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World People Youth. All welcome to a wonderful world 🌎.
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  2. lol I thought that in the gif only original movements of xat powers could be, I did not know that I could make them walk, talk, sing, jump, fly or add so many things Xddddd
  3. It was definitely an oversight on our part. There are constraints present with the current wording of the rules that we did not factor in when judging. For what it's worth, the entries that were reviewed were not criticized according to things not possible with the gif image format. Wholly sympathize with your concern.
  4. Hi Rob gm i understand how u feel, there r still coming contest hope we will see u again! Again thank you so much for joining appreciated.
  5. They never said that "animations" were prohibited. Basically it was asked for "cool animations", and that's exactly what the winners did. Whoever used audio I'm sure they wouldn't need the audio to win, because this is just an extra (bonus). Nobody ever said that it'd be prohibited, and everything that isn't prohibited is allowed. Let's also remember that GIFs greatly limit the quality of images. Finally, congratulations all winners, you all deserve it! Tip for next: https://xatblog.net/smiley/
  6. Prize received http://prntscr.com/t5a1lk Thank you @La flor @Dimple @Lemona @miaa @Camii @zw
  7. I already received my award thank you @LaFleur @Dimple @Lemona @Camii @miaa @zw
  8. Well, enough crying, just next time do better! If you see the video santy made, at the end it had what they asked for; smiley combinations. Maybe you should have a done a better presentation and you'll have won something. Less crying please! A llorar a la llorería!
  9. Congratulations to the winners!! Now, here in public I will ask you, @Dimple your contest was to make an animated "gif", or a short with audiovisual animation content? Because they are two totally different things. It seems totally unfair, that in a contest the people who really did what you asked for a "gif" have lost. I understand that they could use the "youtube" platform or any video platform, I assumed that for those who could not obtain an original "gif" file (either because they didn't have the program, or x's, etc), they could combine it through a video, but that has already become audiovisual content of another level (nothing to do with what you asked for), with animation, voices, eccenaries, voice effects, etc. So, the next time will be more specific, and so the participants make their animations with standards in equality, and not to do a contest of simple combinations of smilies in a gif, so that in the end it wins an audiovisual animation content, which goes beyond what you asked for. (Which I am sure that if it had been, more than one person would have surprised us with their audiovisual animation content as well, with voices, effects, vectors, etc). Anyway, I thank you for the contest, I know that many had fun making their gif!
  10. Prize received https://prnt.sc/t55y64 Thank you a lot for the contest, I had never won something like this before! thank you really @Dimple @Lemona @zw @Camii @miaa
  11. Hello xaterian’s first of all i would like to thank’s to all partipant’s of this contest. I/we know that you put an effort for your entry, so much appreciated! For those are not win maybe we see u again nextime!!! And thank you @lafluer as a prize holder. And for xat got talents judges thank you so much. Here the results of the 3 winner’s, base on the judges total: 1st place (Ruby): (Total: 45.65/50) @iSanty 2nd place (2000xat): (Total: 43.65/50) @Pann 3rd place (1000xat): (Total: 42.3/50) @Deyvid For the 3 winner’s you can get your prize to @LaFleur just message or PM him. Thank you again and Congratulations!
  12. This is a very beautiful contest! thank you for organizing this contest. I wish everyone good luck in the competition.
  13. Hola mi video está inspirado de la plataforma de LIKE. Nick: MeGa ID: iMeGa (824650332) ty !!
  14. hello, my gif is inspired by unicorns & rainbow ♥ https://imgur.com/a/pf21w6t KARY (137919842)
  15. Here's my entry 😊 I love those classic smilies 😍😍😍 #classicsmiliesFTW made this by phone 🤣 Goodluck guys! ❤ Jham (39521423)
  16. This contest ends in 3 days. HELLO??!!!! WHERE ARE THE ENTRIES??!?!?! LET'S GOOOOO PEOPLE!!!!! SHOW ME YOUR SMILEY GIFS!!!!

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