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  • Valenti
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    Today I come joining the community of forum.xat.com / I have had problems with the application of apple xat.com

    I use iphone 4, and I have been having problems with only the application of xat.com to download.

    On my phone I can download mb heavy applications, like facebook, youtube, messenger, whatsapp but I can not download the app from xat.com because it says the following message:

    Application requires iOS 8 or later


    I think it should not be so, and only the application weighs 4mb, it weighs no more than a heavy application, has almost no resources iphone 3 can run to perfection, should lower that to ios 7.1.2

    I hope this can be resolved soon thanks.

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    When xat was working on the xat application it was planned to support iOS 8 and up and only. Unfortunately you would need to update to iOS 8 or higher to use the xat app.

    I have contacted the admins to look at this thread to give you more information if necessary.

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    I understand that it was created with the IOS version of 8, but I have an iphone 4, and I have been able to download applications if no problem, some other

    But if on the iphone 4s, you can run xat, with a version of IOS 8, because you can not run in version 7.1.2 are the same features

    What happens is that apple stopped making updates for iphone 4, but it has the same features and not so much that, or because apple stopped making updates

    If not the xat app, it does not consume any resources, but neither on screen nor in ram

    So if you could switch to a version for an iphone 4, to be used and thanks for contacting the @Admin and @Maverick for responding.

    I also understand that xat wants to progress and since iphone goes for version 10, but there are applications that are compatible with that.

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    That’s correct that you can download other applications from the App Store with iOS 7, but that’s because those applications support iOS 7 and were modify to the fit those i-devices at iOS 7.


    As previously said, the xat application only works with iOS 8. The xat application in the App Store states it requires iOS 8 or later as well.


    To the changes you suggested, the xat administrator can only make such changes to the app and I don’t see those changes happening any time soon.


    I also know it requires less resources and time as it’s an older iOS version. However, as previously said, the only one can do such changes are the administrator and I don’t see it happening any time soon.

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    Good that bad, I will not be able to use the application of xat by the phone, it is not like having the phone and to enter by there, seriously that bad, well thanks alike (swt)

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