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my friends

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club for friends meet friends and talk with free way

  1. What's new in this club
  2. hi all welcome i have gifs for all members in my club for new year
  3. welcome to new members here talk free and chat its your club we all friends
  4. hi friends.you can chat here with all languages
  5. this is ticket site for repport something(report staff, report scamm ) or if you have any problem( account block account held ,chat block ,.......) you talk to vols there: https://util.xat.com/support/index.php
  6. The Vols list is: Mihay - Mihay (1700000) Andre - Andre (112633) Crow - Four (4444) Angelo - Angelo - (18500000) Cupim - Cupim (11011) Echo - Echo (7170717) Junior - Junii (1522897229) LaFleur - LaFleur (517650537) Sydno - Sydno (220711)
  7. official chats for help are= xat.com/help https://xat.com/mosa3adeh xat.com/ajuda xat.com/helfen https://xat.com/Assistance https://xat.com/ayuda
  8. if you have any problem about powers or you need any informatio tell me
  9. if you have any problem about your xat account tell me
  10. hi guys if you need any help about chat tell me
  11. hi friends welcome all . this club is for get informations about any thing you want

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