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  • Symbols and Inconsistency

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    xat should add some consistency to the way symbols are handled through the site in order to avoid confusion.


    Currently, some pages such as as Register, Login and Change Password automatically stripe symbols from passwords, while other areas of xat such as Edit Your Profile, Trade and Transfer Engines or the Ticket System do not. Users are often confused as for why they are able to log in and perform certain actions with their password but they get an incorrect password message at times.


    We should either allow or completely stripe symbols from the site, while the second option is the most likely to be done. That said, a reminder should also be added to the Register and Change Password forms, letting the user know symbols are going to be stripped from their password.

    Steps to reproduce bug: Add a random symbol to your password when attempting to login; you will get a login sucessful message. Add a random symbol to your password when attempting to edit your profile, use the Trade or Transfer engines or logging into the ticket system; you will get an incorrect password error.
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    It's being discussed with the admins for mobile and website but there are 90% of chance that special characters are going to be "avoided". 


    By "avoided", I mean that you won't be able to type bad characters in form but you will still have to be careful with what you are typing. Maybe a "show password" option next to the password field would be helpful in this case.


    When I have more informations about this issue, I would come back to comment this issue so you guys are aware of what was done.

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