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    • Hello,   I believe that all smiley makers do their powers with a lot of love and a lot of whimsy, I find your suggestion to return powers to be released weeks or fortnightly interesting.   I'm sure the entire team does their best to bring the best content to users.
    • Well I got the free time to type this down but basically I want to suggest xat to stop making meh-looking powers at the rush of releasing weekly/biweekly/whatever in the most respectful way possible. I’m not against making more powers, but at least the effort should be notorious rather than publishing low frame animations.
    • This suggestion is very important, many times I can't use this option due to some kind of bug or even the sentence being short or something like that. Congratulations on the suggestion, I embrace this idea of yours.  
    • Hello   I don't like and with that, I want to make a new suggestion.   What do you say [Quote] appears at the end of the message, so as not to get involved in smiles and the message sent in the chat. Sometimes it is very difficult to add [Quote] messages when the message is short and smilies next to it, an example is in the video. VideoEg __________________________________________ I also want to remind you that with this idea that I have suggested in the past, it will be much easier to add messages [Quote] because the messages will stay where you want. If you don't know what suggestion I'm talking about, check here. [Messages will not disappear as an added example]. Please if you do not understand something to ask, I will answer everyone as soon as possible. Regards Bau
    • Hola,   ¿Qué error está experimentando su intento de inicio de sesión? Entonces podemos pasar a una ayuda más precisa.
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