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  • Mobile registration bug

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    When you register on xat using the xat app (tested on android your guys can try on iOS)... you will choose your username, password, and email then complete captcha


    But when you receive the email, your username will be empty, but if you do login using your email, you will see that the username is something like "xat123456" where 123456 is your ID


    But, I don't think is correct allowing users to register using "xat" on username, so, it's a bug.




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    I spoke to the admins about this already, but I don't think they got around this yet. 


    However, I do have a theory for this. Registered names aren't being checked properly on mobile via xat to know if the names are registered or not, so the names you try to pick on mobile just becomes nullified and changes to "xat1234."


    That being said, you can give it a test try, but you already did that and saw your outcome. 


    So in time it should and hopefully get fixed.

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    • Administrators

    this is correct


    its so users can register quick and easy.


    They can set a nick to anything they want right away.


    They can chose a reg name later.

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    Closing now and not really a bug then.


    What you should do in the future is change the names xat123 to XT123 leaving the name xat for 42 alone and not for everyone else.


    Thanks for checking this report out. 

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