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  • Matchrace issue

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    It appears that the result showed at the right side of the app isn't same (125m) than the one next to our name (123m for my name).




    125m vs 123m.


    During the test, we have used the level 2, and on the wiki, it says that the number of meters to reach is 120, but on the app it's more than 120m. (is it correct?)


    Here is what the gamebot is sending to show the result : 



    <x i="60193" u="804" t="3,results,60,307,110110=122527,517650537=38295"  />


    The numbers 122527 (for the id 110110) and 38295 (for the id 517650537) are the number of meters reached but to get the real result, they are divided by 1000:



     _local_8 = (_local_8 + (((((Math.round((_local_9[1] / 1000)) + "m ")


    so 122527 / 1000 is 122,527 but moved to 123 so like the result showed next to my name.


    So now the question is : why does it show "125" instead of "123" on the right side of the app ? Any ideas? @Admin



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