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  2. Happy birthday @Fiona @Gims
  3. happy birthday @Blossoms @IlustreConvidado
  4. Happy birthday @CodyMKW (hug)
  5. Happy birthday @Eleven
  6. Vritme

    Happy birthday Topic!

    Happy Birthday to you to @Eleven
  7. Thank you! HBD @Eleven
  8. DjDanny24

    Happy birthday Topic!

    Happy Birthday to you too @Eleven ! and Happy Birthday @Anas bro
  9. mary17

    Happy birthday Topic!

    Today is the day! Happy Birthday Anas.. and Happy Birthday to you too @Eleven!
  10. Vritme

    Happy birthday Topic!

    Happy birthday @BerTi-Purple and @Anas
  11. Happy birthday @Anas @BerTi-Purple
  12. Happy bday @Ravey<3
  13. Happy birthday @Ravey
  14. Happy birthday @Cleon
  15. Happy birthday @Kyle @Wiss
  16. Bau

    5 000 Xats

    Thank you everyone. This topic will be closed, everyone received the winning prize!
  17. Happy birthday @Calvin @Davidss1001
  18. SrLoko


    nada grátis é bom experiencia própria
  19. Happy birthday @Ronal @Teddy
  20. maxo

    5 Reasons

    well @Bau thanks for posting this ok 5 reason that make me stay in xat 1) maxo appreciates xat.com 2) maxo has a dear freinds in xat.com 3) maxo wants to contribute to develope xat.com 4) maxo wants to be in a high level in xat.com 5) this is the important reason maxo is waiting the suitable time to start his seriousness
  21. Meru

    5 Reasons

    Hello. There are many reasons why one SHOULD stay at xat. Unfortunately, I cannot relate as I left mid-2015. What I can say is what has brought me back is the hope that through time and effort xat can improve its user base through more publicity. The old friends and experiences are some of the dearest memories of xat. From BFF's to marriages to divorces, xat has been a haven for many users over the years. This is my two cents.
  22. Marya

    5 Reasons

    Hey Bau Good point your post Honestly i was far for xat, studing etc .. i think, if im not wrong 2 years and something.. After i finish part of my study and i get good work i back again , and im here. Have something , xat is in us hearts I noot need any pozition on xat or something else just i feel is my place here I dont know why Reasons .. is part from my life , to help users ... That is my reason.. I dont have others reasons
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