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    • It is a very valuable extreme power yet more games that can involve xats and days as prizes to the winners

      Games that will pay xats and days I in my opinion would not play unless I trust the person who created the game otherwise I will not play   That is why I am recruiting reliable people to take the first steps
        First the game has to be evaluated by xat.com and then go to the user and after that the creator can not modify the game and neither have access to it to modify in the future to not have access to the users' xats e days
        ''This is my opinion''
    • good design @6 mmmm as a name i suggest " couplefood " because i see a food smilies here
    • This idea is inspired from the Ohagi man and from a donut animation of Bestfriend power. (the donut and cup holding each other looks so sweet)                                            The idea of this power is having a couple of smilies with limb hands and feet (the smilies can have feet or without). Here's a few examples below.   1. a fruit, cup, donut or riceball smiley dancing, a cookie in awe, a pizza being mad xD                          a dice smiley stops from rolling down and hands and feet slowly appears one by one an ohagi smiley trying to jump off the fence   Valentines theme smilies: a set of couple foods and drinks (just like the donut and coffee cup animation) 2. a popcorn bucket and drinks couple, bacon and egg couple, kringle and coffee couple                         a hamburger and a soda drinks couple hugging each other a glass of milk and a cookie couple a pancake and a syrup of bottle couple a hotdog and a ketchup paste couple   A pawn I could think for this but not sure if it would fit to a small pawn      I'm still not sure what appropriate name to give to the smilies, so any suggestions of what name should these smilies have?    
    • Since its a power for all, denying ppl to use isn't a good idea.   We also need the source to code something cool, not just them, bot providers can't stay in control of our scripts, we do, we manage. If someone do something wrong then xat ticket. I think we need some source with examples etc, atleast one or a documentation how it may work, how to connect to the bot etc.
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