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Open club for ALL users and the community of xat.com/Game
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  2. Hi! I am pleased to announce that with the help of Goku (1000045) we are hosting a quick little contest in honor of xat's Anniversary. Matchrace: 40 rounds / 25 xats prize. Trivia: 20 questions / 50 xats prize. All questions will refer to xat (includes xat Wiki, Contributors and history)! Rules: Do not use another account or it will increase your chances. Win 1 and Skip 1. Prize Holder: GameBot & Abrahan.
  3. Congratulations for the Winners
  4. The first winner @Demonattack receive 4000 xats The second @Valstein receive 1500 xats The 3rd @Arjayreceive 800 xats
  5. https://prnt.sc/tvb07a https://prnt.sc/tvb0ml won
  6. http://prntscr.com/tvas63 won
  7. won http://prntscr.com/tva36j good game
  8. i join iiielya (1100101081)
  9. ı join VaLstein (1501270623)
  10. Hello everyone's ! I am hosting contest tournament for 4 in a row for the price 4000 xats in the 20 hours GMT + 1 in the Game chat The rules are simply: Including your ID if you want to play If you win take the screenshot and put it here. Do not use second account or it will increase your chances. The first will receive 4000 xats The second will receive 1500 xats. The 3rd 800
  11. The contest is finished the winner by Cool CoooLingman (1535333508) congratulations to him ! Ty bro @HelperNate
  12. Great idea @Goku! This chat needs more contests to be hosted, and lately I have been too busy in real life + kind of de-motivated to continue, so it's nice to see someone else step up to the plate! Great work!
  13. Hello guys! It's been longtimes i haven''t host a contests so i give you opportunity to replay contests for quizz of DBZ in the evening in 20 hours (GMT +) The rules are simply win 1 skip 1. Do not use another account or it will increase your chances. The contest will be in https://xat.com/Game Put your IDs To win you have to get 10 good answers The price will be the power (Manga) Good luck

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