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    • Interesting site, gave it a go.  
    • I used to be an INTJ, and I loved that about myself. It gave me a sense of superiority, for some reason. I have changed a lot since those days of high school, and I like to think I'm more humble and compassionate toward everyone. A lot of experiences have shown me that I am no better than anyone else, and we all have traits that are good and are not necessarily better than any other trait.
    • Updated the list with both of your entries.   I swear everyone on xat is a Mediator it's a really common type to come across
    •   The peak of user activity was the upsurge of online gaming culture; from several communities such as Club Penguin, Runescape, and then some.   It was the “coolest” platform for them to communicate on at the time. It was more pleasing to the eye than aim or yahoo messenger, for example. It just so happened that xat offered more than just communication which has prolonged their use of the website so we still see most of those users online today, including myself.   I don’t think looking at it as “it was better with 2 admins then so why change now” is a productive approach because times have changed. If we want xat to grow heathfully we have to look at different angles and test things out to see what will advance. The goal is working towards efficiency which is my magic word for this post. Most businesses have thrived on that alone. Everything else falls into place.   (I don’t want anyone to reply to this post, it was just a response to Cryo. If anyone else wants to speak on this topic you can find me at Help or send me a direct message. I don’t want to derail the purpose of this thread out of respect for Echo, thank you)
    • Você fora informado no Ajuda pela equipe, que para se tornar um revendedor você precisa procurar meios de comprar os xats/days que você deseja revender. Caso você deseja ser listado na wiki, assim como os demais, você deveria se informar via de ticket.   Leia as informações na wiki sobre revendedores.
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