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    • Almost every official chat has staff information below the rules listed for the chat and there's one line that should be read carefully:     Besides what Solange said (having people with bad behaviour or unprofessional conducts can create negative perception of the chat), when you become staff you agree that you will follow the guidelines stated for the chat (staff guidelines included) so if the main owner considers that a person can't be part of the staff team because of the behaviour mentioned before (unprofessional conduct outside the official chat), then there's a justified reason for him/her not to be promoted.    It's not about creating a "blacklist", it's all about following the guidelines that the main owner states and agree with the guidelines that you will need to follow when you become part of the team.
    • well... in my opinion I would like to have others providers of emails, but xat accepts gmail only which's most known and safe.   i like it, also it already was suggested several times.   who knows a future next hehe
    • Hello friends! HelperNate back with more contests for the next couple of Sundays! They will be FEXBot Uno and Wolves vs. Villagers (the Werewolf mode on FEXBot). However, I will be hosting Wolves vs. Villagers manually since the FEXBot does not announce who won the game.   Date                    Time                                      Game                           Prize                                                                                                                                              Host                  Location July 21                7PM GMT / 3PM EDT        FEXBot Uno                1500 xats for 1st person to win 3 rounds, 2nd place: 1000 xats, 3rd place: 500 xats    Nathan              Game July 28                5PM GMT / 1PM EDT        Wolves vs. Villagers  100 xats per winner per round, 2500 xat prizefund (may vary based on # of winners)  Nathan              RoundTwo   If you have any questions and/or wish to play a sample, come see me or an available staff member @ Game chat for further assistance! Thank you and hope to see you there!
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