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  2. La multi ani @Bau Iti doresc ca viata ta sa-ti fie la fel de frumoasa precum sentimentul de iubire, gingasa ca zambetul tau si linistita ca marea cand nu adie vantul! La multi ani!
  3. Happy birthday @Amnaa @iMano
  4. Happy birthday @ider @Mighty1
  5. pc me offer in chat /f126616962
  6. Happy birthday @Alyn @Pabloo
  7. I don't think you got the point. It's not about Sold Sale. Sold OR Inactive Sales Maybe both are correct, but I think this is closer to the truth! - Sold or Inactive sales It's my opinion. xD :$ :$
  8. I don't think you got the point. Closed sale = an agreement to buy/sell IDs (in this case) has been finalized. Although the topics are all closed, sales can be either closed or inactive. Therefore, the subforum's title is correct as it is and shouldn't be changed. PS: "sold sale" doesn't even make sense lol
  9. I understand, but everyone in his opinion. If everything is closed, it does not need to be written Closed!! Because they are inactive and are already closed, the result is that they all remain closed. Sold or Inactive sales - It's better, I think, it's about selling ids, (sold) and inactive ids that can be found.
  10. It's correct as it is now. Closed is used as an adjective and refers to sales: Closed (or inactive) sales
  11. Hey - It's better for Sold or Inactive sales. Because it's about sales. All are closed on this page! I opened as a suggestion, because many suggestions are forgotten, so I will always remembre! - Here's a mistake, i think so. - https://forum.xat.com/forum/34-closed-or-inactive-sales/
  12. Happy bday @Kale <3 I LOVE YOU my little brother , GOD bless you forever <33
  13. Happy birthday @Skatel xD It´s Your Birthday? Happy birthday @Kale
  14. Hey. You know jokes? add here! Regulations 1- Do not add inappropriate jokes / words. 2- Do not reply to the comment (jokes), just use reactions like thank's, cool, haha, Wow, etc. 3- It is allowed to add joke in any language, Because every joke can have more charm in the home language. I was at the bank to take a credit. And they asked why, I had nothing to say, and I say, I do not have the money to smoke. I left the bank, I was thinking why I did not get credit, and I realized I did not smoke! :D
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