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    • I don't understand why something SO SIMPLE isn't a free feature. I don't think @Admin understands how important these small, simple features are. Making them powers won't increase the user base or switch up the game, not everyone has the time or patience OR money to get xats and buy something that's supposed to be FREE.   It's exactly the opposite. It's SO BASIC to even consider it a power. A premium feature would be customizing your name (we can do with Namecolor), or having a bot, although I do lean into the side of having bots free as long as they have premium modes (like FEX and xatbot do), and even using old fashioned smileys as we can do in the classic power is a premium feature. Something so BASIC and PRACTICAL like this power shouldn't be a power, but a FREE FEAUTRE.
    • Many times when you leave xat and you go offline when you return to chat it appears the message that was sent when you were offline, we already have the rodape for free, it would be interesting to have created a page similar to events and amarzena message sent by the group would be more complete the new power the person would visualize the page if it was with new power, could have thought a little but before creating this new power, good luck with new power  
    • I thought that it was going to be a free feature, but now that it's power, I think that it's a good power! It's really good to have the option to set scrolls for each rank.
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