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    This bug happens almost 2-3 times per day.


    This issue seems to only happen on xat.com/Ayuda.


    For example, if there are 10 people, you know the chat is bugged because nobody talks, the chat is silent.


    So when you do F5, this chat conversation is displayed: https://prnt.sc/u9xdoc



    • It displays a user conversation, and those users never were on Ayuda. 
    • The scroll that previously was set gets deleted
    • The same conversation is always displayed. 
    • Bots do not work as they should. I have tested adding an ARCbot bot on Ayuda with Nathan and Actavus, and the bot ignores the commands you type. Also, with OpenBot, the bot is leaving the chat constantly. I'M NOT SURE if this is due to the bug, but I think this is happening due to the bug.


    Thank you!


    EDIT 09/06/2020:


    Today, Addo1 (10055001) has notified me that the same issue is happening with his chat  (xat.com/AddoFM).

    Steps to reproduce bug: Step 1: Go to xat.com/Ayuda
    Step 2: At any moment, the chat is absolutely silent so you decide do F5.
    Step 3: This chat conversation is displayed: https://prnt.sc/u9xdoc
    Screenshots: https://prnt.sc/u9xdoc
    https://prnt.sc/uc41bh - https://prnt.sc/uc427d // new chat conversation displayed.
    https://prnt.sc/ucjyjp - 09/06/2020

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    @Blacky Admins have pushed a fix to hopefully solve the issue.


    Please tell me if you still have it in the next few hours/days.


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    On 9/7/2020 at 6:45 PM, SLOom said:


    @Blacky Admins have pushed a fix to hopefully solve the issue.


    Please tell me if you still have it in the next few hours/days.





    It seems that now works correctly.


    Thank you!

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    3 hours ago, SLOom said:

    Same thing ? Chat crashed ? Bot not answering ? 


    Yes, gets crashed displaying this converstion when you do F5 .


    The scroll gets deleted too.

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    I'll ask admins about but I went on Ayuda and it's been like 3 hours i'm on it and no issues so far..


    Appart from some users not showing on visitors list (known issue) but nothing else. (hmm) 

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