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      Advanced Member Requirements   08/12/17

      As recently as last week, the requirements to become an Advanced Member changed. Simply making posts will no longer get you to Advanced Member. You'll need a fair amount of posts and a fair amount of reputation. These aren't the only requirements, and the exact requirements are not disclosed. Reputation abuse is regularly monitored as well. In order to become an Advanced Member in a timely fashion, you will need to regularly contribute to the forum and make high quality posts.


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    • I'd like to remind  you  all that this thread  has been opened with the good intention of users and share their ideas to improve the chat.   Collected ideas (all are well received) To have a different main every month: remember that only admins can decide that and I do not think they do, because Joshua says "they would have done it long ago" and if they decided to put it that way it will be for something, I also think  to have a different main every month could generalize drama.
       The chat doesn't even feel like a testing chat anymore:  Most of the time this chat works as intended though, check the events if you doubt this.
       I would like to also point out that the MAIN reason of this chat getting more inactive is the reduction of xat.com users in general. Also the staff and the rules system does not need to change, the chat works well the way is it: the chat has a ruleset, moderatos enforce it. If any of the power 'hungry' moderators does something considered abusive. It is your duty to report it to one of the mains.   Lastly, I would like to remind you all once this post was made with good intentions, lets avoid sarcasm or drama and offer ideas that will truly help the chat as a whole, the common good is biggest priority when it comes to community improvement'. 
    • You need a group chat and need 8 Blastde powers assigned to your GROUP. To assign a power (blastde), type (blastde) in chat and click at the blastde smiley. A popup will appear, then click "assign".
    •   You go to umero 8 And you click to buy hippo
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