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OpenBOT club - Free xat bots and with everypower included.
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  2. Hello, I'm here to say that I have updated everything, I mean, design etc is changed... The core, links, functions etc is still same. I have also added new stuff. I hope you enjoy it! Some screenshots (29 images):
  3. We're proud to announce we are already on xat.wiki/bots This does not mean we are endorsed by xat, just that they have trusted us enough to put us there for users to use our service.
  4. 06/Aug/2020 A new update has been released! It's the biggest update so far. Read the main post.
  5. This post will be modified when there are new updates. It contains all the updates that have been made over the months. 06/Aug/2020 Updates and Fixes: Bot's core is completely rewritten, it's now faster and using less ram and CPU, so there will be no further downtime Added search field on Translator panel. Also can be used "untranslated" to show only untranslated phrases Fixed a lot of issues related to sockets and bot connection. Basically it was redone Fixed kick AFK filter not working/considering PC/PM replies as activity Added a new page /sup
  6. Finally, I want to announce that the bot is now available to everyone. https://openbot.me Feedback such as suggestions or bug reports etc. are always welcome.
  7. OpenBOT is a bot provider which provides free bots for xat users. Do you want a free xat bot? Great! We offer FREE & UNLIMITED xat bots. You can have as many bots as you want. You can have one bot per account. What do we offer? We offer a bot that will help you moderate your chat, which contains a lot of commands, which stores all actions made in your chat. Everything that you need to keep your chat clean and well moderated! What is our profit? The answer is simple: NOTHING. We get nothing with OpenBOT, all our service is free. Yes there are serve

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