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  • Recent Status Updates

    • R3DDS  »  x-on

      Happy Birthday ! 
      · 0 replies

      Hello guys!
      Here is an update for the Hair Powers we have (I hope I won't missed any other, if I do let me know):
      * Hair2f *

      * Hairm *

      * Khair *

      * Stylist *

      * Ahair *

      * Hairf *

      * Hairb * (New Power)

      With all the above hair powers, I think we can now open an barber and start getting more clients.    So,  this was already mentioned before. It should be nice to have a Superhair Power, which at this point will be nice to have it and probably no more hair powers .
      Here's my suggestion and everybody is welcome to leave a feedback ( + or - ) it's okay. 
      Superhair Power:
      with all the above been said, here we go: 
      The Barber logo with the movement 

      Could be the pawn with a scissor

      A scissor pawn

      I hope you guys like it and if so, positive feedback will be greatly appreciated, if no the feedback will be greatly appreciated as well.
      Like a said, the superhair power was already mentioned, so this will be a reminder and a way to finish the hairs powers for now 
      Note: some images were found in google, some edited by me in paint and the others found in skyrock.com.
      Regards and good night!
      ~Dj Funny Breaking the Silence~
      · 0 replies
    • Mino1

      Why is losing a person so difficult?
      · 2 replies
  • Posts

    • I think this would be a great power, the examples you've provided for this suggestion look really good. We already have Fairy power, so this power could be named "Fairytale", I think that would be a good name for this power.
    • Hello everyone! As everyone knows, there is only one day left to celebrate the anniversary of the xat world. The xat community has always been part of the good times lived on this site. In addition to celebrating such a special day with friends, I would like to suggest a small auction of IDs where the IDs are randomly chosen by the Administrators as a surprise to all users interested in buying one. Certainly it has been many months after the last time. For this reason I think it would not be bad to make one, and especially on this commemorative day.   Could you give us this gift? @Admin I hope it possible. Thanks!
    • Thank you, i leave some smileys at smiley makers ?!?! like umbrella..
    • Thanks for your feedback, i'm gonna keep the work on the realistic style thou.   true that would look very good indeed, thanks for your comment.
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