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  • Recent Status Updates

    • DUYGU

      Good morning to everyone!  If there are peoples who lie about me, don't believe them! They are lying Do not believe their lies and ask them for proof, ask them for a screenshot. do not believe anything without evidence. I never accept the lies told about me.
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    • Enge

      · 1 reply
    • Magic

      ¿Qué si me enamoré? Yo no sé
      Sólo sé que me dejaste
      Aquí, solo pensando 24/7
      No te saco de mi mente
      ¿Cómo negarte?
      Si en mí, tú lograste
      Que aunque yo esté con otra
      No puedo olvidar
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  • Posts

    • The image puzzle « Enjoy game 
    • This is how it used to be for years. It's just broken.   Anybody with the power and the Gcontrol rank should be able to control it whether they called it or not and when something's wrong it should PM the controller with the issue.
    • Hello everyone, xatFamily has decided to give a power to forum user.  Play GAME: https://xatBau.com/game Safe: Yes, it is a public and safe game for everyone. Who can win? - Whoever completes the game in the shortest time is the winner. A hint »The image is power: Balloony« ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules/Requirements. 1) You have to solve the puzzle. (drama is not tolerated). 2)  You need to make a Screenshot(print) at the game with the hour from the Phone or PC, and be the Day/Month/Year. 3)  You must also add the username and ID of your xat account. 4)  Do not use other accounts to try to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified 5) Please do not edit your messages, if you played again and have a better result, please send a new message. [This helps to see what results you had at the beginning and after].  GET the prize xat: ARCbot, xat_test, Assistance, feedback, MundoSmilies, or Bau Time END Deadline for publication: 06/06/2020 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Prize Balloony Regards Bau
    • I report this issue for Volunteer month ago. This problem will not be solved, it is in flash. We have to wait for HTML5 to be complete, I don't want to mention names here!
    • But sometimes, it's getting out for other reasons, per example, when "Controller rank" is setup wrong on the power assigned.    I think gameraces would be improved by sending alerts when something is wrong, instead of just leaving the chat.
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