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    • Users being torched while owning rare powers is not "smart users buying in bulk to drive up prices", it's "dumb users breaking the rules and permanently screwing over the trade market through no good move of their own".    I'm not stating my opinion on the matter because I don't know what my opinion is—I see pros and cons for both sides—but many people arguing against the concept seem to be fundamentally misunderstanding the issue at hand. 
    • I really understand what you're all saying, and I guess most of us understand this concept and knows how xattrade works. I myself used to collect and resell powers and if I had the chance to do it in the future, I will.   If you re-read the thread you will know that the whole topic was related to such cases where we see high quantities of a power permanently disappear because the users who collected those powers got torched or became inactive for months or years.   If I buy 500 of (amore) or (ali)  or (aliens) and decide to quit xat next day or my account was torched... traders and people who are trying to collect everypower will seriously suffer, permanently.   That's why I suggested that xat in such cases release the powers back to the store in cases of "permanent disappearance/scarcity"  when a user is torched or in cases where the scarcity of a power is going to be permanent.    @Cupim Thank you & expect a PM.
    • Wrong, now it won't let me correct words that are misspelled or need a tilde. 
    • It is a good idea in terms of understanding, but Ted's comment sums up my answer.   If you are a trader and are concerned about xat's virtual economy you should join the ITC club.  
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