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Welcome to Pokemon club! This is for all Pokemon lovers, but everyone is welcomed. Talk about Pokemon here, post images, videos and share with others. This chat is mostly for Pokemon related topics but all other discussions are allowed but should consist mainly ofPokemon. All Generations allowed.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. I've played the main series games since Yellow, but I've had little motivation to play Sun/Moon. I've gotten older, but I feel like the games are still aimed at kids. They're too clean and cutesy [see image below], while I want more gritty, mature content - e.g. older protagonists, darker art style, much harder gameplay (so progression feels like a reward, rather than a formality), etc. Something more akin to Colosseum, I suppose (without the crappy double battles). That's probably why I prefer online competitive battling. It's inherently more complex and s
  3. Do you guys care about the core rpg games and where they're headed or do you just think Pokemon is cool
  4. Look what I got!
  5. Anything Goes or Random Battle, or I'm up to making a team for any format. Username: mrguppy
  6. 1v1 me lol. username - yllehc
  7. I play showdown I am very good at it, Danneh can confirm. We play random battles, I always lost... My username is Purplee lol
  8. I don't really have a well constructed team, and I'm pretty much completely lost with anything past gen III-IV. A few random battles never hurt though. My showdown username is truereddevil maybe we could host a tournament?
  9. I play showdown, however I specifically only do Random Battle or Anything Goes, however I'd be up for anything. Username is MrGuppy.
  10. Basically, it's a battle simulator that most competitive players use. It uses the same dynamics as online Wi-Fi battling, only it's ten times faster. It's been around for the best part of a decade, in one form or another. Anyway, if anyone plays at a high level, let me know. Maybe we can start a clan and challenge other ones on different forums . The xat alliance!
  11. is it: pokemonshowdown.com and i click play and takes me to play.pokemonshowdown.com i looked it up that what i go is it new because it says beta, and no i never heard of it i mostly play old school pokemon games now i been playing stadium 1 and 2 like crazy i use to play pokemon online but i am getting back on trading card games of course i play pokemon for gameboy, ds, n64, etc
  12. Does anyone play this game competitively? 6v6 OU singles? Perhaps we can share advice, replays, etc.
  13. opens up pokedex omg a mew turns hat backwards -throws pokeball at it-

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