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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Passionefy  »  Enge

      My dear sister, I'm so sorry that I wasn't there on your birthday. I hope that all your wishes will come true. healthy, peaceful, loving many ages. happy Birthday! so glad that I have you! Your sister who loves and misses you so much..

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    • CH3RRY  »  D4niel

      Hay personas en la vida que llegan de repente,donde y cuando menos lo esperamos, y sin fijarnos se van quedando en nuestras vidas para siempre.Así fue contigo, que rápidamente dejaste de ser sólo un  usuario más  de xat para convertirte en mi mejor amigo.Eres una persona fantástica,Un buen  amigo para muchos qué tenemos la suerte de  conocerte tal cómo eres.Feliz 12 añosssss Toritoooo     
      ¡Feliz cumple  ENANO! 


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    • DJFUNNY  »  D4niel

      Feliz Cumple bro... Espero la pases super bien y muchas felicidades por tu cumple... exitos en todo y muchas bendiciones.. 
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  • Posts

    • Thank you all for your questions!   To make it more appealing, I have decided to offer 500 xats to my favorite question and I plan to offer 500 xats at every ATA interview for the interviewee's favorite question.   So if you would like to win 500 xats, just ask me anything (cool)   If there are enough questions, I will answer them on Sunday and annonce the next interviewee. You can still suggest the next interviewee and ask me any question!
    • I think we have a summer power, but I like the drinks. Maybe they can make a juicepower, lemonadepower or drinkpower. It will be awesome if the smileymakers makes this lemonadepower  for this summer time . Duygu you're incredible to creates this idea. 
    • Hey thank you... @DJFUNNY @DUYGU i did just a bad black goku, was really hard, drawing this kind of "idea". i think i end here the suggestion...       Sorry
    • I play basketball well, I am talented in basketball sports. You too can write a sport you are talented for . Example, most of the men are talented in football. I'm not talented in football.
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