after this comment, I'm already projecting a lot of stuff. Keep your eye on the xat forums/our chat and you will see soon! #EDIT: Background is now working on HTML5 too! Well, this is all for now. Thank you all.
  11. Hello, I would announce that staff has changed a bit, Firstly I wanna announce that Djcrazy is new main owner of Mundosmilies, (yeah, again), congratulations! Drika and Djcrazy are very active, both deserve their rank position, helping a lot on chat moderation, contests, being active, etc... Both were very active since the chat Mundosmilies was empty in the past, but now it's getting active again with promotions, future contests etc... No new main owners will be added and/or changed in the future, this is the perm staff. I will also stay as main owner to keep bot always updated e.g ranklist, our own commands (thanks arcbot ecmd), and some other stuff, you will see in the future, I can tell you all, we will have a lot of things for the future of the chat, website, and always updating it, to provide accurate information in real-time or as soon possible about the xat.com, Any good suggestion will be accepted about managing the chat, you can do your, I've also did a outer/inner with a cool css for the xat, enjoy it!
  12. More 2 languages added, 7 already added!!! French language added, thanks to @Cleon Turkish language added, thanks to @Valstein
  13. Another update. Members are now translators; Smilies page updated, it may work faster; Staff page is now being updated automatically.
  14. Two times in one day?? LUL, ok new version is up again... Fairtrade fixed; Re-checked every page, it's all working fine; Promoted page fixed, was broken some languages; Some fixes in Portuguese, missed to upload before... Some links was broken before because I was lazy, now its ok.
  15. More updates are up. Speed has been improved; Bootstrap is now latest version; Arabic added , thanks to @zed; You can now set language manually; I have added RTL style for Arabic, why? IDK it seems better...
  16. New updates are up, Blog was deprecated, everything got moved to the main website, automatically you can see everything; Twitter will have more activity since now, auto post added; New logo added, thanks to @Luig Latest power page fixed; Smilies page fixed; Cache fixed. Stable version since now.
  17. New updates. German translation has been fixed Colors and letters has been fixed.
  18. I have updated again, home page seems better since now, better loading too.
  19. Something new, again! My stupid mistake about power ID showing price has been fixed; German translation has been added thanks to @DjCrazy.
  20. New updates. I have moved all static files to another CDN, CloudFlare still being active; Loading time improved, more useless code removed; BBcode tools improved; Portuguese translation has been added thanks to @Stif; It's RevolverMaps not ResolverMaps, now fixed thanks to @Stif
  21. I have add new updates again: Useless codes has been removed; Loading time has been dropped; Some design update, again; Some tools improved. If you still having the old style cached, please clear your cache to see it correctly!
  22. New updates (2x in one day!!) More design update; Now website is fully responsive (working perfectly on mobile, tested on OnePlus 6); Spanish translation has been added thanks to @Leandro; Translators will now be listed as chat staff; Current version is 2.3 Suggestions are always welcome!
  23. New updates again. New CDN servers, faster than before, Fixed responsive sites for mobiles, Some structure changed, New design styles, Translations fixed. Clear your cache.
  24. We have long been waiting for this.
  25. As you can see my css codes dark mode/default were created from scratch. Mundosmilies was blue all the time, my favorite color is blue, maybe it was darker before, but wasnt my "opinion" i didnt choose the old design, someone did this. Now as I'm handling Mundosmilies alone, I myself did everything based on my mind. And tbh I didnt see this site yet.
  26. Buen trabajo, me alegro que Mundosmilies siga manteniéndose 😊 De todos modos creo que es una pena que nadie valore el esfuerzo que se ha dedicado durante mucho tiempo... Saludos y ahora entraré para verlo por mis propios ojos jaja

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