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    • Hi everyone. was doing this little work, so I'm going to share it with you to see what you think about this.   These functions can be allowed in general, but can be also with a personal power.     Can be a feature for all chats Can be an exclusive function with a power for chat groups It can be a function with a special power to receive when they read the messages (personal use)
        NOTE: This idea I have not yet concluded in full any suggestions you have about this can do it. Do not take the time to check if this has already been suggested, I apologize if it is so   New functions for the xat:   1- Grouping windows of conversations
      2- Displacement of the vertical or horizontal grouping
      3- Notification of messages according to numbers received
      4- Message notification read     1- Grouping windows of conversations:       2- Displacement of the vertical or horizontal grouping:   3- Notification of messages according to numbers received:     4- Message notification read:        
    • These really should happen/be added. I wonder when they ever will
    • Buenas, necesito abrir un ticket pero no puedo, mi cuenta ha sido bloqueada ¿Algún volunteer que me ayude¡
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