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    • Thank you. xat does have a lot of unnecessary security settings that no one likes but have to get use to them.
    • I don't disagree that it could be optional. That's a good thing to suggest. We could be able to have these protections or not if we have auth in the e-mail.
    • Stif, it's too much boring security. It's not a bank account. It's just a chat website. This "confrimation login code" is enough by email to click, or add this Google Authenticator. All other location/browser security is just boring for a xat customer.   I can understand you, you are probably whole day sitting at home and thinking about your xats and id's... paranoid to lost them.   But a regular, non obssesive user does not need that much security. If it's lost, it's lost, buy new and be smarter next time.
    • The held you're getting isn't related to the protections you mentioned above. They must be manually enabled in order to protect you/get you blocked. You're getting held because you're away from your home location and when attempting to trade/transfer with it, it helds you for security purposes. While in Bosnia, open a ticket under "Location Update" to check if you can add this place as a home location.
    • Hello guys,   I think xat is too protective. I know it's good to have security, but this country/ip/browser restriction is a bit too much.   I travel a lot, because I'm an abroad worker. I work in Switzerland, then in the end of month I go to my home country Bosnia (just 1 hour of flight between this countries). And this country restriction is boring me, because I can't trade or do something, because I'm always in this unnecessary held for location changing. My suggestion is to remove all that "security" because it pointless for many users in Europe, as we work abroad usually. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and similiar big websites are not boring like xat with this security. So please remove that bad security system, and just leave the "Google Authenticator" option if someone wants 2-step security.   I'm tired of same process of opening tickets for location update, and the same boring questions again and again (your old internet provider, new location, which payment method did u used..bla bla)   Thanks for reading.   Edit: Better you make option there or a button "Disable all security", with this warning "Are you sure you want disable all security" and finito. No held, no security for us that we won't this xat security.
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