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    • it would be cool but is not possible i think..
    • 3 digits id or 3 letters shortname should stay as reward.
    • There's different ways of looking at it.   Firstly, yes it's rare and in that way 'special' and 'cool', and if loads released it wouldn't be so special anymore.   Secondly, say 'Bob' was released - the richest Bob is surely going to win the shortname, which I think is unfair to the poorer users who may have been on xat longer/done more for the site and are more deserving - not everyone can throw around huge chunks of cash online. A better way to release them would be to put a max value on them, and allow users to enter a draw to win it, and prevent people buying them soley to sell on for profit - if yo name ain't bob you ain't coming in.    Thirdly, I've always thought xat should release the common 3 letter names, because I feel like people with 3 letter names are missing out, and that's very sad to the point it makes me tear up  rip Dan, Bob, Tim, Pam, Tod (this is as far as my brain allows me to go).   
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