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    • Hi everyone,  there are some movements, behaviors, and traits that make people different from animals. We cannot see them in animals as these are human-specific things in real life. We cannot ask animals of nature to dance, use musical instruments, use sports equipment, use brush, use work tool or use pencil . these are not possible anyway. but it is possible to design them for xat powers. As a continuation of the cute animal series, I propose a defferent and improved new animal powers. I suggest the "SQUIRREL" animal powers   https://prnt.sc/rvzks8    https://prnt.sc/rvzm3l   https://prnt.sc/rvzohh   https://prnt.sc/rvzrdt   https://prnt.sc/rvzt2x   https://prnt.sc/rw0al4  
    • thats gonna be amazing 
    • Consensus is: Keep homepage style as is but reduce its size. Reduce the gap between the homepage icon and tooltip. Thanks for the feedback!
    • I changed the name  ''elephant'' in suggest and the name of my  will now appear as ''superelephant'', not elephant. People in fact, one should not obsess much about the name of the powers. I tried to show the lack of smilies in existing cute animal powers that already exist. my goal here was to add extra smilies and extra features to the old animal powers. to show people's superior abilities in animals. is to further develop animal powers. Let's see what happens when people's actions and people behaviors are exercised to on powers.
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