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Closed up Shop... LITERALLY!
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  2. As of 4-1-19, Shop is now closed, and is no longer in my main ownership. It has been put back up for sale. Thank you for those who stuck around during this project.
  3. how will they know this chat fulfills the function of having different types of sales,unfortunately the chat is not being used by users,That is why it occurred to us to open this topic so that they can participate in it with ideas,and we invite you to be part of the staff,among all we can make the chat shop one of the best. come in, have fun and have fun with us There will be draws by powers, xats and days and surprises! Atte: Staff Of Shop
  4. I am sorry to hear this happened and I am sorry that you can't make Shop tribute anymore. I know you've worked hard on the chat and it must have been difficult seeing your goal shatter after all the work you've put in. I hope that in spite of this you can move forward and continue with Shop and even if it may be a burden that the person you entrust the chat with will continue to make Shop grow and be the chat you envisioned it to be.
  5. Hey Nathan. I'm sorry to hear that. Do a good job to offer this xat to a trusted person who can try and fight for the Chat Shop! - You made a good and fair choice! I do not understand why, give up, something you love, because loja's is an international chat! (and does the same thing as Shop) !? And I have, - xat.com/Fonduri - But I will never give up on it! xD I do not have time now, but in the future I may come back to xat. Once offered to someone, it's not yours. Goog luck!
  6. I am thinking of closing Shop chat. It has no chance of becoming tribute now. Its unique purpose was to allow the shopping of all xat-related products in all languages, but now, look at what Loja added to their rules! This makes Shop totally useless now! Here are the comparisons: Shop chat: http://prntscr.com/m1xwgm Loja chat: http://prntscr.com/m1xwky Since Shop has absolutely no chance of becoming tribute now, I am thinking of closing it, or at least transferring it to one of my most faithful staff members who have stayed with us through thick an
  7. I know this doesn't match the theme of successful businesspeople/trade experts, entrepreneurs, etc. but for the month of October, I am setting the bot's display status to "Nightmare" because of the month of Halloween.
  8. Lately I've noticed users becoming less active due to school and/or work. As I've been measuring staff activity, I've also noticed activity for a majority of the members has decreased as well. For this reason, autotemp for all members has been increased to 12 hours. If you THINK your activity will be affected due to school / work, please inform me, and depending on your activity, you may get some extra time in terms of activity before being deemed inactive. I myself will be busy the next few weeks as well, but I will try to be online daily from 11PM - 1AM EST as stated on my forum profile to d
  9. Something came up. For this reason, the contest will be hosted 1 hour earlier than scheduled. The hyperlink in the initial post has been updated.
  10. Mini contest of the new power @ Shop chat starting Sunday September 2 @ 5PM GMT / 1PM EST! It will involve choosing a random number from 1-20 (max number may increase depending on number of users) and placing it in front of your name within a short time limit! Whoever gets the exact number will win 50 xats and score 1 point. And since there are 3 powers to give away, the first 3 users to score 2 points will win 1 of the new SUSPENSE power! After 20 rounds have passed and all 3 powers were not given away, the game will continue, but the user who scores CLOSEST to the exact number wi
  11. I have now included the information for when a page was last updated in the following pages of this blog: Staff List, How to Earn Staff, and Rules. This little tidbit of information will be at the bottom of these pages. Stive and Mystic, as blog editors, whenever you update these pages, please include today's date in the format of: mm-dd-yy (examples are seen at the bottom of the pages mentioned above). Also, to all staff: PLEASE take a look at the bot's autowelcome message and try to enforce these rules! This new information has been brought to my attention as of recently, and the chat and ev
  12. Since I was on vacation, I couldn't host giveaways involving the two other powers behind the newest one MONEY, so for this contest, the prize will consist of the PAST THREE newest powers! Mini contest of the new power @ Shop chat starting Saturday August 18 @ 6PM GMT / 2PM EST! (17 hours from now) It will involve choosing a random number from 1-20 (max number may increase depending on number of users) and placing it in front of your name within a short time limit! Whoever gets the exact number will win 50 xats and score 1 point. And since there are 3 powers to give away, the first
  13. I have officially returned to xat, as my vacation is over! This also means that Stive's time as temporary co-main is over, and he will be restored back to an owner. Thank you Stive for running the chat in my absence! You did a great job, but may have made a few minor mistakes, but the most important part is that you handled reports in a timely manner, and that's what's most important! Keep up the good work around here! To all staff members: I have reset the chat and put all perm mods and above on the userlist so the bot can re-rank them if I am not present. Members are not added due to the bot
  14. Change of plans: Christina (10000143) & BOUBOULiNAS (1474407314) have donated the following items to add to this event: cuboid, pony, pizzas and the first event will start an hour earlier than I had originally posted. Another giveaway event will take place using these donated powers, and my planned randomnumber event will take place right after. More info ASAP. Will update when received appropriate info and all info and rules will be explained @ Shop chat: Date Time Game
  15. Mini contest of the new power @ Shop chat starting Sunday July 22 @ 6PM GMT / 2PM EST! It will involve choosing a random number between 1-20 and placing it in front of your name within a short time limit! Whoever gets the exact number will win 1 day and score 1 point. First user who scores 3 points will win 3 of the new power RACCOONS! This will continue until someone scores 3 points, or 20 rounds have lasted. If 20 rounds have passed and nobody scores 3 points, a 21st round will start, and whoever is CLOSEST to the exact number will win the new power! If tied in 21st round, (not likely), the
  16. Hey! I would like to suggest your bot name to be Bill Gates. He is an American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, humanitarian, and principal founder of Microsoft Corporation. Currently He is the second wealthiest person in the world and all people know him. Hat: (hat#Ebh) Bot color code,namewave: (glow#000001#grad#ff8000#FFFFFF#b) or (glow#000001#grad#b#FFFFFF#b) Avatar is a bit funny but I think people like it: Pcback: Status/color: Welcome to the Shop chat! or Have a goo
  17. Hey, I would like to suggest your bot name to be Warren Buffett. He is a very successful businessman and currently is the third wealthiest person in the world. He currently serves as the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Bot Color Code: (glow#0d0e5e#ffffff) Avatar: PcBack: Status/StatusColor: $status=Welcome To Shop International Trading Chat!#000001#FFFFFF
  18. Enjoy your vacation as much as you can. Enjoy your family, it is the most important thing in this world. Have a good time . Blessed .
  19. @Booh A change of display glow and colors and hats are fine, but the name idea does not fit what I am looking for. I am looking for actual people to use such as Rick Harrison, Frank Fritz, Mark Cuban, Chumlee, etc. who are experts in trading, pawning, business in trade, entrepreneurs, etc.
  20. Enjoy your vacation Nathan!Congrats @Stivee bro !!
  21. I hope you have a great vacation Nathan. I hope you have lots of fun and may your trip be blessed with joyful memories. Congrats Stive! I am glad you became a temporary Main Owner while Nathan will be away. I know how dedicated you are to Shop and I look forward for what you plan to do as a temporary Main Owner
  22. Ty Enge <333333333333333333333 Enjoy your vacation Nate!
  23. great stive Enjoy your vacation Nathan cya soon
  24. good Nathan I hope you enjoy and also short enough look for an exercise take a walk ride a bike whatever it is always good it's in shape when you go somewhere do not forget good trip and see you soon

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